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Calvin and Hobbes
Calvin and Hobbes is a comic that makes us turn back at our lives and say 'wow that's what I did when I was little' it makes us laugh and is very memorable. Long live Calvin and Hobbes
No matter what people say, the innocence and comedy Calvin and Hobbes offer is far better than any other strip.
clever and witty at some times this comic strip can also be very deep and meaningful.
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Garfield will always be my favorite comic strip because it is consistently hilarious without ever making reference to the economy or any political group that no one wants to hear about when looking for a laugh.
Garfield is one of the most recognizable comic strip animals of all time.
Garfield and Clavin and Hobbes are at the top two spots... Yes, all is as it should be. I can't decide between them, but voted Garfield to make them closer.
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Peanuts reflected political satire in the mid- fifties, had a Family Circus-like theme in its earliest years, was truly believable and iconic in the late 50's and throughout the 60's and the early 70's(not to mention many sledding disaster strips that would later be reworked into Calvin and Hobbes), and was truly there just to brighten your face through the rest of the strip's run. In all assets, it had weirdness like the far side, political satire like Pogo and Doonesbury, spontaneity and meaning like Calvin and Hobbes, and has influenced every comic strip there is, in some way.
Charles Schulz provided such a wonderful insight into the innocence of his characters, this comic strip spawned the classic "A Charlie Brown Christmas", which won both an Emmy and a Peabody, and I personally loved that Schulz honored our veterans. Truly a class act, never to be matched.
Peanuts has so much character and never fails to brighten everyone's day.
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Definitely the best comic I have ever read... Outrageously funny and clever!


this is my alltime favorite but I also like the peanuts and family circus


This strip has been my favorite for years and years. Jason is my hero. It's the only reason I buy the Boston Globe.
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I have read every single archie probly ever made they are the very best classic timeless! and awesome and this should be number 1!
Superb, I agree meant to be number one so nice, and nice

I love so many comics in this list, and the top 5 is quite good (except for Pearls before Swine)but I had to vote for Zits. The author and drawer really use the every-day situations, and family happenings. It deals with teenager-parent problems, and it always ends with a bit of laughter. And sometimes, maybe it isn't funny, but you can feel the depth inside this comic.
A comic strip that applies to everyday life, and isn't cheesy, like 'Garfield' or 'Family Circus'.
One of the few comic strips that's still funny.
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7Fred Basset

8The Far Side
Looking for the meaning of irony. Read Far side!
We are living in a World full of constant annoyances and irritations, the farside manages to transform our constant troubles into pure heaven, and it does this because it is genius.
Most conceptual and surrealistic comic (with Krazy kat: why this strip is not in this top ten list? )
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9Pearls Before Swine
Rat is my favorite. I like this one I read a while ago... About Stevie Sheep. He wrote a children's book...
"Stevie Sheep was tired of his daily sheep life... " {in short} "He rebelled against the sheep, and went to live in the woods. Instead of sheep noises, he made the opposite. Which, coincidentally, sounded like a vulnerable dying sheep. " And then you see a picture of a wolf licking his lips: "Lesson: don't make noises like a dying sheep in the woods at night, kids. "
Stephen Pastis is a genius! Rat, Pig, the Crocs (with cool accents) are all funny! Best comic ever!


the south park of the comics page. dark. awesome comic.
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10Dennis The Menace
Pogo, Lil Abner, the Far Side, Bloom County and because...and if you disagree with me, you are dead from the neck up.

The Contenders


This is the one comic strips that inspired office working class comedy of today! Without this comic strips, I seriously doubt that shows and movies that dealt with office situation comedy such as The Office and Office Space would ever the same as we all know it. Don't let this comic strips make you think that it's only appealing to office workers, instead it's for everybody who's able to get jokes, knows computers computers, and relate to work. To me, there was never a single day where Scott Adams failed to make me laugh ^^ that's why Dilbert has still is going over two decades since it begun.

Worlds most best comic period. Extremely funny, smart humor, and they are all real things that could happen. Except, of course, and dog can't work. that was kind've fake.

The only reason this comic is not number one is that it's a smart comic; many people do not understand it.

With its great characters and funny strips, Dilbert is the best.

12Beetle Bailey

13The Phantom

The ultimate comic strip. IF you're looking for adventure, combined with seriousness and a lot of witty humor, read the phantom! Most stories are a lot better than any action movie.

This is the best comic strip I have ever read. I Specially like the realistic nature of the comics. also the fantastic places that 21 generation of phantom and the adventure is simply fantastic

The best comic strip ever. Far more realistic than garfield and foxtrot and such. Always a good read. This should be at the top of the list.


As good as the Clam got Hands

15Bloom County
This is truly the best there is. Clever humor, unforgettable characters, and most of all, downright hilarious. Easily my favorite comic strip of all time.
Has always been my favorite. Gotta love Opus, Bill the Cat, Steve Dallas, Milo, and Binkley.
Greatest comic strip ever. Loved the characters and storylines. Insanely post-modern fun.
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16Get Fuzzy

hard to chose,but this is my favorite at the moment


Walt Kelly's work laid the foundation for Calvin & Hobbes. An oldie but a goodie.

18Rip Kirby

Pisses on everything else on this list except for Calvin ^^ Hobbes and Peanuts

19The Boondocks

The Boondocks is definitely the funniest comic strip ever. Which other strp tales as many jibes at popular society than this?


21Non Sequitur

The best comic strip I've ever had the pleasure to come across!

22The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin is a wonderful comic book series by Herge. Sadly, he died before completing the last book. This is a series about a teenager called Tintin, his dog Snowy and his friend Captain Haddock. Tintin is a journalist but he is rarely seen submitting a story. Instead, he solves crime and is more of a detective than a journalist. Herge has combined suspense, drama and humor to make this wonderful series. I would recommend it for children aged 9+.


24Hagar the Horrible


26Big Nate
Big Nate is an American comic strip written and illustrated by Lincoln Peirce. The strip is about a boy named Nate Wright, a rebellious and energetic sixth-grader, and his classmates and teachers. Nate is portrayed as a boy with little interest in studies or conforming to standards. Because of this, he often ends up in detention. Some of the staff at the school include Mrs. Godfrey (Nate's social studies teacher and chief faculty nemesis), art teacher Mr. Rosa, Principal Nichols, Mrs. Shipulski, and Mrs. Czerwicki. Nate's best friends include Francis Pope and Teddy Ortiz. In recent strips they formed a garage band named Enslave the Mollusk, which appears to have broken up.

27Brewster Rockit: Space Guy!
There is NEVER a bad Brewster comic.


He cracks me up every time!


29Jim's Journal

Anti-humor at it's finest.


31The Wizard of Od


Mutts comics are so awesome to read and enjoy I really think that mutts sould be on top and finally I think its better than these comic strips because mutts is going to be turned into a full length feature movie by blue sky studios

34Gunston Street
Awesome! It's definitely for the military type, but I still enjoy it!
If you have ever served in the service, this is the best!

35Close to Home

36Life In Hell

37Spy vs. Spy

38For Better or For Worse

39Cyanide & Happiness

40Footrot Flats

41Baby Blues

Ever read it? If you have not, you don't read the newspaper. I don't think it's better than Calvin and Hobbes, or the far side, or dilbert, or Garfield, but it's still one of the best comics ever.

42The Family Circus

43F Minus

44Cul De Sac

45Heart of the City

46Alan Ford

47Krazy Kat


49Andy Capp


51Gordo — A Humorous View From a Mexican - Culture Perspective
Why does cat fur always fall up? What is "La Cometa Halley"?

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