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Out of all of their amazing songs, which one is the most meaningful and deep and fun to listen to? Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Chop Suey!
Even though the first two verses are exactly the same, the band delivers awesome instrumentals and make the song catchy enough, to a point where it doesn't even matter. Vote for Suicide (aka Chop Suey! ).
I didn't want to vote for this song because it's the easy choice, but it's the only choice to me. This song truly got me in to this band and have really loved their music ever since.
This... Is just awesome! Don't understand the naming of the song, and the lyrics say nothing about Chinese food, but other than that, the lyrics are awesome!
[Newest]Why have you forsaken me?
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Every single one of their songs is great but this one just has a little bit more of that greatness.
The chorus is just incredible. Makes me dance involuntarily. I often have to stop myself dancing in public.
[Newest]I know every one says chop suey is the best songs every but there so many better songs, I'm not saying chop suey is a bad song but there are better ones such as B.Y.O.B.
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Great song... Suggestions and streamline never get love.. But this one says SOAD in my mind
Best song by System of a Down, no quetions asked


A masterpiece a true representative of Rock. There is a lot of work in this piece. It makes the hair of my skin react.
[Newest]The best according to me

Awesome song. The best part is the sitar played by daron in the last few minutes. This song has been an inspiration for me. This is surely one of my favourite songs by System of a Down. Serj tankian and daron malakian rocks! 1
This is by far my favorite song by system of a down. I don't understand what they are going for in this song though. My favorite pieces of this song are the lead guitar parts, by Daron Malakian, and the drums, courtesy of John Dalmayan.
probly one of my top favs


[Newest]This song is awesome! The intro sounds exactly like Forty-Six and 2 by Tool, but that's this song's only problem! Also, this song is super fun on guitar!

So amazing the best song ever written

It starts out mysteriously and ends awesomely
everything in the middle is nothing but stunning genius

this song is not in the right place until it is number 1


No, no, no. This song has to be number 1. It's not as well known as Toxicity or Chop Suey but it's probably even better. A thoroughly enjoyable song in every way conceivable.
Amazing! So complicated its mezmerizing and hypnotizing. I LOVE IT
[Newest]I think this song literally change my life



It was 2nd once, where it deserved to be, how have people forgotten about this awesome song?
Sugar isn't in the Top 5?! What?! I'm so surprised, Chop Suey! Is nothing compared to Sugar, in my opinion. It's my favourite track of all, and you can't help but sing along to it. Definitely deserves to be in at least the Top 3!
[Newest]My favorite System of a Down song since I was 5. Definitely the best!

The bass riff and Serj's vocals are so ominous and haunting, that this is one of their masterpieces. The guitar solo is also very good.


This is Soad's best song and it is amazing. It starts of soft with a powerful bassline. It eventually reaches an epic climax that is so powerful and just cannot love.
Spiders is a great SoaD song and the bass riff is just amazing


[Newest]This song should be number 1

This song is SO bloody addicting!
AMAZING STUFF. They make simple music but music which rocks! You guys rock! M/
A musical and lyrical masterpiece with some deep message in it.
Nice intro and powerful verses are creating are stressing the atmosphere of this wonderful rock song.
This is the most mesmerizing song of System of a Down ( at least I believe so). The tune, music and style is simply breathtaking. I wonder how these people can create such fantastic songs. I believe that it should be the second beat song after Chops Suey, which is also marvelous.
So people, Enjoy the song and try to place it in the second position.
[Newest]I don't like this song. Take Daron's vocals out and this song would be perfect.

9Lonely Day
Cool song! Such a lonely day and its mine. Awesome vocals from daron malakian and shavo odadjian
What a wonderful song. It has a tune that just sticks in your head, one which you don't mind humming all day long. And with lyrics which make sense, that people can relate too without being too technical. Ah, best song by 'System of a Down' by far.
This is one of the best songs I've listened to! A song tat bring me chills in a lonely day! This gets into the list of songs tat redefined my world
[Newest]Honestly I don't like this song it's not bad but it makes me feel depressed and I hate feeling like that but the song isn't that bad

10Soldier Side
This song almost made me cry, and has some of the best lyrics and vocals, should definitely be int top ten songs
This is seriously under rated!
its should in top 10 at least.
lyrics are great!
one of the best songs I have ever heard!
One of the Best Freaking SOAD songs! M/ The perfect choice to make someone a System Of A Down Fan! The Music, the vocals... Its just so Damn FLAWLESS! M/
[Newest]This song is so underrated! I thought it was in the top 3, but it's the 10th. It has the best lyrics and instrumental part! It's very touching. One of the best songs I've ever heard

The Contenders

11Holy Mountains
Such beautiful instrumentation combined with Serj's haunting vocals... VOTE FOR THIS ONE DANG IT!
Songs like these are very overlooked nowadays. It doesn't matter if it's only about the Armenian Genocide, this song has so many ideas that actually show to the masses what it's like to be in a situation as such. The trepidation that radiates from Tankian's lyrics is astounding, the way it suddenly escalates from a normal run in the city to death showers on every alleyway, on every building. It's length is perfect as a song, any more would truly discourage the message from one side or another. That's the real charm of this band, y'know? They don't need to have long passages or instrumental interludes to examine their point. They're as straight-forward as possible, every lyric song just evoking another emotion from within about how society or a group of people can be so corrupt, with their dadaist style showing up in every song, whether it be about drugs, sex, politicians, or just plan terror like this one. This band is something special that will be hard to replicate, and this song is truly the cream of the crop when it comes to this charismatic 4-piece.


you cannot vote other song before listening to this one first. its epic, it defines soad
[Newest]Haven't listened to this song in a while, but I remember it being awesome!

12Lost In Hollywood
Easily their best song. Daron's voice, lyrics, and guitar work are incredible. This song has so much emotion in it.
Beats the hell out of the rest of the rest of the top ten excluding a few awesome tracks
Such a good and emotional song. Daron's vocals are excellent but for me it's Ser's backing vocals that make the song as good as it is. Plus Pewdiepie used it as the outro for his videos
[Newest]What how is this 12th? Should be second or third after chop suey

I love how this is song is still the hard rock and uniqueness that System of a Down is known for, but 's also soft rock, too. This song is a perfect combination of hard rock and soft rock in the same song.
This song is kinda like Chop Suey! But I still think it's great
I am a huge System of a Down fan and forest is by far the best song of all the albums
[Newest]I listening System Of A Down since 2002, this the best song

14Prison Song
This song is amazing.. IT DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP TEN! UPVOTE THIS. The beginning is the shiz! Definitely one of my favorites.
One of the heaviest songs of the heavy metal. It's amazing, even heavier than byob.
This song has the second most powerful lyrics of S.O.A.D. only losing to P.L.U.C.K. (Do you want something more powerful than to speak about genocide? ) The way that Serj sings is amazing, he mixed rap and heavy metal.
[Newest]Great song to drum to

15Deer Dance
I know that isn't the best soad's music, but I vote in deer dance because I like
This song is just amazing, I love it! It has an awesome rhythm and serj's vocals just make it flawless! But still, its not their best...
Every time I get on this this song moves back on the list. This is my favorite song from them and one of their best, it desrves at least in the top ten.
[Newest]You can't stay bored on this song, it puts you in such a mood.. a DANCING mood! The beat and rhythm and amazing, should probably be in top 10

The live solo.. Purely epic

The solo just automatically puts this song in the top 10 list no matter what, watch the live performance of this solo by Daron.. And he does it while dancing around as well.

It's just an epic song with an epic album version, an epic live performance and an epic guitarist..

Love you Daron <3
this song is so awesome and the bass is incredible... soad better get back together like they promised!


This deserves to be in the top ten especially if you consider the live performance of it when daron does a sweet solo while dancing round the stage
[Newest]So strong, so coke, it must be in top 5!

How can you find yourself not singing I-E-A-I-A-I-O every day after listening to this song? I find myself singing this song right before anything epics about to happen
This needs to be listed way higher! This song is yet another popularity boost that soad had. It is way better than some of the other ones before it!
This song definitely deserves to be in the top ten... To me it's better than Chop Suey and BYOB. Amazing song meaning, and if you listen to it once you're hooked. For me, my favorite part is the chorus, easy to understand, and it just plain sounds nice.
[Newest]I-E-A-I-A-I-O.. I-E-A-I-A-I-O.. WHY? Is this so low on the list?

I'm Christian and I don't care if this song is against religion, it rocks
Honestly... My favorite! Can't believe its this low! WOW
, one of my favourite songs of System of a Down :(
[Newest]This one used to be so popular.. what happened?

Cool, in denial!
We are the cruel regulators smoking CIGARO CIGARO CIGARO

The songs rocks!


One of the best songs of System of a Down, heavy, fast and amazingly good. I thinks is just much better than many other songs in the list.
Why isn't this song higher? This has such hilariously addicting vocals, showing that System of a Down can be very serious with some of their songs, and have a blast with others. This is shown no better than in cigaro. I can't do this song justice, if you haven't heard it, you need to! THIS is System of a Down1


20Violent Pornography
Should be in the top 3 definitely... It's one of the most original songs of the system... I'm never tired listening to it. Awesome.
Great song. I love to just scream out this song when I'm alone in my room, or just in a bad mood that day. This song makes me feel great, and alive. This song and Radio/Video along with Chop Suey are quite amazing. System Of A Down rocks! New listeners should start with albums Hypnotize and Mezmerize.
This one is the best in the mesmerize album after B.Y.O. B and Radio/Video, I love it very-very much
[Newest]How is this not in the top ten? This song never gets old!

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