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It actually means "Secretly We Are Gay". It was used in the 60's.
It's just stupid. The "word" just came out of the blue,
And now every stupid white 13 year old is saying it in in every
Possible context. "Swag this, swag that, look at my swag! " It's
Completely ridiculous.
Sorry but, Swag and swagger is the only word out of the ten words that seem to piss me off every time I hear it, and I'm not joking when I say it literally makes me grind my teeth when I hear it.

I don't know, or care why, but hell
It's my opinion right?
[Newest]Thank goodness some children grow up to be adults and realize how stupid they were in their youth

Yolo is suppost to teach you to enjoy life before you die. Now its an excuse to be an idiot. I hate my generation so much now..
You Only Live Once. So at least one time in your life, scream YOLO in your house, your office, you're school, maybe your funeral. And laugh. You only live once, might as well use this word and emphasize your desire to live and make others hate you. It won't matter once you reach the underground. :P
No just no, I just can't stand that word and its use over and over and over and over and over and over again and again and again and again... Kmn (kill me now) should come straight after Yolo intact with so much of its use just replace it..
[Newest]Yolo gets people killed!

When I was young, a shorty was just a bit of a teasing nickname for parent/grandparents/whatever adults to call their kids/relatives/whatever. Now it's apparently a nickname for your girlfriend? It's usually said by the whitest of white boys, too (looking at you, Bieber! ) I understand that it's a word not intended for me, but come on. Do you really think your girl appreciates being called short? What if she's taller than you (looking at you AGAIN, Bieber! )
I don't get it either. It started as some regional slang for Atlanta rappers and everyone jumped on the bandwagon apparently. I know slang doesn't need to make sense but "shawty" is just ridiculous.
way overused only should be used if they are called shorty. Why is it used so much in music
[Newest]I HATE HEARING THIS. It doesn't sound sweet, or cute, it doesn't make sense, at all, and it sounds stupid in songs. I would hit my boyfriend if her ever referred to me as "Shawty" HELL NO.

This word is so overused by everyone. "She ratchet! " "That outfit is ratchet! " WHERE DID THIS WORD COME FROM? It sounds stupid, it sounds ugly, words can't describe how much I despise this word.
First heard in my classroom. Yes folks it is a mispronunciation of the word wretched. Every time I hear this word I become severely agitated by the promulgation of stupidity.
How is this not the #1 spot? The first time I heard this I was completely confused. I was trying to figure out how said girl was like a tool I use on a daily basis. Hearing this makes me not want to live on this planet anymore.
[Newest]The word ratchet is in the dictionary look if up for a chandelier maybe you will learn something

This is so annoying when someone calls you that on a game when you first start playing, everyone was new at the game sometime, THIS PISSES ME OFF!


Don't mind somebody when he/they call you noob. They are only envious


Only low life nerds that live with there mother use this


[Newest]I say noob does that mean I'm stupid

A lot of this I can see, however slang like word, that or Holmes is to me an homage to 90's rap. Which I actually find culturally significant. Is rap as skilled of an art as writing and mastering a symphony or metal song, no. But it still required skill to make and sell and is basically the first music to get so mainstream that unlike music before it began to transcend skin colour and ethnenticity later in its vogue per say. As silly as the words left over from rap may seem to me they mark a more tollerant North America... WORD!
Completely meaningless, why would you say it if you don't have anything to say. If you want to say something, just say it, saying "word" has no meaning, so don say anything.


THIS JUST ANNOYS ME SO MUCH. I was reading this book and the person said Word like in every sentence and finally I just decided I couldn't read the book since she said it every 2 friggin' seconds!
[Newest]Word is my favorite slang word, best used if the person grew up in the 90's and uses it SPARINGLY.

Correct uses of this word:
"Like" used as a verb:
- I like potatoes.
- Do you like video games as much as I do?
"Like" used as a preposition:
- He wants to be like Tim Tebow.
- I am sick of being treated like a child.
"Like" used as a conjunction:
- I felt like I was kicked in the shins.

Incorrect uses of this word:
"Like" as a meaningless filler:
- I, like, want to, like, go to the, like, movies.
"Like" in the place of "said":
- My teacher was like, "In the Stone Age, people were hominids. "
Like is an annoying word that is said by preppy teenage girls. This one girl at my school sounds like this " like didja like see Miley Cyrus she was so like awesome and pretty. And her songs are like totally cool and if you hate her your like totally not cool"
'Duh' is almost as bad as 'like'. I despise hearing kids say this all the time. It's ridiculous. I imagine all those blank spaces in-between thoughts in their head and they fill them up with all those 'likes' and such, oh my goodness how annoying! And you would think they wouldn't have any 'like' on online posts - nope! (oh yeah so like I went trick or treating and it was like yeah awesome so yeah. )
[Newest]I like hate it when like people use "like," like all the time.

it's stupid how some guys use this word, if they don't like something, they say "that's gay"; I am tired of watching comments like "metalcore is gay"


1. Gay shouldn't even have insulting connotations. Because someone being gay is NOT a reason to a) be ashamed and b) cause any upheaval at all. People should finally accept that there's no one good way to love any other human being.
2. People who do use it as an insult are massive poopieheads!
3. Word!
The actual definition of gay means being happy and carefree. The version everyone uses is slang.
[Newest]I am tired of people using this as an insult.

It's horrible and racist, and yet some idiots think they can say it because it was used by some stupid rapper.
Its not offensive or racist! It means "to be lazy" or in another way that someone used mean "rude, unintelligent, arrogant person" so racism isn't even a factor! Get out of "Slave times" as even whites and Mexicans and other races was called this as well. as my family says its only okay for black, African American can only say this as its referred to one another! So if its offensive to your race then stop using it dumbass
Who taught you people, don't go by word of mouth. The definition does not say lazy. It means - an inferior ignorant person ; any person of color or darkened skin ; a derogatory term for African Americans; racial slur... this is from the dictionary itself. So this word is very racist
If its so offensive to blacks then why do they constantly use it in music, television and movies.


[Newest]So negative and racist I hate it

ive never even heard of this word but it just sound so annoying


I don't know WHAT this means, and quite frankly, I don't care. A lot of people have that word that grates on their nerves. Some don't like the word "poop", can't stand the word "flesh", etc. "Hootie" is the PERFECT combination of sound to instantly piss me off.
I have never even heard of this tragedy, yet it compels me to hatred so strongly. I hate all the words on here, accept groovy, which is just... great!


[Newest]For those of you that don't like this word based on how it sounds, just imagine they said "hoodie", then they will be talking about your favourite jumper!


The Contenders

I rember when DMX was real popular and used to say this in all his songs, so naturally everyone started sayin it and wont stop


I never use this unless I'm trying to be stupid.


Don't dis Goofy from Mickey Mouse! 'hot dawg'

Simply Dope This word is so overused by everyone. "simply dope! " "That outfit is simply dope" WHERE DID THIS WORD COME FROM? It sounds stupid, it sounds ugly, words can't describe how much I despise this word
This word is supposed to be used describe people with tin foil IQ's.
Does anyone even use this word anymore? If so than I'm glad.

13Homie (s)
I couldn't find 'Brap' so I settled with this one.
Someone called me this once and I almost smacked him because I thought he said homo.
If your white don't use this term make you look fake like you probably (R)
This word should'nt even be on this list. It's a perfectly normal word & who ever has a problem with the word homies, probably does'nt have any Homies because there probably a snotty, close-minded, astintatios prick!

The word is "that" its really not that difficult to say.
"is" "that" "the"... Is it so effing hard to pronounce and to spell things intelligently?!?
I truly don't believe that half the people who type this word on the internet would actually SAY it like this if they were speaking the sentence out loud.
[Newest]Hey people! We're not 2 year olds trying to speak! I TALKINg TO YOU IGGY AZALEA!

It gets really annoying people say it because they are to lazy to say crazy its not that hard
This needs to be way higher on the list of dumb words. Just saying!
It's the most dumb stupid annoying word ever
[Newest]I hate this word so much! It makes me want to slap the tool who says it upside their head.

it annoys me when people use this word like 'duh, eww I hate it, duh you're wrong, duh, the worst, duh, the most annoying comment, word, saying, phrase, letters, paragraph, parts of speech, slang words, everywhere when talking, speaking, writing, chatting, typing, anything. I can see also this word in this site and youtube.


Everyone says it when you do something wrong my 4th grade class says it its annoying I hate even hearing the word
There was this girl in my class who thinks shes perfect and hot smart who said duh ALL THE TIME it was so anoying
[Newest]I should have vote this instead of "Like"! This word annoys me so much! "Duh" is not a fun, cool, and nice word! This word makes people stupid.

This word is stupid. Even though it was invented around 2012


This is just, oh I can't even. I don't know anything about it accept that a) white girls can't do it and b) I can't do it. But what I do know is big booty big booty big booty. Some are just twerkhards... Haha who am I kidding? TWERKK

Thou shalt not take thy Lord's name in vain. This word downplays how serious that is to break a commandment
Almost as bad as laugh out loud
I hate this one so much.
[Newest]The worst slang word.


Not necessarily, there are related slang words that are even worse

Baller etymology comes from sad notion that in order be successful in the African American community one has to be a ball player - hence Baller. It's neither dumb nor pointless, but it is sad.
I hate this word so much! It doesn't make any sense
If you're ghetto trying to say this, it sounds white, think about it.. BallER.. Its dumb and pointless.

In any context other than originally meant.
I like this word

Bruh is so annoying everyone sounds stupid saying it but I don't know y people still say it
HIT THE BRUH BUTTON! Laugh out loud so annoying
My friend says Bruh too much
[Newest]I use this word everyday nothing wrong with it

The word is totally. A tote is a beach bag or gym bag. So its rather stupid to say "Oh that's totes amazing! " WHAT! Its beach bag amazing? When people say this to me I cringe.

This doesn't deserve to even be called a word...


One of the girls in my rugby team name is shawty so I don't think it a dumb for but it really isn't word

Chilling (in itself may annoy many) and relaxing cleverly put together as one annoying word, trying to convince others that you are just way too mellow to care.

seriously, I can't figure out what the hell this means.


Macklemore made this word so damn lame... Screw you wanna be slim shady
I first heard Hella In Boston in the late 80s. The term has some legs.
I do love my "Hella love Oakland" Shirt. Still running.
In my humble opinion it implies a degree of enthusiasm and a sardonic detachment.

I actually like yo! Yo sounds way better than some of these other weird words!


I use this rarely.


Doesn't I get annoying when you constantly hear rappers and DJs saying this at discos?

This is the greatest slang word ever who ever came up with this is a legend I want to meet them and shake there hands. I bet they have hot as girlfriends and should become male models
This word is so amazing, the creator of this must be the man! This is the greatest slang word ever who ever came up with this is a legend I want to meet them and shake there hands. I bet they have hot as girlfriends and should become male models
Isn't there an actor called Helen Mirin I wonder if she knows how popular her last name is?

This word is offensive and demeaning.
Trashy words for trashy people.
That's how your fat mama said while yelling at your neighbors! Just hit her with a frying pan!
How did this turn from another word for a dog/wolf into an insult?


That word makes me want to punch whoever said it right smack in the face.


What? This is the most cliche slang term ever! Also, it makes you sound ultra-stupid. I can't give it credit for creativity either, since all you do is add izzle to a word.
you guys are so lame if snoop dogg saw you guys saying foshizzle and ilzzle and making fun of "dat" he would just laugh


The thing that's worse than laugh out loud is when people actually SAY it. Unless you actually laughed out loud, then don't say laugh out loud. And if you DID laugh out loud, then you don't have to say it either, because you just LOLed
Like laugh out loud this list is so laugh out loud and this stupid word is so overused laugh out loud.


Laugh out loud is unnatural. People should laugh when they find something funny.
[Newest]This word is overly used by everyone. It's also just annoying and it needs to go away.

Dumbest thing ever. Especially bad when someone over the age of 12 uses it. cool and cool have the same amount of letters. It's like my 87 year old grandma saying something is "totally rad". It's stupid. Grown ups should stop.
Does anyone actually say this ever

people always misuse the word literally: "oh there was LITERALLY a million people in front of me in line today" "that was LITERALLY awesome"
This is LITERALLY the worst word . Literally..
Literally annually means REALLY

Wrong way - I LITERALLY had to scrub the dishes a million times

Right way - I had to scrub the dishes lots of times

First of all, people in Texas do not talk like hillbillies and NONE of us say Howdy. We use proper english with no more slang words than any other state. Northerns say "yous guys" and "don't ya know" so how could it possibly be stupid or make us idiots to say y'all. Really ~ grow up!
No person from the south talks like that nothing but some dumbass stereotypes I'm from Louisiana I say y'all but I don't say it like a dumbass redneck hillbilly
I'm southern and raised around people who say it. I love this slang word and its easier to say than you all. It's just a slang word if you don't like it don't hang around people who say it!

It's just really annoying. You drop something. It's a fail. You fall over. It's a fail. So annoying. Also, when you fall over and people yell, "A-O! " It really bugs me so much.


I HATE THIS WORD! How is falling over, dropping something, making a mistake or really anything that isn't done perfectly a "fail! "? So annoying. Everyone at my school says it and I'm sick of it!
I use this word ALL THE TIME
[Newest]Fail kinda means done incorrectly... so... FAIL.

yeah, we get it, you don't need to go on for 30 seconds.
Hey, this is a kind of thing I HAVE to do! I'm clueless. But you don't have to exaggerate and hold it long until you face turns purple. That's just dumb.
But Regular Show is epic!

Even normal people are using this damn word. I HATE this word! It's up there with swag as one of my most hated words.
Selfie? What kind of garbage ass word is that? Pretty stupid to me.
I feel my IQ drop when I hear this word. It's just a massive show of low intelligence. Just call it a normal picture, or a photo, of (subject here).


Yea it's a word unintelligent people use when you completely refute their arguments and they have nothing else to say so they declare themselves the winner by saying they "pwned" you. It's a way for dumb people to make themselves feel smart basically.
This word is used by unintelligent people to try and appear smart after they declare themselves the winner of an argument. A truly intelligent person would not do this after winning a debate.
If I cannot pronounce a word then as far as I'm concerned it doesn't exist.
Pwned is used all the time in gaming, such as World of Warcraft, when one faction beats the other. It originated from the word "owned", which means, of course, one side was completely and utterly beaten down. It came to be "pwned" because of the position of the letter "P being next to the letter "O" on the keyboard, and people frequently making a typo when they hastily typed out "Owned! ", and it came out as "Pwned! ". I don't mind it typed in-game, but when somebody says it in a conversation in real life, it sounds pretty silly. (They generally pronounce it as "pawned" as in pawning something in a pawn shop. )


It sounds like they are dumb asses with hangovers when they say it
This "word" makes me literally want to dig a hole and jump right in it. When someone says it to me I ignore them and leave that hand hanging. No high-five from me if you grin and say "Waaazzup? "
We understand you, you don't have to drag it on for 30 seconds.


I wish people would stop using it to freed to love of things. Like, what we have here is the scenery porn. Used to describe beautiful areas in video games.
Why the hell do idiots use this word to describe things? Like the scenery porn?! That's so stupid and gross!
Porn isn't slang, it's short for pornographic. But still, it's really gross.


Very annoying one of the most annoying thing, word, phrase with the words corny, duh, loser and pawned


Lol, get with it people, even Jimmy Fallon made a song out of this word! It's hilarious
Overdone and drives me insane
Makes the people who say it look like sissies.


I'm tired of this word! Every boy in my class say salty to everyone when someone does something wrong or gets "PWNED" I also hate that word to.
You're not describing food thanks.

I hate this because of that black eyed pea song "imma be" playing over and over again in work!
I suddenly wish to consume beans every time I see black eyed peas mentioned I swear I'm not a fatty
I HATE this word! Luckily not very much people use this word on this website.


Yo Swag! I'm really happy for you, and Imma let you finish... But Imma is one of the worst slang words of all time!
[Newest]It's not that hard to say "I'm going to." This word makes you sound uneducated!

I say this a lot.

"That's sick, " when used to describe something that is really good. Idiocy!
I hate the use of this word almost as much as I hate the misspelling of "your and you're! " I really hate the way that is misspelled in posters too. But to say SICK when something is good or great? It nsuseates me! Why not just say the words in their proper intent? And "sofiss" instead of sophisticated. No wonder foreign people have problems learning English. Everyone screams for them to learn English, yet we Americans don't even know how to speak proper English.
This should be number 1 everyone think its school popular word in britain
[Newest]To be sick is to be unwell. So why go around saying "that's unwell" How dumb do you sound now?

48Trippin' ,Trip,
If aren't stumbling, and you aren't on vacation, its not a trip and you are not trippin.
You have obviously never done shrooms (;



Just because you add a suffix to the word ratchet doesn't make it any less annoying. What happened to proper English? You would assume that schools no longer offer literacy/ language arts classes. The younger generation is trying to create their own language, and we'll see how "successful" they are in 10 years.

What does this even mean?


How this word even made? By eating corns? Are corns not cool?


Nobody says this. This isn't even slang.


This makes me shiver, even when it's just written down. Just awful.
WOOT sounds like a word used to describe ladies private parts. Yuk!
No one says 'woot! ". If they do, they're idiots. Now, "Woo! " I hear people actually yell. Just remove the 'T' and all is well.

that is crap
you are crap
that band is crap
everything that people says the word CRAP are really the ones who are CRAP


My dad said this was a swear word but you shouldn't say it anyway everyone says it it's dumb

People who think this is a bad word its not Me and other kids at my ELEMENTARY school say it all the time.
[Newest]Not a slang or a cuss

It's overused and used improperly. When everything that is eye-catching is called "epic, " it sound stupid.
Winning the lottery is epic. Beating cancer is epic. Seeing the latest movie is NOT.

This annoys me. I hate this word. who came up with this!? Should not be a word.
I hate this word. Who came up with it?
It doesn't make sense! Who would say "I are not doing nothing. "? Ain't doesn't change the meaning!
[Newest]This ain't even a word

People only say it for the sake of saying it.
Like legit. This word is legit the worst. Gosh. Save us all some air and stop using it for words like legit. Go die in a hole if you want to be legit.
Ne, this word is so lame, I feel like slapping myself every time it accidentally slips out.


This annoys me to no end

61Cool Beans
This makes NO sense. I mean what does beans have to do with something being cool?! What's next? Awesome taco! ? Rocking hamburgers?
Why would anyone want to say cool, and to add beans to the subject doesn't make thing any better...

Person 1) hey
Person 2) what?
Person 1) I just got this awesome thing...
Person 1) Cool Beans! That's so cool... " Beans."
What the what?

I don't have a clue as to what it means but everyone at my school says it and it drives me crazy!
It means that the person is messed up.. Like if they do something shady or sneaky to you..
A shyster is a professionally unscrupulous person, originally used in reference to lawyers or politicians. Think a cheat, a chisler,

one of the most annoying words ever


Jerk =yum. As in beef jerky or jerk chicken.




Yo, morons - you are aware that these are a part of a car transmission right? Back in the day many cars had a 3rd pedal known as the clutch, you actually had to depress this pedal in order to shift from one gear to the next - not too many around nowadays as folks are too lazy to drive proper
Clutch= cool

Big fan of most stupid slang but this one and "ratchet". Have been making my teeth smaller. Feel me?
[Newest]It was used in Call of Duty when a lat alive killed the entire enemy team.

this is the dumbest thing ever said

OH DEAR! It sounds like a a little 1st grader when he drops something or so!


this is very dumb stupid the car is dumb you are dumb everything is dumb
thats why dumb is the most annoying and dumb slang word


Dumb has been around for centuries and was much, much more used back around 1890. Last of all it isn't a slang word.

This isn't slang! [DEFINITION TIME! ] Shazam-noun-the word said by the fictional character Captain Marvel/Shazam used to summon his superpowers. Shazam is an anagram for, wisdom of Solomon, strength of Hercules, stamina of Atlas, power of Zeus, courage of Achilles and speed of Mercury. Therefore shazam is not slang!



I'm not even sure how to spell it but it's usually like: Get dat Jawn. So it's prety mucn used as any noun. Now there's slang and then there's just plain lazy stupidity!



To me,"Doh" just spells out ignorance, however it is funny when homer Simpson says it on comedy channel


I hate this word so much that it gives me bloody diarrhea, and it makes me cry on the inside. This is a perfect example of a very crappy word and it should never be used.

81Prove It
This is the best phrase ever.


What is this piece of garbage.

Beautiful underwater marine plant. Also a pretty girls name. that's all no other uses for it. Move on people.

This word it just flat out annoying and it makes absolutely no friggen sense
Deuce. It involves tennis. Or if you're talking about another word for poo

The word is fool, it's not that difficult to say

Ooh! To douche is to wash out your private bits? Did you know this?


No real g's be saying it!

Did the person that made this word up by throwing a rock at his keyboard and modifing what it corrected it to?!

Uh. Flame isn't a slang word. Take Flametail from Warrior cats for example.


I think this is just pretty comical, reminds me of Wayne's World when they talk about girls "Schawing! " I wouldn't be annoyed, I would laugh, but I've never heard it said except for on the movie.

My daughter when small used to say this for shutup. Cute. WhatsNOT cute is it said by a teenager.








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