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61 Vaporwave

It's a new, strong genre that everybody can relate to but nobody has ever really appreciated it. Poor Vaporwave, it deserves some love!

62 Chamber
63 Deathstep
64 Speedcore
65 New Wave
66 Underground Deep House
67 Emo

Emo has the best lyric style, they are strange and hard to understand, but once you do a swarm of emotions will come over you, a new perspective. All with a punk rock style. - ToptenPizza

Not a big fan of Emo, but I am discovering the genre and all I can say is that it's not about hating your life and whinning about the things you don't have. Songs have good lyrics, good instrumentation and everything you need. So, I think people hate it for no reason.

Come on! So many people hate emo! They don't even know what is emo.

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68 Drum and Bass
69 Pop Rock

Pop rock is underrated compared to pop,but nowdays its becoming more famous - zxm

Extremely undrrated, despite the acclaim of Coldplay, The Betales, and Lady Gaga - ProPanda

70 Bluegrass
71 Garage Rock
72 Soul Soul
73 Downtempo
74 Indian Classical Music
75 Jam Bands

The dead, allman bros, phish

76 Trip Hop V 1 Comment
77 Tech Trance
78 Minimal Techno
79 Dark Cabaret

So underrated, it isn't even listed

80 Deathcore
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