Top 10 Pink Songs


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So What
I love this song! its amazing! I like the part where she cuts the tree. love ya p!nk!
So what is the best song in history. I hope pink comes out with another song just like So What. So I can listen to it all day long and party to it with my friends and my boy friend. We all love you and love so what so much. Love you PINK!


Pink rocks and the way she cuts the tree is so funny and the part when she says - I'm still a rockstar I got my rock moves... I love it too god good
[Newest]I love this song
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2F*****' Perfect
The song lyrics really mean something. They are really uplifting- and as well as brilliant lyrics it is also set to a brilliant beat in the background which makes you want to dance!
One of the best songs ever written. This song is such a serious and emotional song which has a equally amazing music video
I love and do feel that you are * perfect to me
and I love this song like hell do listen to this all you guys out here ]
[Newest]I was so close to voting for just give me a reason, but this song is just so beautiful and inspirational. When I have a crappy day, when I go on YouTube and listen to this song, it never fails to make me feel better. This is the best Pink song ever! Just Give Me A Reason is awesome and my second favorite, but this song is perfect! Go Pink!
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3Just Give Me a Reason
Love the song, specially because nate collaborate!
This song is all over and everywhere. I think because of its popularity on the radio, I have become accustomed to listening to it all the time. And I don't regret it because its such a good song. Nate's voice makes it much better because of his rich and unique voice combined with pinks strong one makes beautiful music.
[Newest]I love this song the most. I watch it a 100 times a day

4Raise Your Glass
all her songs are so much fun but this one is so good


This song somehow makes me happy and every time I hear it I start dancing This song is full of life
Such a great song. every time I heard it I wanted to dance.
I loved it so much it was in my head a whole two weeks.
[Newest]So inspiring and so catchy, I recommend this for any thing.

5Who Knew
Just her best song <3
I love the way this lyrics fits perfectly with the girl I was in love with but she was my best female friend so it was difficult!
Who knew I would lose her as a love and as friend? :/
I'm not sure why, but when Steve Irwin died I connected this song with his tragic passing. This is an incredibly beautiful song lyrically and in my opinion, dear mr president and possibly Portrait are the only Pink songs which are better.
Who knew speaks to me and to many who not only lost their lovers unexpectedly but their loved ones also
[Newest]I cry every time I hear this song. Such a beautiful song that needed more attention!

6Please Don't Leave Me
such a beautiful saddish song I love it
great song, great lyrics, a top P!nk song


feels so good if ever I heard this songs it's simply the best
[Newest]I love this song wrong place

Oh my god this song is amazing! It's so real but still has a darker edgy vibe. You absolutely have to replay this song after hearing it once. I love this song with all my heart.
This song is so deep I love it it's like many of her other songs just amazing always in the mood to listen to this song and her vocals are excellent love ya pink Keep singing
Yea, been there many a time. She really knows how to paint the pic
[Newest]Love it, I'm listening to it right now!

8Blow Me (One Last Kiss)
This is one of the very few songs that you can NEVER get tired of listening to. Definitely her best song. It has a great meaning about how difficult relationships can be and it has a great catchy tune and lyrics, the fact that pink sings it makes it all the more better
This is a new song so everyone must not have heard it... If you didn't hear it listen to this today! Its one of the best songs she has ever sung! It is awesome - wonderful lyrics, wonderful tune... You will never get tired listening 2 it!
Imagine if Pink voiced Mrs. Pac-Man and had her sing "Blow Me (One Last Kiss). That would be awesome and is going to happen. Here's an example of where it's going to happen. A Pac-Man World series parody of Disney's Tangled, Frozen and Big Hero 6 movies. Mrs. Pac-Man will be Princess Rapunzel (I mean, Queen Rapunzel). Pac-Man will be Flynn Rider and be voiced by Chris Brown.

Also, (almost) all the Pac-Man World games are my favorite video games of all time besides Super Mario 64.
[Newest]This is a great song. I love you pink!

9U Ur Hand
In my world this song is number 1, makes me feel like I can do anything when I listen to it. I'm not complaining. At least it was on the list! Pink rocks! Go Pink!
This is what got me listening to Pink in the first place. Been a fan every since. Move me to impowerment. She has more balls than most men I know, though, in this daay and time, that wouldn't be too hard to do.
Should be way higher, makes me feel great when listening to it
[Newest]No other Pink song has such power and energy. Should be number 1 for sure!

10Just Like a Pill
Pink sounds very evil here that's cool
omg the video is the best of her
and the best hair style on the video
Defenitely the best one of her. This is her most powerful song! The video is great as well. Simply love it!
[Newest]This song should be at least on top 5, great rhythm great lyrics, "instead of making me better, you keep making me ill"

The Contenders

I Love pink. she rocks! It's a super song
This used to be a fun.. House...
But now its full of evil clowns!
I like it. Sounds awesomely creepy!
Awesome song. Best 1 I've heard except Stupid Girls!
[Newest]This should definitely be in the top 5

12Don't Let Me Get Me
OMG this song got me addicted to pink. please rate up!
this song so reminds me of myself! very underated and I'm very dissapointed!
I relate so much to this song. The music is gorgeous as always and the lyrics are some of the thoughts that every person has had at at least one time in their life. Feeling like you are your own worst enemy, like you wish to be anyone else but yourself. Never being good enough for #ThePeopleThatThinkTheyOwnEarth. I love this song so much and no matter what its rating on this list, it will always be #1 in my heart
I've love almost every P! Nk song and the other day I found the old Missundaztood CD and whacked it on - I forgot how perfect this song is! My favourite P! Nk song EVER (and always will be - for a while at least)! I LOVE IT! She is amazing.
[Newest]This is fantastic. I can't stop listening

LOVE THE CHORUS! It totally tells people to live life!
This is the chorus:
"Where there is desire, there is gonna be a flame!
Here there is a flame, someone's bound to get burned.
But just because their burned doesn't mean they're gonna die
Gotta get up and try and try and try"
This song needs to be at least in top 10. Everything about it is near perfection! The lyrics, the MV, the live performance in AMA!
This is just spectular, her voice is just so powerful. It's also really catchy! I saw her perform this on x factor, it was really energetic, even better than the record!
[Newest]Absolutely love the the official video for this song it is absolutely beautiful and goes so well with the song


14Glitter In the Air
This song touches me so deeply, her voice, the fragility in it, the piano... Everything, creates such a strong feeling, even more when she shouts "Calling me sugar, you called me sugar..." Wow... Makes me cry...
It's the change in her music style, the beauty, and the lyrics that makes it seem like it should be up there as number 1 along with F***ing Perfect. DO IT UP! BRO!
The lyrics the music the vocals the feel and the emotion just perfect! Absolutely love this... One of my favorite romantic song!
[Newest]Should be higher on the list.

15True Love
Are you guys kidding me? At least don't leave it below 20! You guys have to listen go it!
! This song is amazing! It defiantly should NOT be under top 20!
Listen to the some it is just amazing the lyrics is well written!
This should be top 10, frankly. It's one of her best and most raw songs! If you haven't listened, I definitely recommend it.
[Newest]This song should at least be in the top 15! This song is ' amazing.

16Dear Mr. President
Can't believe this isn't top ten... But I guess that's what happens when you're classified as "pop", there's a lot of people just looking for upbeat and fun songs. This song really showcases the whole 1960s folk style of criticizing politics and the world in general that made music what it is today.
How is this not top 10? This song has amazing lyrics... I guess people don't really care for these things nowadays.
Her best song by far. Very well written and overall an amazing song
[Newest]Awesome song that challenges a lot of modern values

17Bad Influence
Some people think that this is about being a badass who doesn't regret partying, but that's just the people who don't listen to the lyrics. Really, the song is about the kind of partying that ends up with people hurt - the stupid kind of partying that wastes or takes your life. It's a pretty amazing and meaningful song disguised (or just seen) as something more chill...

Great stuff. This kind of offbeat commentary (like Dear Mr. President, Stupid Girls, and others) is what makes P!nk so great.
Lordy Lordy Lordy I can't help but I like to party!

this song is awesome pink is awesome all her songs are top 10

18Stupid Girls
Easily her best song, what the heck is it doing down here in 12th!? Get this up there!
This is how I feel about some people. I heard and screamed " THANK YOU P!NK THANK YOU! " Should be Number1. Come on people get it up there! The mission lies with you (would it change your opinion if I said that J. K. Rowling said she loved this song? )


greatest commentary on the plasticity and shallowness of the current portrayal of women in the media
[Newest]It has a very good beat

19I Don't Believe You
. . . Amazing insight to these feelings. Truly a gifted artist. . . Looking forward to the next album!
This song made me cry! It is so beautiful and touching I just love it!
I love this song with the biggest passion ever. This is my favorite song ever, it's amazing :) keep up the amazing work P! NK, I love you so much. Oh yeah, and I love your daughter too
[Newest]I don't belive this should be 19 place I don't belive

20Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely)
should be at least at the top ten!!! Very underrated!


This should go ahead dude, should vote this
A very good song, probably my favourite of all the I'm Not Dead songs. It's a very good song, and it deffinitely deserves number 6, if not number 1. On my scales, it rates a 4 or 5. Not as good perhaps as Blow Me (One Last Kiss) or other songs on her upcoming album, songs which I am sure will rate higher, but this deserves to make it a top ten.
Still, P! Nk is so awesome it's too hard to pick a "top 10" of her stuff!

21Family Portrait
I used to have this on repeat every afternoon full ball when I found out my parents where getting divorced.
I can relate a lot to this song, and I'm sure many people can as well.. gotta love it
I cried first time I heard this song. I love it. Its just a childhood portrait of many people.
[Newest]Oh come on people!

This song has such a good vibe, and is a little different to most pink songs. It's always great too be a little different, after all there is nothing wrong with it.
Just love I wish my facility's were in the top ten
I love you pink and I love the song trouble my favourite has no swaring in

23Nobody Knows
How can this not be in the top ten at least! It is a song that everybody, no matter what age can relate to and should be much higher!
This song is so amazing and emotional! It should be in the top 10!
How can this not be in the top 10 at least, you ask? Nobody knows :P

24There You Go
This is the song that started her career should be in the top ten!
I love this song should be in the top 10
Her first song in hirstory is number 25 too bad place

25I'm Not Dead
Oh my god this song should beat least in the top ten if not in the top three! It has a great riff and really emotional lyrics you can relate to
I love this song I, not dead very rocky song

26Slut Like You
The song shows a different side of pink ( very good song )

27Most Girls

28Walk of Shame
Just love it!
Song from her latest upcoming album: "Truth about Love".
Its been like only 2 days since this song came out and its already revolving round and round in my head.
Very fun and catchy! One of my favorites off the Truth About Love.

29Heartbreak Down
This is probably not as well known because it was released in Europe not America. But it's really good so you should definitely listen to it!

30Why Did I Ever Like You

31Bridge of Light
It is so beautiful it fits exactly with my life and my children I LOVE THIS ONE XX

32You Make Me Sick
Love it so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so much!

33God Is a DJ
What... Seriously DOUBLE TEE EFF?
What is wrong with people... This is actually top 10 in real life... Well on T.V. so does it for me -_-
Great song makes me want to sing and dance should be top ten!
Get it up there fast shouldn't be 35!
Naw come on it should be no one that's not normal

34Crystal Ball

35My Vietnam
Must be the top 1
How is this not numer 1?! Let alone the fact that there are currently 40 songs on the list and this isn't one of them!

I don't like the song f##### perfect I love this verison because its not explicit

37I Got Money Now

This song is boring what the hell is is higher up the list then you make me sick

39The One That Got Away

40Beam Me Up
I love this! My oldest son died just over a year ago at age 26! I miss him so much! I heard this song for the first time today.. Perfect.. Love it... Beam me up ❤

41'Cuz I Can
Wrong spelling you spell it like this cause not because best song ever
Spelt because wrong

Fab song

42Are We All We Are
It's new - part of the album The Truth About Love. And I love it so much. When it becomes more known I hope more people will vote for this!
It's new but great - I love it! The best of her new album: The Truth About Love!
What's this song doing down here? It's so awesome and completely full of energy. The choruse is also extremely catchy. Probably the best song off of the truth about love.
[Newest]Perfect... For the situation I am living in and behaving accordingly...

43It's All Your Fault
I really like this song, one should at least listen to it once, right? The beats of the song are very awesome, and the lyrics are top quality. "It's all your fault, you called me beautiful, you turned me out and now I can't turn back".
P! Nk really knows how to express the brokenness from a break-up, and this song is a masterpiece to back that up. It takes your breathe away and really hits home.

44Gone to California
This song fab you los

45Waiting for Love

46Ave Mary A

What a beautiful song. she wrote for her daughter willow

From the fan edition

49Long Way to Happy
This is a very good song
This song is extremely awesome!
She has used her vocals to perfection!

50Try Too Hard

This song is so sexy and her live concert show on youtube is amazing... I have to say I love all her songs and when my husband divorced me I bought him funhouse and I make P! Nk videos on youtube all the time so I have my own P! Nk youtube channel of videos that I make

52The Truth About Love
The old vibe and funny lyrics make this song the best!
Not only is it a track but its the name of an awesome album,2012!

53Is This Thing On
I don't understand how this isn't higher up ;o her best song obviously ♥ but it's P!Nk. She has a lot of amazing songs :_

54Lonely Girl
This is my favorite ever song please vote
Oh my god love it
Fantastic song remember its linda perrys song too

Come on why isn't this voted at all!
This song is boring

56Split Personality
Doesn't matter whether this will get 2 number 1 or remain at 68... As long as it exists I'm satisfied
Oh my god this song is completely to deep down you need to know her 2 oldest albums have memories
Why is this song all the way down here? This is in her oldest album you can't take me home (2000) I can't belive I'm not swaring at this order GO SPLIT PERSONALITY EVEN MORE CHEER FOR P! NK

57Chaos & Piss
This song is so heart wrenchingly beautiful. I love it
Why this has no warning on it its explicit it says piss anyway it's a brilliant song

Love you p! Nk

Ps don't make any more songs explicit

58When We're Through
Come on this is not voted for

59We've Got Scurvy
I love this song it should be higher on the list

60Conversations With My 13 Year Old Self
Seriously one of the best songs of her career! I think the only reason it's not higher on that list is because it wasn't made a single, so it wasn't promoted on its own at all...
I love this song. When I saw it wasn't even on the list I literally face-palmed.

61How Come You're Not Here
Catchy song love ya pink
Hella catchy! Its off her latest album, The Truth About Love. Go listen to it right NYOWW!

62The Great Escape
Meant the most to me personally. It Speaks of Escapism in a different light.

63Last to Know

6418 Wheeler
From m! Ssundaztood, beautiful song,
Love this song says it all
18 wheeler is one of my favourite songs why can't this be one of her best songs
[Newest]As good as being the best singer


My favourite song by pink! Strong Beat
Best one so far


68Feel Good Time
What the f##king hell is feel good time down here?
I love this song full stop!

69Whataya Want From Me
Someone seriously forgot to add this... What the heck man.

70Won't Back Down

71This Is How It Goes Down
This bonus-track of Funhouse got my favorite song of her... maybe because of the ecpic refrain (echo) and the mean lyrics :P

72Stop Falling

73Save My Life
One of her less known songs but should still be higher up

Should be at least the top 30 if not top 1 also a duet with Steven Tyler man I love this ssong


Hiccup, Hooker hiccup is better


77The King Is Dead but the Queen Is Alive

I love the song numb its awesome
What the f###### hell is it down here?! For real life why is it down here
Numb is a awesome song

From the album

M! Ssundaztood

79Humble Neighborhoods

80Lady Marmalade

81My Signature Move
Fun, upgoing song. One of pink's top 30 in my opinion. Sadly though, this song is an iTunes veraion so no on ereally hears of it. It also sounds kind of silly in the begining but its a really serious song.

82Dear Diary
Ahh shes had a sad childhood
This isn't on the list? What the actual frick, guys? Such a cool song with a great beat!
Her albums

Can't take me home, m! Ssundaztood she sings about her childhood

83I Have Seen the Rain
Lovely song who she sings with her father

84Somewhere Over the Rainbow

85Walk Away



88Could've Had Everything

89I Can't Help It

90Hell Wit Ya
From can't take me home

91Tonight's the Night
It's really like a Charleston well where did all these songs come on they have never bees here before anyway I love it!

92Can't Take Me Home


94Push You Away

95Do What U Do

96Let Me Let You Know
I love this song

97Love Is Such a Crazy Thing

98Private Show

99Oh My God

100Catch Me While I'm Sleeping

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