Top Ten Things That Started Video Games

These are the things that started out video games and are the reasons we have PS4's and 3DS's Today!

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1Game & Watch

This one is so true! Game and Watch started out Nintendo's Gaming industry and thanks to Nintendo, we have Xboxes 3ds's and PlayStations. If game and watch didn't exist, and get Nintendo into gaming, after atari's bankruptcy video games would be done but good thing these little underestimated handhelds were there!

2Atari 2600
4Game Boy

I had one when I was little


This is the Mother Of All VIDEO GAMES. The one that started it all. - flamingsoul

This is the correct answer.

6Magnavox Odyssey

The first home video game console ever - bobbythebrony

8Super Mario Bros.

The Contenders

11Nintendo DS
12Game Boy Advance
13Nintendo Color TV

The Game and Watch was not what started Nintendo's video game making career, this was. It was made in the first generation of video games, and was more advanced than things like Pong. But what was really important is that it started Nintendo's game making career, and Nintendo saved video games (in America, at least) with the NES. Also, Sonic the Hedgehog going really fast was inspired by the creator speed running World 1-1 Super Mario Bros. Nintendo also accidentally inspired the PlayStation. Sony was going to make a CD add-on for the SNES, but Nintendo stopped the deal. This led to Sony making a CD console, the PlayStation. Also, one of the first creators of a first-person shooter was inspired to make video games by Nintendo. What console has a lot of first-person shooter games? The Xbox! They also innovate video games a lot, with things like motion controllers. And how did Nintendo start? THE COLOR T.V. ! So, that is why you should vote for the Color T.V..

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