Top 10 Underrated '80s Albums by a Female Singer


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1Runaway Horses - Belinda Carlisle

Probably her greatest album and so underrated. Hits "Leave a Light On", "Summer Rain", "La Luna" were memorable - Irina2932

2Foreign Affair - Tina Turner

It was as good as her previous albums "Private Dancer" and "Break Every Rule" - Irina2932

3Into a Secret Land - Sandra

Impressive Synthpop album with hits "Secret Land", "Heaven Can Wait" and "Around My Heart" - Irina2932

4Cher - Cher

Amazing Rock and Pop/Rock album from Cher. Marvelous vocal - Irina2932

5Can't Fight Fate - Taylor Dayne

She had a very cool and recognizable voice back then. Very beautiful album - Irina2932

6Rainbow - Dolly Parton

Still great Country music from amazing Dolly - Irina2932

7Touch - Laura Branigan

For such a talented artist she was criminally underrated. The same with her albums - Irina2932

8Secret Dreams and Forbidden Fire - Bonnie Tyler

It includes very beautiful tracks "If You Were a Woman and I Was a Man", "Loving You's a Dirty Job but Somebody's Gotta Do It" and "Holding Out for a Hero" - Irina2932

9Something's Going On - Frida

This album is actually very excellent and a surprise.

10Like a Prayer - Madonna

Its amazing but deserves much more credit

The Contenders

11Time and Tide - Basia
12Stronger Than Pride - Sade

Very deep and emotional track list. Sade even used elements from Latin Pop, Quiet storm and Jazz. - Irina2932

13A Night to Remember - Cyndi Lauper

I think all of her 80's albums were amazing. This one was the most underrated and overlooked - Irina2932

14Donna Summer - Donna Summer

This 1982 release very underrated. The excellent song "State of Independence" from this album alone is underrated. We can't forget the Grammy-nominated "Love Is in Control".

15Get Closer - Linda Ronstadt

So very underrated but excellent!

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1. Runaway Horses - Belinda Carlisle
2. Into a Secret Land - Sandra
3. Foreign Affair - Tina Turner



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