Top 10 Songs From The Police

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Every Breath You Take
I convinced my gf a lot of time by saying some lines from this song. this song saved my life many times. great stuff
What kind of girl would go for the kind of guy who sings this song?


It's obvious in my opinion... #1
Great list! I really had to struggle with this one believe it or not.


[Newest]It's creepy, but still so gorgeous.

2Message In a Bottle
I'm not a "The Police" fan, but this song is very, very good. And I'm not talking about lyrics (But lyrics are good, too). It's music. It's great. I heard this song in the "Guitar Hero", a game on PSP. Also, one of my favourite movies is "Castaway". I think you know what I'm talking about.
my favourite police song, it's so awesome


This is a no brainer for me as this is my favourite song of all time, from the very first time I heard it on the radio as a teenager catchy with deep lyrics. LOVE CAN MEND YOUR LIFE BUT LOVE CAN BREAK YOUR HEART!
[Newest]Guitar intro so awesome I had to learn in myself

I think that "Every Breath You Take" is number one, but I am voting for "Roxanne" because it has to be higher than this! It is such a The Police type of song. When you think of The Police, you think of "Roxanne. "
Such a wonderful song, full of soul in it, way better than every little thing she does is magic... Should be number 2 next to every breath you take


I agree that "Every Breath You Take" is number one. However, as someone had already said before, this song definitely deserves to be higher than 5th. Perhaps 4th?
[Newest]How the hell is Every Breath you Take number 1. Sting himself thinks it's generic. It's the earlier Police masterpieces like this that deserve the top spot.

4Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
One of the few songs around which can mix cheerful tunes with some meaningful lyrics... The end part of the song is just awesome but come to think about it the whole song is fantastic
This is one of these songs that perfectly explains your situation and the music is so awesome
Best written of the Police songs...
[Newest]Love the intro & outro!

5Don't Stand So Close to Me
Dude, this is one of the best songs EVER!
I really enjoyed this song. Should make the top 3.


This song has to be at least #2 it's so awesome 😎

6So Lonely
This is the song you'd probably hear in Jamaica or Mauritius or Goa... Its like those beach-side songs...
I love this song cause I was brought up in a coastal region and so this song naturally becomes your #1! Do listen to it once...
And try not to mind the lead singers pitch :P
This song should be rated higher


This is there best song then message in a bottle and roxxane

7King of Pain
Extremely good song by a great band! In my opinion this is the police at their best. Amazing, dynamic, and relatable song. "That's my soul up there" love!
This is one of best songs from The Police, love the lyrics and the melody. Great song!
Personal favourite. Unbelievably catchy. The Police are excellent!
[Newest]Is my favorite police song

8Can't Stand Losing You
One of their best songs for sure, it must be in the top 3. And for those who don't now Sting wrote it in just 5 minutes!
The lyrics are so accurate, you can tell that its a great song, probably one of the greatest one ever written at least on "that" topic.
And your brother's gonna kill me and he's six feet ten.
[Newest]I've been obsessed with this song for the longest time, with good reason too.

9Walking on the Moon
Its so smooth, makes you relax, the soft notes goes with the beat and makes everything more quiet: 'i'm wishing my days away'
By far their best song. So quiet. It makes me feel like I really was on the moon. Stewart Copeland is just incredible!
Even though I had to "struggle" while deciding, I think this song deserves to be on top!

10Do Do Do Do, De Da De Da
Great Song Love This One


The Contenders

11Wrapped Around Your Finger
Deserves a better position.
How is this not higher? At least Top 3?
Agreed. An easy Top 10.

12Synchronicity 2
Why is this song down below at 19? This song is gold!

It pretty much sums up life as it is in the 80's, and really, it's probably the best song of the 80's
Awesome melody and guitar riff
This should be at least top 5. So much going on musically and it's so great.

13Bring On the Night

14Invisible Sun
This is my favourite Police Song by far, probably the only person in the world who thinks it, moody, atmospheric. I just love the synth line, the tom-tom, guitar all sound fantastic. Great video too. Quite eerie though, not surprising the subject matter, but that aside will always be favourite, you can keep your Every Breath You Take laugh out loud.
Reminds me of the Beatles' "Rain". Thick, dense music that successfully colors the lyrics.


Such a good song the opening start to this song is really good. the video for this song was banned by the BBC (UK) becuase the video was about the troubles

15Next to You

16Canary in a Coalmine
Love this song, so many great ones by one of the best bands ever!

17Murder By Numbers

18Driven to Tears

Brilliant bass-line drives the song. The Police really delivered with this timeless masterpiece. PEANUTTS!
100% Agree!
Extremely catchy, but unfortunately underrated, song!
Definitely deserves to be top 10

20On Any Other Day

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