Top Ten Ways 2021 is Already Worse than 2020

Yes, I know. We live in confusing times and everything. I even made a list on how to make 2021 a better year for itself. Too bad TheTopTens is a niche community where not everyone can look at how to make things better for yourself. And 2020, as messy as it is, it's probably going to be eclipsed by 2021 and we haven't even hit the halfway mark of the year yet. But this list shows just how 2021 is already a much worse year.
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1 Media is even more untrustworthy than before

The media has almost fully turned into propaganda for one side only, whether left or right wing. They'll sensationalize a major story, while other similar, probably more noticeable stories, are sidelined. For example, the mainstream media in the United States continues to fearmonger many people into doing...well, anything. Nowadays, people no longer trust most news networks because they are tired of being fed the same crap. And what does the media do? Continue what they're doing? Covering up more interesting stories? It's not working.

2 We still can't agree on how to combat the coronavirus

There's more than enough debate going around, from liberals saying "wear a mask for the rest of your life!" to conservatives saying "take off the face diaper!" (These are just generalizations of what these people say, by the way). Some places are locked down, some aren't.

3 Continued civil unrest in several countries

Myanmar, Colombia, various cases in the United States, and elsewhere (I hear that France may be the next place to experience a major coup), and especially the current conflict between Palestine and Israel. There is conflict of all sorts in numerous nations for numerous reasons, and the governments are either not helping or, in some cases like Colombia, outright defeating their own people.

We can imagine that Cuba doesn't want to liberalize its economic model and democracy.

4 People are panic buying gasoline

Thanks to a hack of a certain pipeline, numerous places in the U.S. are experiencing one or both of the following: long lines to pump gas or empty pumps. People are panic buying gasoline for this reason. Oh boy, if you thought not having toilet paper or water during last year's pandemic panic buying was bad, this is FAR worse. Just imagine losing all your gas with no fuel to pump at any stations. You're stuck.

"Oh, you shouldn't worry too much, the pumps will get their gas back soon enough." You better be right if you have this mindset. Otherwise, I will hang this kind of reply up in a hall of shame.

5 Education is getting worse

Is it because young people continue to engage in riots and other activities that harm ordinary people? Is it because educators are forming unions and not teaching kids what they need to know? What could be the cause of this?

And why is this critical race theory being forced into some school systems? Why are several states rejecting it and people cheering? Lots of questions, but we need better education in general for all grade levels.

6 The U.S. border crisis worsened

Another list already showed how terrible this crisis is and has some solutions, so I have nothing to really add. That being said, there was no major newsworthy border crisis in 2020 compared to this year.

The only reason why Abbott is now acting like he cares about the children in these facilities is for political reasons.

7 Continued political turmoil

While it ties in with the above items (and other items on this list), it should be obvious that political parties are fully partisan with very few in-betweens. The few in-betweens often get attacked for being in-between.

The world has shown us that a party either doesn't live in reality or is so divided on everything.

8 Depression has increased

One thing that is often underreported is the amount of depression that has arisen in society over the last two years. Suicide gets mentioned every now and then, but it doesn't get much coverage. People are seriously suffering monetarily, physically, and mentally, and this needs to be addressed.

9 Homicide rates increase

Could defunding the police have something to do with that? Social workers and community outreach programs won't stop people from killing. Too bad everyone's finding out the hard way.

I don't know about you, but I felt much safer in 2020 when homicide rates were much lower. Then again, they were much lower in 2019. There are more bad people out there now.

I've noticed this as well, especially with the uptick in mass shootings.

10 Donald Trump is no longer the president

I don't give a flying damn if he keeps moaning about everything when he was the free leader of the world. No wonder Suburban Women voted in droves to kick his ass out of office.

Donald Trump deserved to lose the 2020 election because he didn't allow Mexicans to enter the United States of America.

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11 The Taliban is back and stronger than ever after taking over Afghanistan

This is what happens when a country relies solely on religious extremism, as well as having a weak and corrupt government.

12 Mass shootings across the U.S have increased
13 Political correctness is getting worse

People only think this because the bar for what's considered "politically correct" gets lower every day.

Man, I told y'all things were going to be worse in 2021 than in 2020. In 2022, things are getting even worse, especially with this issue.

14 Many amenities cost much more than before

Of course, gasoline prices went up, but so did the prices of groceries, taxes, housing, and everything else. It is especially notable this year more than the last. This can lead to other items already mentioned.

15 New COVID variants discovered
16 Social justice warriors are getting worse

It's because of lockdowns and being online more than ever as a result.

17 More retail companies are filing bankruptcy