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81Wario's Woods

Wario's Woods should not be underrated, its good because ITS HARD! - SeeU

83Mario Party 9
84The X-Files Game
85Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
86The Simpsons Game
87Kirby's Adventure

This game is underrated due to its graphics, its greatness and etc...

COME ON! This game introduced Meta Knight, my all-time favorite gaming character besides Rosalina (from Mario), Cloud Strife and Legolas.

88Naruto: The Broken Bond
89Crash Bandicoot

I kinda find this game overrated but it's a good game

Nobody dislikes this game.

90No More Room In Hell
91To the Moon

Better than Undertale, honestly.

Also, actually decent fanbase!

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Whats not to hate about it? , the realism of each gunshot was awesome, I loved blowing their faces off - PotBellyPup

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949 Innings: Pro Baseball 2013
95The Simpson's Wrestling

This game even I am at ease handling. It is judged harshly by most people.

96Condemned: Criminal Origins
97Metro Last Light
99Destroy All Humans!

Ign gave it a bad rating and review. They say its repetitive? What its not repetitive at all

Seriously this game is so badass. The dialogue is hilarious. - bashed11

It along with the other 3 in the series all are fun too me

100Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

This should be higher, it's my favorite Mario Kart game of all time and it's pretty underrated. - Metts

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