Brad Pitt


Forget his looks, he brings no depth to any character he plays. He fortunately gets offered good films but runs along the well written story lines like a desperate child searching for his identity. He so badly wants to be good but I feel no empathy in his films... There is nothing behind the eyes. Who forgets it's Brad Pitt during the film.. No one. There is no hate here, just a sadness that better actors rarely get the chance to play a juicy role because of the box office Brad

Brad Pitt effectively slaughters every single film with his perpetual "What the Heck am I doing here"-expression. His acting skills are close to that of a wooden plank, and not even better than.

Brad Pitt should be the #1 worst male actor. His acting is unbelievable except for his crazy roles. So, this makes him a one-dimensional actor. I was shocked when he was nominated for an Oscar in 2012. However, as of late, the academy has terrible taste anyways.

I just watched a Friends episode with Brad Pitt and I almost cry every time I see that episode, because his acting is so poor. What's the matter with his eyes?

Brad Pitt can't act his way out of a paperbag. As a matter of fact, he'd probably get lost on his way to the top.

Hey brad pitt! You can't act at all, just sell your pretty face. The worst of all, I won't watch his movies even it's free...

When is the media going to catch up with public opinion?
Pitt did maybe 1 or 2 good characters.. the rest, boring and one note (when not just plain confusing)

A wooden plank he is. Exactly. He has got just two extreme poles: cry / smile and everything in between is a wooden plank.

Terrible actor, sounds like he's reading the contents off a cereal box when he delivers his lines!

Don't get him. Not as a good looking as they gush and can't act his way out of a paper bag. Just another very lucky pup.

He is so wooden, especially in the film Troy. Physically he looked the part from working out in gym. Shame his acting skills didn't match

Not an ounce of talent - pretty face, dime a dozen. #1 worst. Can't believe he gets paid. Do people really pay to see him?

Dude, he's only famouse for being hot. And the thing is that no one thinks he's hot anymore. Since he has a beard and side burns that stick out like pieces of grass

GAH, hate brad pitt. Bt whats Johnny Dep doing on here? Over rated yeah, but a brilliant actor - magicbiscuittree

Most overrated man on the planet. He's not even attractive. - beatlesforever6

Worst b'because many call him the best, those 'many' belong to the category who don't understand acting skills much... But come on why johnny depp?! - underhill

Hey pretty boy Brad, it takes a lot more to acting than being a pretty boy jerk.

He is one of the the best actors on the whole planet. Whoever thinks different! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!

He is basically the same in all his movies. Same character, different genre.

I don't know what your thinking but he definitely is not the worst actor.

He's horrible overrated actor who is totally obsessed of himself!

Few of his movies are stupid but when you look at the big scenario he is a talented actor.

Just watched Troy...Brad is oh so bad..

Ever since he married stick lady his acting has gone downhill, he's not believable

I am sorry but his acting ability is very limited, when he tries he overacts...