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81 Resonance of Fate Resonance of Fate
82 Rosenkreuzstilette
83 Brutal Legend Brutal Legend
84 Henry Hatsworth In the Puzzling Adventure Henry Hatsworth In the Puzzling Adventure V 1 Comment
85 Sonic and the Black Knight Sonic and the Black Knight

One of sonic best games (in my opinion) people should give it a chance it's way better than sonic and the secret rings and it has a Amazing soundtrack. Wait, that's a understatement. The bosses are great, most of them anyway, so go play it right now!

It's so underrated, I've only seen the game once in my life at Kohl's.

Sonic and the black knight is awesome. amazing soundtrack, VERY hard bosses, and beautiful graphics! - SeeU

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86 Valkyrie Profile Valkyrie Profile

seraphic gate, lenneth valkyrie, freya, odin, souls, valkyrie profile is an adventure of a valkyrie who finds souls from warriors, sorcerers, sad souls, maidens, to help her and send it to Odin to fight the darkness. the game is hard but great - ronluna

87 Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee
88 Mario Party 9 Mario Party 9
89 The X-Files Game The X-Files Game
90 Xenogears Xenogears

pretty much one of the greatest top ten rpgs ever. - walker820

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91 The Simpsons Game The Simpsons Game
92 Kirby's Adventure Kirby's Adventure

This game is underrated due to its graphics, its greatness and etc...

COME ON! This game introduced Meta Knight, my all-time favorite gaming character besides Rosalina (from Mario), Cloud Strife and Legolas.

93 Naughty Bear Naughty Bear
94 Halo Wars Halo Wars
95 Naruto: The Broken Bond Naruto: The Broken Bond
96 Crash Bandicoot Crash Bandicoot

I kinda find this game overrated but it's a good game

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97 No More Room In Hell
98 To the Moon To the Moon

Better than Undertale, honestly.

Also, actually decent fanbase!

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99 Vanquish Vanquish
100 Wario's Woods Wario's Woods

Wario's Woods should not be underrated, its good because ITS HARD! - SeeU

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