Top Ten Inventions in the Last 200 Years

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1The Internet

This comment would be VERY hard to write if there were no internet. - fireinside96

You wouldn't be reading this without it. And sliced bread honestly isn't that impressive to be honest... - deadgrass27

THANK YOU Pennsylvania FOR THE COMPUTER, AND THANK YOU AMERICA FOR THE INTERNET! It's sad people use the internet you so wonderfully created to bash you. And thank you, Dear Lord, for making the inventing happen. - GHOSTbirdnatureLOVER

Yes, You wouldn't be leaving these comments without the internet. However, you wouldn't be using the internet without electricity!

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2Light Bulb

Without it: can't see in the dark so there wouldn't be any interior rooms, car can't see in the dark so you wouldn't drive at night, there'd be no monitor for your computer and thus there'd be no internet for this list. - Zahveed

It is amazing because it gives us light and then we don't need torches or candles.

It's a good invention, Thomas Edison you rock dude!

Actually, Joseph Swan invented the first incandescent light bulb - Ajkloth

Artificial light is essential to modern human activity.

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Love cars so much I die for the bugatti veyron and the ford mustang. How cool would it be to own your dream car. Cars are to die for. Ohh

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After that, the second greatest invention was the mute button.

I knew it see John Logie Beard the Scottish inventor made the T.V.

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Airplanes help us to go from country to country... Now day we can go from country to another country and makes new fried or we can study outside our country.

6Video Games

This is one of the best things ever it's the best! O I am kind of a nerd :D

... And parents say video games are useless laugh out loud

Awesome I don't think I can survive with out it best invechon ever

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7Personal Computer

You can't access internet without this one and for mobile phones, it costs very expensive - ronluna

The personal computer makes so much information easily accessible.


I am attached constantly to my mobile; couldn't live without it! :D

Everyone uses it and people use it for school and jobs to research like I am now

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9Printing Press

Uh, the printing press was made in the year 1450. It is safe to say it isn't an invention in the past 200 years

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10Cell Phone

And it's portable & wireless ladies and gentlemen!

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A lot of people would be dead without them!

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It's a very good invention because I wouldn't go toilet other wise


Their really good I use them

There nice and comfortable

They make me comfortable

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14Atom Bomb

Who does not like explosions! I am talking about testing nothing else...

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Refrigeration has saved more lives than surgery

17Solar Panel
18Electric Guitar

Electric guitars gave us music. Music gave us The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Rolling Stones, and many more great artists. Therefore, without electric guitars or instruments, we wouldn't have music. - kaitlynrad11

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19Machine Gun
20Handheld Game Consoles

Making nerds hard since 1999

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