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41Battlefield 1943

Yes really a battle field

42Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Well only by the picture of the game I am sure it will be very nice

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43Tomb Raider

Epic game. This is one of my favourite games ever. It really deserves 1st place. It has great graphics, except for the water. And it is nothing like any of the other Tomb Raider games. - PietBoom

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What could be more fun than worms shooting each other with multiple weapons. Amazing video game. - jakenator38

The most epic game of my childhood! Still love all the versions Worms to this day - Danielsun182

46Battlefield 4

Why is this game 25 it should be number 3 it's so cool I have played it it's so cool

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47Crysis 3
48Hitman Blood Money

This is marvelous game.

49Mass Effect 3

Best game ever

50Battlefield Bad Company 2

What is this doing all the way down here!?!? Have all you people lost your minds? This game flogs all of the Call Of Duty games put together. There are so many reasons why its better: Multiplayer is more tactical and uses teamwork unlike running in there and spraying your gun and quickscoping. Would have voted for BF3 but its not on the list.

One of the best shooter their is, unlike the call of duty series which does not require team play and which lacks realism, bfbc2 meets these needs and end up giving you a better first person shooter

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51Battlefield 3

The best game ever! Realism is there as is fun, intensity and just low down shooting.

Graphics excellent! Storyline very good! Sound of the bullet... Put headphones on and my god! Feels like you're right there.

Why dafuq is this game not in the top 10? Hell this game deserves top 5!

52Fantasy Zone
53Combat Arms
54Half-Life 2

Its amazing and it earned an award of the year 2011


The 2009 game is mad but it is a bit hard

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56Hitman Contracts

I think hitman is the best game in the world of games forever

57Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
58Halo Reach

Amazing shooter game. Best halo so far and best shooter. It has so many weapons, vehicles, people, places, and a lot of other qualities that break away from reality and leave you amazed every time you play. It also has a really great forge mode that has a large assortment of objects and things of the sort to make great maps and a lot of different game modes. Definitely a game worth buying. - ilymetallica

Reach is currently the most customizable FPS available in terms of creating new game types and original gameplay. Other games don't offer the possibilities of forge or the deep gametype options that keep me coming back to Reach.

A really amazing shooter game so far, I agree with ilymetallica, and I think it's the best halo so far and there are many awesome features added to it. A lot of people that like Call of Duty dislike halo, but I do not dislike Call of Duty, but I just think that halo is something new to a shooter game. So, in my opinion, I prefer halo. (sorry Call of Duty lovers :P)

Love this game! Deserves to be in the top 5 at least

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59Deus Ex
60Call Of Duty 2: Big Red One
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