Top Ten Worst Actors

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Paris Hilton
WHAT THE HELL IS JOHNNY DEPP DOING ON THIS LIST!? Ah he's amazing. But yeah paris hilton sucks, she's so lucky she has a rich dad. ARG I'll never get over johnny depp being 3rd
She can't even act in her own sex tape.
Well Paris is dumber then a rock! She has no talent at all.. She just knows how top be in the news!
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2Miley Cyrus
Miley should be #1 on this list. She is terrible! Johnny Depp shouldn't be anywhere near this list. He is the my favorite actor. The man can play any role. He is amazing!
Johnny Depp? Are you crazy? Captain Jack Sparrow is one of the best I've ever seen... Whereas miley cyrus is a complete contrast of johnny depp!
Miley... Please, for your and the world's sake... STOP ACTING! And get a life! You have no talent and you're like 19 and your greatest fans are like 3 years. WHY IS JOHNNY DEPP IN THIS LIST? And Miley, get a face.
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3Kristen Stewart
Most overrated actress ever. She brags about never having any acting lessons. Guess what? It shows! She needs to get some but I doubt if they will ever help her horrible acting even!
She DESTROYED twilight! If I were Stephanie Meyer I would be disgusted that that personality-less, blank palette face got to play Bella
Talking about a poker face... She made twilight a challenge to watch. I can't even think that they still get her jobs in other movies...
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4Steven Seagal
Seagal is an actor? REALLY?!
Whatever. When I watch his movies it just doesn't seem like acting at all...
Always the same tough guy character...


Steven Seagal has done way too many movies. And their all the same. Steven Seagal is stuck in the early 90's late 80's.
I don't really think that an explanation is needed.
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5Justin Bieber
I don't even need to give a reason!
Pfft just a loser that shouldn't even be singing on stage as well as acting on a movie!
This is exactly what the world needs to know that that the end is near. He can't sing or dance, he lip syncs, has annoying fans, and he thinks he's gangster. I could go on all day. This turd-nozzle should be #1!
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6Robert Pattinson
Umm really? This guy is one of the douchiest actors out there. He is an incredibly boring actor who needs to seriously consider acting classes
He should have been on the top of this list
Twilight remember me?
Come on guys pattinson deserves more votes
In total agreement with this one! Personally, I believe he should have just remained as Cedric Diggory (what a shame he was killed... But he was far more attractive). I honestly can't stand the actor nor his character in Twilight. I won't even get started on that trash! I actually liked him when I first saw him in Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire but when he chose to act in Twilight... Worst mistake ever of his acting career. I swore, by the first line he spoke I fell asleep which is only a good ten or fifteen minutes into the entire movie and by the time I woke up the credits were rolling. True story. I mean, he's just bland, not even attractive and not to mention WAY TOO overrated for that small role he plays in Twilight. Sigh, without fan girls, where would these actors be?


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7Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves should be #1! Brad Pitt, is actually pretty good. And lets not forget the genius that is Nicholas Cage in "Matchstick Men" Come on!
Yes, Keanu Reeves. No diversity, same roles... Spewed out over and over. Plays a pretty good stoner/surfer though. But, when you put him in Dracula, with Gary Oldman, and he butchers an English accent that bad... No excuses. I mean, you can't say that he hasn't tried, but a piece of plywood could play Neo. Worst fims,
#1- whoever he was in Dracula #2- My Own Private Idaho*
Watch him butcher Shakespeare, messy Van Sant film. Decent, but mucked


If anyone has seen the movie Dracula with him in it you would change him to number one. He doesn't act, he just talks and does nothing with his face and in the movie Dracula his British accent is terrible! It sounds like an attempt from a third grader who's just guessing about accents.
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8Zac Efron
He is so horrible he should be in the top 5. And what the hell is Johnny Depp doing on this list?!? He should be on the most genius actors ever list. This is screwed up.
All Zac can do is stand in front of a camera and look pretty. He has no talent and should be banned from acting!
I think people have misunderstood this list. It's not a list of "Actors You Hate" it's the "Worst Actors" Zac Efron sucks a lot more than Johnny Depp who isn't actually that bad. Furthermore, Lindsay Lohan would be completely awful if it weren't 4 her role in Mean Girls


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9Nicolas Cage
I have nothing but pure contempt for this guy's acting. He is painful and frustrating to watch. I can't imagine being a director trying to get a decent performance out of this guy. Brutal. It's truly amazing and a damn shame, that this guy has made it as an actor.
I've actually only seen him in the sorcerer's apprentice, but he made a moderately good film not worth watching. I, like, turned it off before twenty minutes because I just couldn't watch cage act like he's the greatest prodigy in the history of the world. And also,

What IS JOHNNY DEPP ON THIS LIST FOR?! All the people that say he is overrated in the comments obviously haven't seen him in absolutely anything. I mean, has anyone here even seen Pirates of the Caribbean? And if Johnny Depp is number 1 on greatest actors, then how can he be No.3 here? Everybody vote for anything below him so that he gets pushed down No.3!
I determine the effectiveness of an actor/actress by determining to what extent do they "trick" me into thinking that I am watching the character they are portraying, rather than an actor portraying a character. Mr. Cage never managed that. Not even close. Perhaps there are worse actors out there, but the fame and material compensation Mr. Cage has received for his "acting" is a stain on western civilization.
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10Justin Timberlake
This is wrong. JT is awesome. I'm not a big fan of pop but there are still songs that I like by him. Every movie I've seen him in is so awesome. You guys don't know what you're talking about. Black snake moan, social network, two of my favorite movies. Alpha dog. He's awesome and you guys are just jealous. Burn.
Ruined every movie I've saw him in
He a good actor. I saw many movies with him and I think he portrayed his roles perfectly. It was just awkward seeing him in Friends with benefits because he seems so friendly and cheery.
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The Contenders

11Adam Sandler
Happy Gilmore and the waterboy are classic comedies but his newer stuff sucks. Both grown ups, jack and Jill, that one were he's in love with Jennifer Aniston, don't remember it's name, it's just it's getting extremely repetitive and just terribly unfunny
UGHH... I cannot stand this guy! I really don't know why people like him. He has got to be the most irritating, unimaginable, thoughtless, insensative, deplorable excuse for an actor I have ever seen. I'm really glad his career is going down hill he deserves it. Adam sandler is a toddler. Plain and simple. I know there are a lot of worse actors out there but he just leaves the worst taste in my mouth. I hope I never have to see him ever again.
How do people not see how bad this guy is? He should be number one. Usually directors will say cut when an actor is smirking because they screwed up their lines but they just keep rolling with this douche.
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12Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner sucks. Plain and simple. How can anyone say he is a good actor? He has no expression, completely monotone. My dog can see that he sucks. Seriously, if you think Costner is a good actor you were either not paying attention, or you are a complete idiot. There is no in between. He should be number one on this really pathetic excuse of a list.
Merman *cough Merman! Costner has made some decent films, Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, noticing a pattern? Name one of his decent films that isn't about baseball. The Untouchables, Dances with Wolves... Regardless, he has made enough piss poor movies to warrant a spot on this list.
#1- Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves #2- Waterworld, Postman, take your pick


Worst actor ever. Nasal retarded voice and not even good looking like Keanu.
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13Hayden Christensen
His facial expression is looking like he's frozen and trying to smile. Can't show emotion. It always looks like he's breaking down, when he tries to. In Star Wars when he looked angry it was like he's a little boy who didn't get his candy. He should work on it.
It's sad, because the Star Wars prequels, except for him, were pretty good. If only they had picked a better actor to play Anakin/Darth Vader. Typically, when you want to have a character who loses his wife and children and turns evil, you want a lot of emotion. Christensen doesn't exactly do that in any of his films.
WHY IS HE SO ANGRY/? He always looked like he just got his foot stomped on and he ate over 9,000 jalepenos (his face is really red when he's on screen). He has like no other emotion to show but GR and stuff.
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14Marion Davies
Extremely dull and monotonous acting. Marion is the worst thing that happened to Hollywood. Should have been number 1.

15Jean-Claude Van Damme
His movies are fun to watch, and so is his acting... Just not for the right reasons. Regardless he still delivers entertainment.
The best actor in the history of the martial arts movies
Honestly, he sucks. When I see him doing the twine in those crappy movies like only in that position could he train. So overrated.
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16Lindsay Lohan
Forget the drug problems look at the acting problems. Her co-stars always out act her badly and their usually not great actors that she works with. Mean Girls was okay but her acting in that was bellow average and it really takes away from the movie any young actress could have easily been in that movie and delivered a equal or better performance. Shes not 1/4 the actress she thinks she is and shes overrated. Almost all her movies are garbage but the idiotic image obsessed media acts like shes this amazing actress witch really bugs me. Their are actresses out there still trying to make it who might never because there not as attractive (like Lindsey is shes not half as hot as she thinks) but have more talent in there pinkey than this poser has in here entire druged out body. Lindsey should be the international symbol for mediocrity shes that bad. What makes me even angrier is that she falls into the whole "talented but troubled" category that every no talent loser in Hollywood is branded with. She isn't talented but troubled shes untalented and troubled. She should never get another role in a film ever again.


Wow! Her trying Elizabeth Taylor's accent is terrible. She is not an actress just a tabloid queen.
Her co-star almost always saves her and makes her look a lot better than she (thinks) she is.


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17Arnold Schwarzenegger
He's best role was when he played the robot, he didn't even have to act.
I'll be lack. Sure, lack of talent, lack of personality, lack of style, lack of intelligence. I'm an American who can speak fluent German with a perfect accent, so why can't this lump speak English with a perfect American accent? I guess it comes back to "I'll be lack". Sure enough, he was a has been even before "Hercules in NY". What a rumble if he took on Batman in old Gothem City and changed costumes. I'd be rolling around on the floor laughing my head off. He's only claim to fame is he once looked like a condom filled with walnuts. Perhaps he can leap out of the dark in a rubber suit as Walnut Man. The criminals would laugh themselves into hysterical mirth.
No Arnie never could act but if you really want to see how bad it was check out "Hercules in NY", his first flick. How he got work after that one is beyond me.
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18Gillian Anderson
All I can say is that she has to work really hard just to be mediocre...

Shame on you Gillian Anderson fans
She is not funny and hihgly melodramatic. She is this weakest link in Hannibal.
I heard she is not a good friend at backstage. Be careful wihe her co-stars. People who worked with her told me terrible things about her abusive behaviour
She thinks she is too good for Hollywood.

Gilliam Scully Anderson your name is arrogance. Stay in London SOB and never come back.

The American producers hate you and you know why.

19Megan Fox
Can she actually close her mouth?
Haters not always gonna hate, but when they do they will kill a fox, cut her pelt off and hang it by the wall of a wooden cabin.
I was going to vote for shaq he's terrible at acting, rapping, and took part in one of the worst games of all time (Shaq-fu), plus he is an overrated basketball player.
Anyway, back to what I was going to say.
Megan fox may be drop dead sexy, bet shes not a good actor.
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20Pauly Shore
Pauly Shore is awful and is a terrible comedian. A friend of mine a comedian was doing comedy at a place with Pauly Shore. When both of them were waiting to go up, shore asked to leave the room. My friend got his notebook of jokes and was about to exit the room when shore told him to leave the notebook. Shore wanted to steal his jokes, that ahole.
Just watch Bio-dome. Tell me you aren't scarred.
By far the worst of the worst, below zero!
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21Beyonce Knowles
Her movies are awful and she is insanely stuck-up. She is an overrated singer and actress. If it weren't for her daddy she wouldn't be famous at all.
She's trash, No Talent and extremely overrated as an artist. Just watch her movies and you will see that
Worst actress of all time - she can't act at all.
Even Madonna or Paris Hilton are much better in acting
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Ick... so awful. If anyone knows the Nostalgia Critic (Doug Walker), an online movie reviewer, he has so many movies with Shaq it's not funny. For proof, go to


Yeah... Also, Nostalgia critic has only done 2 movies with Shaq, so... I don't see how that's an astonishing amount. But, yeah, Shaq used to act. Never again...
Phenominal athlete but his acting is bad....just watch scary movie 4 or shazamm
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23David Hasselhoff
WHY IS HE NOT NUMER 1?! HE IS SO BAD! You should see him in 50 Ways to Say Goodbye by Train! Awkward...
But... He was good in SpongeBob SquarePants!
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24Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner is truly the worst actor of all time. People only care about his looks and not his acting talents. Abudiction was the worst movie and so was twilight. You could tell he was acting. It was so fake.
Even his co-stars have admitted he was the weakest link in the Twilight films when it came to acting - which he still isn't unless you're in denial. The last Twilight movie has a scene in which Pattinson laughs behind Taylor's back at his horrid line delivery - and the director didn't even cut it from the film.
How Taylor Lautner is not the run away leader on this list is truly shocking! His acting was so bad in the Twilight movies I could see it in the trailers for the movies without even having to watch them. I watched twenty minutes of one of the movies just to laugh at how bad his acting is. It worked for about ten minutes, but my laughter quickly turned to anger an turned it off after twenty minutes! I could take no more.
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25Angelina Jolie
I find her to be very annoying. If you watch her movies she's always playing roles that are tough or just likes to show off her toothpick figure and so on. I still can't believe she has won an oscar for her terrible performance in girl interrupted.
Same facial expression all the time. You got the money and contacts. Take acting lessons for crying out loud. I suppose anyone who's mom or dad are famous actors automatically are actors even if they do not have talent.
Acting school!
She is the worst crappiest, porn star quality actress... Most overrated... Hard to believe she is still allowed to make movies... The industry is losing its shirt on her too.
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26Ben Affleck
In plenty of horrible movies. He still acts though. The people who signed him never saw Gigli.


He also pains me to watch. One word. Gigli.
Totally inaccurate, if you watch Pearl Harbour you would realise this rating is ridiculous, totally stupid! His acting and directing is top notch! He's gorgeous too!
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27David Caruso
Sunglasses on, sunglasses off, sunglasses on, sunglasses off, vomit on my shirt.


He's a total disaster. I hate CSI and it's mostly cause of him. How can they cast the guy?!
Someone on SFGate brilliantly commented that his is a variation on the William Shatner method of acting.
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28Julia Roberts
Totally Over-Rated, she's Pretty Woman in all her roles.
The big joke is when they cast her as a beautiful woman. Not!
The only words I would use to describe Julia's action it would be flawless
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29Ashton Kutcher
When he played Kelso on That 70's show I thought he was funny, and maybe even a good actor playing an incredibly stupid character. But after you see him on a talk show you realize that Kelso may actually be smarter than this talking monkey and wife who could be his mom.
Need I say More! It seems like everyone has said almost everything that is wrong with this useless excuse for an actor! Oh why am I kidding my self that isn't even the half of it! The guy is just a crappy actor to start with and it feels like every time I See him on T.V. Trying to act serious I just can't take him serious. This guy will always be known as that retarded kid from that 70's show. I honestly don't understand why he is so famous! The guy has not done any thing remotely watchable since that 70's show! It just blows My Mind! Bottom Line A Huge Stinker Douche Bag!
If it wasn't 6ft2 or w/e tall height he is, no1 would ever notice this loser. When I look at him, all I see is his height and retarded face expressions he makes. When I look at i.e. Liam Neeson or Kevin Kline, I don't see their height at all cause they have so many other qualities at their side. There's so many guys like that Kutcher dude, they're just not 6ft2... He should be number 2 on this list if you ask me. Christopher Lambert should be number 1.
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30Vin Diesel
The most antipathetic T.V. personality.
Even my dog can act better then he
But mut my dog didn't workout
This list is crap
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31Tommy Wiseau
Oh Hai top tens. It's good, ha.

Seriously, this guy makes those people from twilight look like Humphrey Bogart. Granted he's only done 1 movie, and it was a self funded project, but come on, surely he must have thought to have taken acting lessons first?

But, as the "great" man would say, Don't worry about it.
Depps 3rd and Wiseau's only down at 59?! This is sick and wrong. Search youtube for The Room clips and judge again.
His acting was so bad in "The Room" that it actually made it a movie kind of worth watching just because of how hilariously bad it is. He claims that he purposely made the movie like that, but I think that's BS, it was just bad acting.


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32Jennifer Lopez
I do not know why she continues to get work, she does the same character in all of them, and how she got a job to critique wanna be singers when she herself is a studio singer, plus now she seems to just be forcing her (unattractive) children on the public... Worst actress she is her number should be higher...
All her movies are the same! She's not versatile and her voice seems to have little emotion.
She looks, talks and acts the same in all her movies. I don't know if I'm watching Selena or Gigli when I'm switching channels.
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3350 Cent
Get a new nick name, call your self 1 dollar, that's all you deserve to get for your acting skills
God he's music suck but his acting will make you want to commit suicide
I'll give him 49 cents change.
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34Brad Pitt
BRAD PITT is TALENTED! Yes god has gifted him with attractive features but The Case of Benjamin Button was by far the best compelling films of all time it takes acting ability to pull that role off. Go Brad!
What in the hell is brad pitt doing on this list anyway the person who made this list is high, brad pitt is the movie he makes the movie better so what the hell, fix this list and fix it now
Just because you are supposedly good looking does not make you a great actor
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35Michael Cera

36Tea Leoni
Just watch Deep Impact... Talk about painful.
She should be at the first on this list.
They like her mainly e cause of her looks
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37Rose McGowan
Breathy! So breathy! If it weren't for sighing and rolling eyes, what else would she have left to act with?!?!

38Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba is only cast to show herself half naked. She is just as bad as Tara Reid, but has a better body so people put up with her. It's shameful because women make of less than a third of speaking roles in Hollywood, and her horrible acting is taking up too much of that low percentage so that people can oogle her breasts. Did people forget that we have models to oggle at, and they don't have to open their mouths?
Should be #1 on the list. Watching her is like watching an acting student trying too hard. She thinks she's all that and has an ugly personality!
She could be on the 1 because she cannot act. She cannot became a good actor. She is little bit ugly oh sorry very ugly or not. I want her on 1
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39Matthew McConaughey
Brings every movie he is in to a complete standstill with his hollow, grandstanding, all bark and no bite characterizations that are all one and the same. He is intolerable!
Agree completely. Here is a star that simply cannot act, despite all of the opportunities that he is given.. I couldn't believe the moron who cast him as Benjamin Franklin in Amistad (1997)... it made the movey convert to a Disney production. He should take the money and run!
I Don't know why, I just REALLY hate this guy. Have you seen CONTACT & GHOSTS OF GIRLFRIENDS PAST, I nearly cried he was that bad.


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40Rob Schneider
"You can't do it. "

41Tom Cruise
This guy is a psychopath. he started to freak out on Oprah while expressing his crazy love for Katie Holmes. jumping on oprah's couch like a money, grabbing oprah's hands, and then shaking her three Times. this incident was later called "jumping the couch".
He is just a poster boy
Only movie he was good in was Interview With The Vampire.
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42Tara Reid
Can't understand why she gets any work at all.
Tara Reid sucks as an actress.

43Mariah Carey
amazing singer, not so much with the acting though


She Can Sing But Needs More Practice On Acting
Glitter -_-
I can tell from the others mentioned above in their comments there are a lot of subjectivity in these comments, I try to get past that because there are some actors/actresses that I don't like but it doesn't mean they are the worst actors... I used to like Mariah Carey as a singer but when she tried acting it was a complete disaster, even in minor roles her delivery is so awful because she alwasy manage to ruin the smallest of lines...

44John Travolta
Every actor has a few bad movies. He was great in Pulp Fiction and many others. He is a working actor who actually works a lot. Studios do not hire actors who do not make money.
If you don't agree go watch the movie Battlefield Earth it is the worst movie of all time for many reasons but the main is reason is John Travolta.
No matter what he's playing he looks like someone who thinks he's too cool for the rest of us mere mortals. Which makes me think he's simply playing himself.
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45Scarlett Johansson
She wants to be known for her acting, not her looks. But then, she turns around and just typecasts herself by only accepting roles that glamourize her, play up her looks, make her appear sexy and seductive
Pretty but a bland actress
She's overrated and I wish she change expand her range
Did Hollywood go out for lunch thirty years ago and never come back leaving all these pathetic no talents in charge? Thank god for DVDs of the classics. Pretty but a bland actress? Actress, no. Pretty, debatable. She's not even good enough to be bland.
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46Sarah Michelle Gellar
Just can't act, living proof that cute don't age well.
I try retracting my vomit in every movie she plays in. The only thing keeping my vomit down is her good looks. Even her acting can destroy a legendary movie like 'Gladiator'.
Pretty with one true face. Needs better roles. Loved her in Cruel Intentions, Scooby Doo 1-2 and I Know What You Did Last Summer. Hated everything else. Go SMG!

47Larry the Cable Guy
He looks like a talking elephant.
Fat, untalented, Red neck. A tea party hero. Need I say more.
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48Brendan Fraser
Journey to the center of the earth, furry vengeance? Are you kidding me, the only funny movies this guy has been is that one with sean astin where he has no lines and is dressed up as a caveman, and the youtube video of his retard clap at the oscars!
Branden Fraser caters to those fewer and far between adults who still consider adventure movies without nudity, sex and foul language a virtue. believe it or not we are still out there.
Had a great role in The Quiet American next to Michael Caine
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49Emma Greenwell

50Selena Gomez
She sucks in everything she's been in and spring breakers is going to be terrible she can't act
Shes amazing in wizards of waverly place
I'm kidding I love her shes amazing
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51Vanessa Hudgens
Let's just say, she could only play Gabriella Montez from High School Musical, because she IS Gabriella Montez.


She has no talent! I can't understand how she became an actress! She can't dance, she can't sing, she can't act... She's just very very annoying!
Well she is not the best actress ever but its just the roles she plays like she always is lost and needs some one to love her
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52Cameron Diaz
She has a big smile but that's about it. Get's way too much credit and way too much money for being the same person in every film. And how does an actor get paid 25 million for doing a voice for an animated film? Hell those occupy douchebags should be burning down Hollywood and screaming that the nepotism, cronyism should end and that Hollywood should be required to hire some poor actors/waiters once in awhile.

Oh, and she is the ugliest leading lady in Hollywood. Have you seen her sans makeup? Ack!
She isn't genuine at all
Now that this psychotic shrew's looking prematurely years older and haglike, those identical type-cast roles won't work anymore. Time to get into politics?
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53Jaden Smith
He's only famous because he's the son of Will smith...
I know everyone hates him I'm only not sure why. just because he's will smiths son that doesn't mean this kid have no talents. I've yet to see after earth but from what I have seen is really good and excellent acting from both jaden and will smith. but I did saw the karate kid and I was blown away of how good this little kid played in it. he really showed the depression this character was going throw. so I really liked the movie because of his acting and jackie chan's move's. but after all it's my opinion and I'm sure many people will think the same and many people that don't. but stop hating on a great actor because he's the son of another great actor. you can agree or disagree.
Jaden is not an actor! He is just the son of one...
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54Robert De Niro
Whoever said Robert De Niro is a bad actor needs to drop dead! He is one of the greatest actors in the history of film making. This list is complete garbage and whoever added De Niro to the list is just seeking for attention! Get a life!
Robert de niro is a awesome talented and one of the greatest actors who ever made this list is a freak
He has made a few stinkers but all successful working actors do. Its part of the game.
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Just Retire already the 90's have been over 12years and cut that ridiculous hair style and finally come to terms that you are bald!
Coolie is a "fooleo". He needs to goeo.

56George Clooney
Got all uppity with a French journalist who dared to say to his face that he didn't like one of his crappy films. The problem with these overpaid, overindulged celebrities is that they can't take the slightest bit of criticism without throwing a prima donna tantrum.


Worst actor ever.. Always looks same on movies or in real life... Pretentious person
If you want your film to tank, just cast Clooney in a leading role.
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57Charlie Sheen
He can only play one character, is a complete ass and is so stupid all his character are called charle as not to confuse him.
This whacko is a real desperate case.
Chuch Sheen has some acting ability and can do well in certain movies. Like most actors he sometimes acts beyond his limits. Another one who laughts all the way to the bank.
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58Renee Zellweger
Um... Do her eyes ever appear open? Does she ever talk without that squeaky voice? When she gets "fat" (in Hollywood Terms- rolls eyes) does just just her head get round? She was not the best roll for Chicago-the 1920's look was not right for her. She always seemed disheveled in that.
Thank squint piggy eye look annoys me.
Renee is a very talented and gifted actress. I have never seen her do a bad performance and I have been watching movies for 60 years.

59Tom Green
I do not recall Tom ever stating that he was a great actor. He is what he is and has never tried to be a anything else. You either love him or hate him. I don't think he cares either way.
Why outlaw capital punishment?
Can't stand the guy
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60Khloe Kardashian
She is the most boring, stupid, person in television history
If you don't know them like that I suggest you keep your mouth shut cause unless you've seen it with your own eyes then you could talk bad but until then if you don't have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney are all very good people cause most of the things you see on magazines or the knews is not true they're just 60 percent of the time lies
PLEASE erase this woman and her entire family from the history of Humanity. Never utter their name again!
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61Drew Barrymore
Her mannerisms are always the same in every movie and she has no real depth of character
I only liked her in " Donnie Darko " and she didn't even have the big role there, just about 20 minutes. She really can't act.
Pretty bad actress... And oh lordy, the girl can not fake a accent to save her life
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62Barbra Streisand
Shocking actor! Was it post war sympathy? I teach and use her movies for punishment for high school kids! The kids always behave afterwards... What was Hollywood thinking?
Is this shrieking witch really crosseyed or is it my imagination playing tricks?
I sometimes think some of these commentors need serious counseling. Barbra is an excellent actress and fantastic singer. You wish you have her voice. The only think I have against her is that she is a total liberal but hey, no one is perfect.

63Steve Martin
He is a really good actor and very funny!
Steve Martin shouldn't be on this list. I clicked to vote for him as a supporter. Many comedians stumble when they hit the big screen. Martin's "L.A. Stories" is complex and beautiful. I guess three of his supporters are unable to figure out the list, and I am one of them. Nevermind.
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I saw him in belly and he is so bad he got outacted by dmx.

65Jared Leto
His performance in that garbage movie dallas buyers club was one of the worst drag acts I ever saw. leave it to the stupid academt members to give him an undeserved oscar like they have done so many times before. By the way he also sucks as a musician.
He was the ugliest tranny I have ever seen in that boring movie for which he won an undeserved oscar.
More comments about Jared Leto

66Milla Jovovich
Milla Jovovich is brilliant she most certainly shouldn't even be on this list
I Only Liked Her in Dazed and Confused.


Milla Jovovich is an amazing actress she beautiful and talented shoulnt b on d list💛

67Amanda Bynes
Actually, I heard that she went into rehab on December 2013, and she's doing just about fine now. But I don't she's going to be acting for a while, unless she mentioned that's she's really quitting acting.
She used to be sweet and a great actress. Now she vecame lindsay, calling everyone ugly (Miley and Rihanna and Joan Rivers deserves worse titles). Give her the same thing Britney used to shave her heD (i forgot what uts called) and she's the next Britney Spears
She was cute, now she's like Lindsay
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68Elizabeth Berkley
Tries way too hard, overacts. Not good at all. She ruined herself in showgirls. The pole scene was actually comical!

69Amitabh Bachchan
The biggest overrated actor. We should beat those people who call him legend.
He is the worst actor


70Dane Cook
If bad comedians were diseases and Jay Leno were the flu and Adam Sandler were Diabetes then Dane Cook would be AIDS.
He blows big elephant dicks!
The idiot sucks sucks suuucks!

71William Shatner
Only love for the shats.
If you think he's a great actor you are half dead
He's a little corney but he has found a way to play off of it. His commercials are great also.
More comments about William Shatner

72Paul Rudd
I completely disagree. I love Paul Rudd. He will always be Mike for FRIENDS <3 he shouldn't be on this list.
This man is very funny and a good actor
One boring guy. His nickname is Mr. Boring Has no acting style. The only good film he was in was Anchorman because it was funny right from the start.
More comments about Paul Rudd

73Ryan Gosling
There's no reason for him to be on here Ryan gosling is awesome and I'm a huge fan. ( plus I'm a straight guy)
At my age I am missing some of the greats from the 50's and 60's but I see a real future and career with this young man. He was great in Fracture, which I have seen about 15 times. He will be a constant in films for years to come.
WHAT THE HELL? RYAN GOSLING can act, he is a great actor and nobody can say different
More comments about Ryan Gosling

74Amir Khan
His acting is not so great. At first he managed himself in lover boy roles as his face suited for that. When he took serious roles which require some good action there his worst action revealed. Consider this, there is a scene in Ghajini where he cries after villain hits heroine with a rod and she dies in friend of him. This stupid fellow covers his face in his palm just to show audience he is not capable of showing emotions which are most important for that scene. Doubt that watch the original version of the movie with Surya I leading role and especially watch that scene. He is no way comparable to Surya in acting despite his 20+ experience in film industry. I almost forgot, is he a hero? He is too short for it. Quit acting despite doing student roles while having the age of a student's father.
Worst actor... He should be on top of that list

75Will Smith
Worst Actor I've ever seen! He can take a movie with an excellent plot and make it into the stupidest odd and disappointing thing I've ever seen! If you call that acting, then I have some property in the middle of the Atlantic ocean I'd like to sell you!
He always plays the hero, the good guy. Id love to see him play a killer.
Will Smith is another constant actor that will be around for many years. He has a certain image he maintains in which he will not do sex or nude scenes and limits the violence in movies. I like an actor who has the courage of their convictions and will stand by them.
More comments about Will Smith

If dogs talked they would sound like dmx. He over acts everything and the only actors I have found that are worse than him are
Actors worse than dmx
Nas-I don't know why he was in a movie? He is a one album wonder as a rapper to begin with and he has no personality or charism.
Miley Cirus-I think she is the worst actress of all time
David Caruso
Paris Hilton
Lindsey Lohan-She is definitely the most overrated actress I've ever experianced. She has one good movie but she still keeps getting roles.
The definition of a one film wonder
Actors that's it.
Hate this idiot, he sucks.

What are some of the REALLY GOOD Actors doing on here?


77Shahrukh Khan
Srk world number 1 super star
He's a real over actor.. Always tries to over-emote a scene.. Doesn't at all have an actor's physique... Don't understand why some people regard him the god of acting.. That's simply outrageous!
I love shahrukh khan. He is man,


More comments about Shahrukh Khan

78James Franco
Come on who voted for Franco
He sucks and like travolta cruise foxx depp brand and a few others he should come out of the closet.

79Shannon Elizabeth
She is just painful to watch. It just goes to show that all it takes to become "famous" is show your boobies in a movie.
She's ugly! I don't see anything special in her besides a bad acting! No talent!

She showed her breasts too much also... She should be a porn star!


Terrible no other word for it

80Patrick Dempsey

81Jim Carrey
He is the funniest actor ever he should not even be on this list
Jim carrey's funny, but his acting can get irritating at times. His role in the grinch was just painful to watch. Jim states that he doesn't want to be that kind of actor who's always goofy and energetic. He wants to move on to more serious roles so I guess that's another reason he choose to play in the number 23.
Jim Carrey is funny, but freaky. If you've noticed in every single movie he's on, he goes a little, CRAZY? I understand that's what's funny, but that's not in the script. He's just naturally... Weird
More comments about Jim Carrey

82T. Rajendaran

83David Arquette
Terrible actor who only made it becausr his grandfather was charley weaver. nepotism strikes again.

84Joseph Vijay
He can dance but he don't know the abcd of acting he is a stupid actor.
And what the hell is johnny depp doing in there get him out of there
Its just funny to see johnny depp in rank 1 in the list of greatest actors
(which I agree) and 3 in this list.
And what is vijay doing at rank 2 in the greatest actors list.
Only one stupid actor in tamil cenima that's vijay... He have too much of haters then fans... Waste fellow he only know dance that also copy of ragava lawarance...
He is not joseph vijay he is joker vijay
Waste ugly stupid mental nonsense country broot, funny joker
Over seen actor
The most wonderful worst actor
More comments about Joseph Vijay

85Owen Wilson
He's extremely annoying, the only good role he had was the cowboy in the night at the museum films. Other than that he is annoying and not funny at all, and seems kinda like a playboy in a lot of films. He just really irks me


I can't even stand hearing him in any movie. He's got the most God awful facial expressions. This guy should be at least in the top 5 or at least exchange him in Marlon Brando's spot, who does not even need to be here at all. He probably attempted suicide a couple of years ago because somebody told him the truth. You can't act!
His voice makes my ears shrivel up and die
More comments about Owen Wilson

86Richard Gere
A has-been, even when he was fashionable. Bland and certainly lacking even the remotest spark of charisma.
Sometimes I think Richard just acts for the money. But for a few excetions like "Red Corner" he has really lowered himself in his movie pics. Maybe he is just tired of acting and is just going through the motions.

87Kim Kardashian
I wish I had Kim Kardashian's talent of not having any talent and making money out of it.. "
Why isn't she first on the list? Terrible actress. Only reason shes famous is from a sex tape and she has a large chest and behind. If she wasnt good looking, her name wouldn't even be known. Very annoying


Kim is Just a famous who and has no talent and will never have any talent besides opening her legs to wealthy men and sucking dick.
More comments about Kim Kardashian

88Kate Hudson
This broad is dumb as a rock. Always smiling while delivering a cheesy dialogue in many a craptastic movies.
Nothing wrong with her, she is milking it for all it worth. You go lady!
They all stink the best of all time gregory peck william holden
Charles bronson
More comments about Kate Hudson

89Courtney Cox
No courtney cox is better then jennifer!

90January Jones
I loved her as emma

91Tom Welling
He made a damn good Clark


93Andy Samberg
He is perfect but he was in that's my boy so that became crap

94Jennifer Aniston
She is not a good actress. In each and every role, she is the same. I can't remember the last time she did something different. She is always Rachel!
The worst! No #1 over paid T.V. actress of all time
She should change her name to Same-ifer Same-iston because she plays the same character in every movie. She makes no effort to attempt challenging roles. Overall, she's very average and getting older.
More comments about Jennifer Aniston

95Bella Thorne
Although, yes she is only a Disney actress, so many of you don't think she counts or is a real actress. I am sad to say, yes she is. She shouldn't even be famous, she should be at home wishing she was an actress but aware she cannot because she SUCKS at acting

96Freddie Prinze Jr.
may be he can do lots of things but acting isn't one of them he's cute and good looking but he's a terrible actor if i even can call him an actor at all .
He is incredibly wooden and always has this 'rabbit caught in headlights' look on his face?! He is cute but how he got a role in 24, which always had some incredible acting in it, ill never know.
He's only in movies because of his name.

97Chris Klein
I'm convinced that he is a robot. He's not real.
Performance in all of his films are so bad.

98Chris O'Donnell
Batman and Robin 'enough said

99Gwyneth Paltrow
A professional drip. Can't act and doesn't give a damn.
Shes only in movies because her mother is an actress and her father was a producer. I'm so sick of all this nepotism in show bussiness.
I'm only 11 so its spelled wrong
More comments about Gwyneth Paltrow

Vijay's acting is the worst I have ever seen. Worst of the worst is his so called "comedy". Sucks to the core.
Worst in his acting and he was acting nly on remaked cinemas that's why we hate him
Ilaya thalapadhi very seen actor in tamilnadu
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