Top 10 Best Homestuck Characters

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1 Karkat Vantas

A deep and very well written character with just the right amount of vulnerability, conflict, flaws, and talents. Karkat has some of the best lines in the comic and can serve both as comedic relief and a vessel for exposition dumps or alien culture exchanges.

His interactions and relationships with himself and other characters are also very funny and often genuine and touching. Davekat is pretty much the jewel in the crown of Homestuck ships, co-jewelling with Rosemary, of course.

Oh my god, yes. The minute I started the webcomic, I couldn't wait to see one of the trolls. After waiting through four acts, with a couple of glimpses of Karkat here and there, I couldn't wait to see an appearance from him again.

Finally, once the update with act five was uploaded, I was ecstatic when Karkat Vantas came to the screen. Every time he curses at anyone, I want to squeal and giggle. He is the best character in Homestuck, no doubt.

2 Vriska Serket

One of my favorite characters, though I hated her at first. She can be very mean, uncaring, violent, murderous, and insensitive, but she has reasons to be all of those things. She is a very well-developed character, and gives us a unique view on troll culture and its positive outlook on death and insanity. She is a very interesting character.

Vriska is amazing. Period. Definitely one of the best characters here. I really hated her for a lot of Act 5, which I'm sure most other people did too, but her talk with John and especially her death were done so well (spoilers). She's such a sad character but she's great. One of my favorite characters.

3 Kanaya Maryam

In my opinion, people underestimate every character until they prove themselves worthy. Nobody appreciated Kanaya until she became badass enough to be a rainbow drinker who came alive and impressively fought her adversaries. I found out I was a Virgo and decided to give Kanaya a chance.

She then became the best character I ever knew. I can't even describe her properly. She likely acts as the glue for many characters, revealing Vriska's manipulative side, a calm aspect of Karkat, and probably more aspects that I can't recall at the moment.

4 Dave Strider

He is such a well-written character. His character development is crazy. When he goes into his rants about irony, it's really interesting to see the truth behind all the irony. Personally, I ship him with Terezi, sometimes as friends, sometimes as romantic partners. Their interaction was so cute.

If only Gamzee hadn't ruined it all. Also, you can never resist the Strider charm.

Dave Strider is a character with so many things hidden under his facade of irony. It's personally endearing every time he goes on one of his awkward rants, and he looks too cool not to like. I also like that he's not the "main" character (John is), and his quotes, like so many others', are to die for.

5 Terezi Pyrope

There's not a single character in Homestuck as charismatic and charming as Terezi herself. She's so full of personality and life as a character.

Terezi is my favorite character. She is extremely well-developed and possesses several unique attributes that enhance her appeal, such as her love for dragons and the color red, along with her pride in being blind. She has faced many challenges and endured numerous insecurities.

If all powers and fancy weapons were stripped away, Terezi would remain one of the strongest characters. Although she is one of the few characters who hasn't reached god tier and doubts her abilities as a Seer of Mind, she is still a powerful character. Her development and actions at the end of the pre-retcon timeline and in Terezi: Remember have definitely made her my favorite.

6 Aradia Megido

Aradia's story is tragically beautiful and serves as the perfect metaphor for depression. She starts off as someone extremely happy. However, she begins to blame herself for her friend's accident and seeks revenge. After her initial death, she falls into a depression-like state.

As the story progresses, she is killed again, symbolizing the demise of her depressive state and her discovery of a new reason to fight. She then transforms into a strong figure who enjoys life and remains emotionally stable. Aradia is truly a role model and incredibly cool. While other characters may have more relatable moments, Aradia is just as relatable and deserved more attention. She is also incredibly strong. She even managed to strangle a death god and make him struggle.

7 Nepeta Leijon

The most underappreciated adorable, quirky, badass, chill character in Homestuck, and here's why.

1. Cuteness
Do I even need to explain this one? She's adorable! Her little kitty shenanigans never cease to make me smile. Her crush on Karkat is super relatable as well. We've all been in her shoes.
2. Friendly
She's probably the most accepting character. She's willing to be friends with everyone, even Vriska. Take her best friend for example: Equius. Pretty much everyone hates Equius except her. She puts up with all his weird habits.
Nepeta hunts and kills for her food, then draws ships in their blood. The moment you think she's a weak little angel, think again. She's a cute killer.
4. Carefree
She just wants to have fun with her friends, that's it. She never wanted to get caught up in any drama. She's the friend that never complained about any of their problems because they didn't have any. She just wanted to play a fun game with her friends, that's all. Too bad she never could.

We miss you, Nep.

8 Jade Harley

I don't know why, but I really like Jade. She was an interesting character right from the start, with how she seemed to be able to see into the future. I also really like her design, especially when she's a God Tier. She's so enthusiastic about everything, and watching her try to deal with John's weirdness on his 15th birthday was hilarious.

From the very beginning, Jade was both fun-loving and smart. She was silly, but not stupid. She was shown from the get-go to be one of the most powerful characters in the entire webcomic. She grew up on an island in the middle of nowhere, by herself, with only her and her dog, and she manages to be the total badass she is today. Jade is amazing.

9 Sollux Captor

Sollux Captor is the brother of Mituna Captor. He is such a cool character, and I would say he's my favorite! He is so cool with his special powers in his eyes, one red and one blue. He likes honey.

I think he goes well with Aradia as a couple, but that's just my opinion. He is a really good hacker and has a way with computers. I would say he would be like the cool kid in the troll community. And even though he is cool, he cares deeply about things. Even the smallest mistakes, he makes a big deal out of. But that's okay. Either way, he is AWESOME.

10 John Egbert

John brings an amazing mix of both cheerfulness and seriousness to the comic, and it works perfectly with the scheme of things. He's silly, smart, creative, and upbeat, which makes scenes with him super fun to read!

Plus, he's super pure and kind, and you can't help but wish you knew someone like him in real life. He's like the one kid in the class who is everyone's acquaintance, and no one has anything bad to say about him, other than the fact that he's just a silly old dork. Windy boy deserves the world.

John is literally the most powerful and most important person in all of Homestuck. He also embodies some poetic justice: John, the first character introduced, takes down Caliborn, the last one introduced. He is so important and powerful that Dirk kills him, trying to deny John's power and significance. Dirk claims that John is nothing, which isn't true at all.

John saved the timeline and killed Lord English. He gets my vote.

The Contenders
11 Roxy Lalonde

Roxy was actually the first Homestuck character I saw before I even read the comic. After I read it, she's one of the strongest characters I've seen, aside from Terezi. Even though she drinks, she still manages to probably stop the habit of drinking and protect her friends. She needs to be number one, in my opinion.

Roxy needs to be much higher on this list. She is easily the best human. Badass, compassionate, hilarious, smart, relatable, beautiful, loves her friends, struggles to conquer her flaws but eventually comes out victorious. Literally, what more could you want out of a character?

12 Rose Lalonde

I believe there is no character as intelligent, intriguing, well-disposed, or mysterious as Rose. She captured my attention immediately with her manner of speaking, thinking, and acting. Her hobbies and interests are both silly and adorable.

One flaw, which is ironically lovable, is her unawareness of how much she loves and cares for someone until they are gone. Realizing her deep feelings for Jaspers and her mother made me adore her even more. Despite her capabilities, she has her weaknesses, and flawed characters are the best characters. All Homestuck characters are flawed, which is awesome. Rose is number one on my character list.

13 Eridan Ampora

Eridan is an intricate character that has a really sad story to me. The way Feferi left him for his greatest adversary and how he just lost all control is really sad, and I honestly think he's adorable.

That, and the fact that his design doesn't make me want to throw up (Feferi's fashion sense makes me gag). Overall, he can be somewhat relatable with his emotions, and he was also smart in trying to switch sides. He is probably the most human out of the trolls. That's why I love him.

Eridan is a really complex character that really deserves more love. It's a shame the fandom portrays him as desperate to fill quadrants and nothing else. He learned a lot of military history at a very young age and keeps wands in his fridge, which is pretty adorable, if you ask me. The reason he wanted to kill land dwellers was because they kept littering in the ocean. I love Eridan Ampora, okay?

14 Meenah Peixes

While I am slightly biased against her (my moon sign is a Pisces), I do have to say that since the minute I saw her, she was one of my favorites. Her sass, her wit, and just her sarcastic, go-getter yet contradictory nonchalant attitude, and of course her badass trident definitely put her high on my list.

Pure ambition and lust for power. Redeemed Pisces.

Fish puns, fish puns everywhere.

15 Equius Zahhak

This guy is underrated. Like seriously. Nobody likes him that much but come on! He's one of the nicest characters! Yes, in the beginning, he treated his fellows poorly. But he established this connection with Nepeta, and it's just so... he's nice! Very underrated, needs more love!

He is extremely underrated. Every time I talk to someone who likes Homestuck, they always say Equius is ugly or weird. Personally, I think otherwise. I think he's very attractive, and he can put a dent in your skull with a flick of his finger.

16 Wayward Vagabond

I don't care about any other characters in Homestuck, only the Mayor. I have a shrine to him in my bedroom. My mom called me crazy for worshiping him, but I don't care. It is my lifelong dream to be a citizen of Can Town. God bless the Mayor.

The mayor has done no wrong. He's done no wrong, he hasn't killed anybody, he's only made people happier. Also, he's made Can Town, which is the best town that has ever existed.

Man, the Mayor is like the best character ever. Yo, if you don't like the mayor, we're going to have to take this outside. I'll fight anyone for my boy the Mayor.

17 Dirk Strider

Dirk is one of my favorite characters because I can relate to him. He has arguments with himself and tries his hardest to fix things. He will sacrifice himself for all his friends and will blame himself for not being good enough, even if he is doing everything he can.

He might have that untouchable style, but that's only to cover up his true feeling. He's afraid that if he opens up, people won't like him. Dirk loves Roxy, not romantically, but he truly wants the best for her because she thinks she deserves the world. Overall, I think he should be higher up because of what a great character he is.

18 Gamzee Makara

Gamzee should be ranked higher. Why? You guys do realize that in either Act 4 or 5, he becomes central to the main plot, right?

Who doesn't love a funny troll who doesn't care what others think of him? He remains unfazed even when Karkat expresses hatred towards him. It's like their dynamic is bread and butter. The bread constantly claims leadership while the butter simply rolls with it.

Later on, Gamzee transforms into an extremely insane killer, becoming a major plot point for a while and taking charge. He probably killed at least seven trolls using primarily clubs among other weapons.

This character is underrated and deserves more attention. "SuP mOtHeReR.." That's how chill he is. 100%.

19 Tavros Nitram

Like how is he not higher up the list? Do not get me started on the new retcon timeline, how he was so nice to Jake even though Jake thought no one was his friend after being such an oblivious doofus (he isn't now) in the old timeline. He gave him the best advice on how to be more confident even though in the old timeline he himself didn't have any. That literally proves he at least had SOME character development overtime. And he didn't say "OK to be confident you need to do this, and do that," he said that since he's immortal he literally has forever to realize his potential and confidence.

Hell, if Tavros was real I would've taken that advice and given him millions of nuggets for that act of kindness and support. Tavrosprite was not a waste, I'll tell you that. Without him, the alpha kids would still not be his friends. I'm so proud of him and he really deserves to reach his potential. Both Jake and Tavros.

20 Jane Crocker

Unfortunate Cookie Grandchild. Deserved better. Not very sympathetic, but it doesn't bother me much.

21 Spades Slick

(Spoiler alert for the whole comic!)
In spite of losing all his friends (Midnight Crew), his city (Midnight City), and the fact that most of his body had to be replaced with cybernetic parts, he kept fighting to avenge that casino. He (presumably) died before he gave up on it.

If this isn't determination, I don't know what is. Spades is the perfect balance of badass and silly. If you've read the Intermission, you'd know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, go read it, you silly!

(Spoiler alert for the entire comic! You have been warned.)

Spades Slick is the best character in the whole comic. Although he seems like an a-hole at first glance, he actually cares about people. For example, he comforts Karkat when he's crying about the death of Sollux (this is as sincere as he gets when he's not interacting with Ms. Paint, just trust me on that one).

In addition, when discovering Lord English hit Ms. Paint, he says this: "You say he did WHAT, why I oughta!". This makes it obvious that Slick cares about her, especially when you consider that Hussie wrote this on the same page: "You obviously make an adorable couple... That's it, I'm calling it. I'm declaring your ship to be officially canon." Not to mention his funny attempts at quips, one of which is this gem: "Hate to chop all of your heads off with this sword. Real sorry about that. My bad."

Now to carefully shoot down the reasons to hate him.

In [S] Cascade, he shot Snowman, therefore ending the trolls' universe. He did this because he had no other choice, not because he deliberately decided to be evil and do that.

Spades stabs people to greet them. It is stated that he has stabbed Karkat multiple times, indicating that he even stabs people he likes. This would lead me to believe that he stabs to show affection, but in actuality, he stabbed Karkat even before they were friends. I think he stabs to greet just because he loves stabbing people. It's that simple.

He kills the Felt because they destroyed his favorite casino. It's not just an unjustified leprechaun massacre. In fact, he never gives up attempting to avenge that casino. He presumably died before he gave up trying to do that. "Presumably" because he might've survived having his head chopped off due to mysterious robot stuff (that's the main kids' ringless Bec Noir in the Snapchat stuff). If determination is not a reason to like Spades, I don't know what is.

In conclusion, Spades is the... more

22 Bro Strider

He's just so cool. You wish that someday you could be as chill as your bro.

23 Kankri Vantas

Kankri is very cute and he states his opinion all the time. He likes his personal space and boundaries. The cutest thing about him is his sweater though. I love Kankri Vantas.

He's just like one of those triggered political people that you might want to avoid but hug at the same time. Also, he was the Sufferer, so I kinda feel bad for him.

I can't believe he's here. No, don't think negatively. Kankri is also my favorite character, but I thought a lot of people hated him. I mean, A LOT. I'm just... GLAD.

24 Davesprite
25 Mituna Captor

I'm pretty confused why Mituna is so underrated on these charts. I mean, what's not to love about him? He is a super adorable character that deserves a lot more love than he currently has.

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