Most Surprisingly Smart Female Celebs

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The Top Ten

K.S. Chithra

2Beyonce Knowles
Very smart and beautiful lady.

3Jessica Simpson

4Katy Perry

5Marilyn vos Savant

6Lisa Kudrow


Beyonce? Katy Perry? Jessica Simpson? Are you insane? They are dumb as hell. Madonna's IQ is 140 - the highest level in musical industry


9Sharon Stone

10Hillary Clinton

The Contenders

11Geena Davis
Geena Davis is a member of MENSA, a group of the smartest people on the planet. She is a 140-145 IQ and that is very good! Has Beyonce or Katy Perry been in Mensa? Huh?

12Joan Rivers

13Jackie Evancho
A "straight A student".

14Miley Cyrus

15Reese Witherspoon

16Taylor Swift

17Lady Gaga

18Kourtney Kardashian

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