Top Ten Worst Actors

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Paris Hilton
WHAT THE HELL IS JOHNNY DEPP DOING ON THIS LIST!? Ah he's amazing. But yeah paris hilton sucks, she's so lucky she has a rich dad. ARG I'll never get over johnny depp being 3rd
She can't even act in her own sex tape.
Well Paris is dumber then a rock! She has no talent at all.. She just knows how top be in the news!
[Newest]A waste product of flesh
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2Miley Cyrus
Miley should be #1 on this list. She is terrible! Johnny Depp shouldn't be anywhere near this list. He is the my favorite actor. The man can play any role. He is amazing!
Johnny Depp? Are you crazy? Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the best I've ever seen... Whereas miley cyrus is a complete contrast of johnny depp!
Miley... Please, for your and the world's sake... STOP ACTING! And get a life! You have no talent and you're like 19 and your greatest fans are like 3 years. WHY IS JOHNNY DEPP IN THIS LIST? And Miley, get a face.
[Newest]Miley Cyrus is a terrible actress, if I had the choice between a rock and her I know which one I would choose. Oh and we should have her nickname Miley Cyclops, cause she obviously can't see how bad she is at acting.

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3Kristen Stewart
Most overrated actress ever. She brags about never having any acting lessons. Guess what? It shows! She needs to get some but I doubt if they will ever help her horrible acting even!
Its true and now she is married to Robert she is the worst person in the whole universe
She DESTROYED twilight! If I were Stephanie Meyer I would be disgusted that that personality-less, blank palette face got to play Bella
Talking about a poker face... She made twilight a challenge to watch. I can't even think that they still get her jobs in other movies...
[Newest]The emotionless wonder Kristen Stewart has but 1 facial expression which is 1 less than Keanu Reeves I know but how did she make it famous I really want to know I want to be an actor I can at least do happy and angry
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4Justin Bieber
I don't even need to give a reason!
Pfft just a loser that shouldn't even be singing on stage as well as acting on a movie!
This is exactly what the world needs to know that that the end is near. He can't sing or dance, he lip syncs, has annoying fans, and he thinks he's gangster. I could go on all day. This turd-nozzle should be #1!
[Newest]He is not talented at all
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5Robert Pattinson
Umm really? This guy is one of the douchiest actors out there. He is an incredibly boring actor who needs to seriously consider acting classes
He should have been on the top of this list
Twilight remember me?
Come on guys pattinson deserves more votes
In total agreement with this one! Personally, I believe he should have just remained as Cedric Diggory (what a shame he was killed... But he was far more attractive). I honestly can't stand the actor nor his character in Twilight. I won't even get started on that trash! I actually liked him when I first saw him in Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire but when he chose to act in Twilight... Worst mistake ever of his acting career. I swore, by the first line he spoke I fell asleep which is only a good ten or fifteen minutes into the entire movie and by the time I woke up the credits were rolling. True story. I mean, he's just bland, not even attractive and not to mention WAY TOO overrated for that small role he plays in Twilight. Sigh, without fan girls, where would these actors be?


[Newest]Waste of time and energy, need I say more?
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6Steven Seagal
Seagal is an actor? REALLY?!
Whatever. When I watch his movies it just doesn't seem like acting at all...
Always the same tough guy character...


Steven Seagal has done way too many movies. And their all the same. Steven Seagal is stuck in the early 90's late 80's.
I don't really think that an explanation is needed.
[Newest]A bully who beats up his wives
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7Keanu Reeves
Yes, Keanu Reeves. No diversity, same roles... Spewed out over and over. Plays a pretty good stoner/surfer though. But, when you put him in Dracula, with Gary Oldman, and he butchers an English accent that bad... No excuses. I mean, you can't say that he hasn't tried, but a piece of plywood could play Neo. Worst fims,
#1- whoever he was in Dracula #2- My Own Private Idaho*
Watch him butcher Shakespeare, messy Van Sant film. Decent, but mucked


Keanu Reeves should be #1! Brad Pitt, is actually pretty good. And lets not forget the genius that is Nicholas Cage in "Matchstick Men" Come on!
Brad Pitt is just as bad, same ole same ole in all their roles! Although there are plenty just like these two.
Keanu Reeves is terrible. Plain and simple. Robert Pattinson shouldn't be on the list (and this is coming from a guy) because his performance in The Rover was fantastic and he's obviously got acting chops, he was just in Twilight so he got a bad wrap. I don't quite understand why Brad Pitt is on the list. At all. Has anyone even seen 12 Monkeys, Inglorious Basterds or Snatch? Adam Sandler is a close second but he was good in more than one movie, Keanu Reeves wasn't, and he just had to say things in a mysterious voice and dodge CGI bullets. I guess he was good in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, but I'm not sure if he knew people were filming him.
[Newest]Should have retired after he peaked with "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure"
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8Adam Sandler
Happy Gilmore and the waterboy are classic comedies but his newer stuff sucks. Both grown ups, jack and Jill, that one were he's in love with Jennifer Aniston, don't remember it's name, it's just it's getting extremely repetitive and just terribly unfunny
I used to think he's funny but now... I don't know what the hell I saw on this guy back in my teenage years!

He is extremely juvenile which can be funny at times but that's what most of his movies consist of. Most of his humor relies on farting, pooping, and hitting on girls. There's no subtlety in his humor and he tries way too hard to be funny that it's just painful to watch. It just baffles my mind how he's been able to grab the attention of audiences for so damn long and even have his hand and footprints on the cement walk of the TLC Chinese Theater.

It just pays to be stupid I guess.
Where do I start with this assclown. I watched some of his old movies from the 90's, and to be honest most of them weren't that good at all. I never thought adam sandler was a good actor even from the beginning. His sense of humor always involves poop jokes, pee jokes, hitting on girls, acting like an idiot, And doing dumb voices. Those can be funny at times but that's what all of his comedies consist of. It gets really annoying, really fast. And he never tries anything new. He just uses the same formula over, And over, And over again! Adam sandler is ass, that's all I have to say, he's one of the worst of the worst, run away from his movies if you ever see them.
[Newest]The worst actor in the world
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9Zac Efron
He is so horrible he should be in the top 5. And what the hell is Johnny Depp doing on this list?!? He should be on the most genius actors ever list. This is screwed up.
All Zac can do is stand in front of a camera and look pretty. He has no talent and should be banned from acting!
I think people have misunderstood this list. It's not a list of "Actors You Hate" it's the "Worst Actors" Zac Efron sucks a lot more than Johnny Depp who isn't actually that bad. Furthermore, Lindsay Lohan would be completely awful if it weren't 4 her role in Mean Girls


[Newest]I hate.. This ANNOYING low life Actor. I mean he's definitely the worst. HOT? Haha I'm laughing just by that one word. He's anything but hot or good at acting. He's BAD too. I can't even watch his movies a second time...

10Angelina Jolie
I find her to be very annoying. If you watch her movies she's always playing roles that are tough or just likes to show off her toothpick figure and so on. I still can't believe she has won an oscar for her terrible performance in girl interrupted.
She is the worst crappiest, porn star quality actress... Most overrated... Hard to believe she is still allowed to make movies... The industry is losing its shirt on her too.
Same facial expression all the time. You got the money and contacts. Take acting lessons for crying out loud. I suppose anyone who's mom or dad are famous actors automatically are actors even if they do not have talent.
Acting school!
[Newest]Lips, boobs, brats and Brad... Her claim to fame. Watching her OR her significant other makes my skin crawl.

The Contenders

11Hayden Christensen
His facial expression is looking like he's frozen and trying to smile. Can't show emotion. It always looks like he's breaking down, when he tries to. In Star Wars when he looked angry it was like he's a little boy who didn't get his candy. He should work on it.
It's sad, because the Star Wars prequels, except for him, were pretty good. If only they had picked a better actor to play Anakin/Darth Vader. Typically, when you want to have a character who loses his wife and children and turns evil, you want a lot of emotion. Christensen doesn't exactly do that in any of his films.
One of the contributing factors to the star wars prequels being quite poor. Horrible scripts didn't do him any favours but he ruined people's impressions of Darth Vader.
[Newest]He ruined star wars

12Justin Timberlake
This is wrong. JT is awesome. I'm not a big fan of pop but there are still songs that I like by him. Every movie I've seen him in is so awesome. You guys don't know what you're talking about. Black snake moan, social network, two of my favorite movies. Alpha dog. He's awesome and you guys are just jealous. Burn.
He a good actor. I saw many movies with him and I think he portrayed his roles perfectly. It was just awkward seeing him in Friends with benefits because he seems so friendly and cheery.
Ruined every movie I've saw him in
[Newest]He is amazing, he is better than everyone else on this list!

13Pauly Shore
Pauly Shore is awful and is a terrible comedian. A friend of mine a comedian was doing comedy at a place with Pauly Shore. When both of them were waiting to go up, shore asked to leave the room. My friend got his notebook of jokes and was about to exit the room when shore told him to leave the notebook. Shore wanted to steal his jokes, that ahole.
Just watch Bio-dome. Tell me you aren't scarred.
Should be higher. Horrible, terrible, awful... What else is there to say?

14Megan Fox
Can she actually close her mouth?
Haters not always gonna hate, but when they do they will kill a fox, cut her pelt off and hang it by the wall of a wooden cabin.
I think Megan Fox would be better at closing her mouth compared towards her future arch-rival from the fictional (but can be real) Mario franchise named King Bowser who should kidnap Amy Rose causing Pac-Man to rescue her with Rush (from Mega Man) as his ally to save Amy Rose from King Bowser Koopa.

Amy Rose will be 5'10", Rush will be 6'8", King Bowser Koopa (her future teammate at The Amazing Race: Canada as Team "Canadian Red") whilst Pac-Man will be 6-2".
[Newest]I definitely hate her in Jennifer's Body. Jennifer Check is a sorry excuse for terror and the movie is pure garbage! I was half asleep through the whole thing. BORING AS HELL!

15Julia Roberts
Totally Over-Rated, she's Pretty Woman in all her roles.
The big joke is when they cast her as a beautiful woman. Not!
She doesn't deserve this, I smell hate-aid.

16Brad Pitt
BRAD PITT is TALENTED! Yes god has gifted him with attractive features but The Case of Benjamin Button was by far the best compelling films of all time it takes acting ability to pull that role off. Go Brad!
Someone please please please take Brad Pitt out of this list. He's a great actor.
What in the hell is brad pitt doing on this list anyway the person who made this list is high, brad pitt is the movie he makes the movie better so what the hell, fix this list and fix it now
Just because you are supposedly good looking does not make you a great actor
Just because someone is good looking you should not be prejudiced against him. Please leave your jealousy when commenting here. Brad is a good actor and is good looking too. Does this combo seem so impossible?
[Newest]Brad Pitt can't act his way out of a wet paper bag.

17Nicolas Cage
I've actually only seen him in the sorcerer's apprentice, but he made a moderately good film not worth watching. I, like, turned it off before twenty minutes because I just couldn't watch cage act like he's the greatest prodigy in the history of the world. And also,

What IS JOHNNY DEPP ON THIS LIST FOR?! All the people that say he is overrated in the comments obviously haven't seen him in absolutely anything. I mean, has anyone here even seen Pirates of the Caribbean? And if Johnny Depp is number 1 on greatest actors, then how can he be No.3 here? Everybody vote for anything below him so that he gets pushed down No.3!
I have nothing but pure contempt for this guy's acting. He is painful and frustrating to watch. I can't imagine being a director trying to get a decent performance out of this guy. Brutal. It's truly amazing and a damn shame, that this guy has made it as an actor.
I determine the effectiveness of an actor/actress by determining to what extent do they "trick" me into thinking that I am watching the character they are portraying, rather than an actor portraying a character. Mr. Cage never managed that. Not even close. Perhaps there are worse actors out there, but the fame and material compensation Mr. Cage has received for his "acting" is a stain on western civilization.
[Newest]Horrible actor. Could he even play dead?
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18Ben Affleck
This guy is living poof that you don't need talent to make it big. You just need the right people pushing your way for you. I tell you from the first time I saw this guy in Dazed and Confused and I don't mean the Led Zeppelin song. I knew he was going to someday make it really far in Horriblewood. He didn't even need fellow Bostonian Matt Damon helping him get over on everyone cause the executives in Horriblewood were primed waiting for someone like him without a shred of talent that they could mold into a block buster fool like this guy. Everything he does is suspect cause of his lack of talent it just goes to show that old saying is true," It's not who you know it's who you", well you can figure it out. If you actually think this guy can act then I know which one you have been doing also. Well anyway this guy sucks more than Sean Penn's brother did in all his scenes in Super Troopers.
In plenty of horrible movies. He still acts though. The people who signed him never saw Gigli.


He also pains me to watch. One word. Gigli.
[Newest]Can be good in some movies

19Beyonce Knowles
Her movies are awful and she is insanely stuck-up. She is an overrated singer and actress. If it weren't for her daddy she wouldn't be famous at all.
She's trash, No Talent and extremely overrated as an artist. Just watch her movies and you will see that
Worst actress of all time - she can't act at all.
Even Madonna or Paris Hilton are much better in acting
[Newest]Scumbag, can't act, lip sings, boy oh boy#

20Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner sucks. Plain and simple. How can anyone say he is a good actor? He has no expression, completely monotone. My dog can see that he sucks. Seriously, if you think Costner is a good actor you were either not paying attention, or you are a complete idiot. There is no in between. He should be number one on this really pathetic excuse of a list.
Merman *cough Merman! Costner has made some decent films, Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, noticing a pattern? Name one of his decent films that isn't about baseball. The Untouchables, Dances with Wolves... Regardless, he has made enough piss poor movies to warrant a spot on this list.
#1- Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves #2- Waterworld, Postman, take your pick


Emotionless most of the time. An truly wooden actor. Fortunately his career is basically over.
[Newest]Bland. Boring. Vanilla. Flat, monotone voice. Awful.

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