Worst Cartoon Network Shows Ever


July 31, 2015 - Cartoon Network had alot of shows of the year. Some good and some that make you wanna get dirty and getting hurt! These are the Worst of the Worst! The most awful! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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The Annoying Orange
The show doesn't follow the online series as well. I mean, how are you supposed to stretch a series with 3-6 minute shorts to full episodes. Well you don't.
Instead of Orange as the main character, Orange and HIS FRIENDS are completely with him in every episode. That is one of the major flaws. Because now Orange doesn't has any freedom for his own conflict. Second, thanks to the biggest flaw, the plots are uncreative. In the web series, Orange was mainly in the kitchen and then in some different places to spice things up. But in the T.V. series, he is pretty much NEVER in the kitchen, which means the producers could get generic things as conflict. I mean, a Star Trek parody, and pirates in a supermarket. Come on! And lastly, the humor sucks. What I mean here is that it isn't the witty[ish] puns and awesome deaths. Instead, bad puns and unrelated jokes, like as if they thought, "We can't show an apple being sliced in half since it has a face! It will scare kids! ". Well in a nutshell, The Annoying Orange flops due to the fact it is loosely based on the web series. Just stick with the shorts.
I never seen the feature lengthed show, but I am familar with the early webshows. I was there back in the day when Annoying Orange was just getting its fame. Then it fell on its face after a year of running. First of all it really doesn't need a T.V. show. Its lame enough as it is. Second its the same thing over and over ago. A new food in the kitchen gets pissed off and dies. Woop-de-doo. I think that it needs clever ideas in order to make this show good, but really it can't function. Another show with this problem is the classic cartoon Powerpuff Girls, however they made the reoccurring plot work. There would be a villain, the girls would save the day and there is a happy ending. Each villain was different besides an annoying jerk and the girls weren't relying on old jokes. Annoying Orange is so old.
I never saw this show but I want to say some things that make sense unlike the show

. I've saw the computer series (sorry for bad spelling) and once I saw when an orange got cut in half and what ever, my heart was bleeding and I stared at the computer and I thought I was going to faint
. My "used to be" friend thought I liked it, also she liked it, but I confessed that I hated it
. Its as bad as MAD if you ask me
. One time when I was channel surfing I saw it with "Grey Eyes" themed background (its a movie my friend heard about) and since there's a lot of blood in it (Grey Eyes not the show) I thought he was going to be killed finally!
. One more thing I would rather go on the haunted mansion (with my dad and eyes closed) then see that show

[Newest]If I Were In That Show I'd Slice Annoying Orange Into Pieces Until He's Dead And NOT Even His Stupid Little Fruit Friends Could Save Him.
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2Uncle Grandpa
It's basically this show about a retarded (I kid you not, it's pretty damn obvious) old man who is somehow magically everyone in the world's Uncle AND Grandpa. I'd get a restraining order if I knew that guy. It's one of those shows that makes fun of farts, fat people, teenagers, acne, etc. The stupid things. In what I saw, they make a fat teenager with a face of the loveliest acne (source of the above) freak out over Uncle Grandpa falling through the ceiling and smashing is computer. Then UG says he will build him a super computer, and the kid begins to sweat and they visibly make his nipples sweat through his shirt. It's just gross.

Honestly, I can't find one good thing about this show. The animation if horrible, Uncle Grandpa is completely and utterly one of the worst characters I've ever seen. It's another creepy show like The Misadventures of Flapjack and the Problem Solverz. Disturbing. There wasn't anything Flapjack level disturbing in what I've seen of Uncle Grandpa, but I imagine there will be in the future.

I enjoy a little bit of immature humor myself, but this is not the right way to do it. "Oh, look, he can fly with his farts! That's so funny! " Said no one. I can't imagine anyone liking this. I can only hope that it gets cancled after one season. But it always seems like the horrible shows keep going and the rare good ones end.
I turned on my T.V. after waking up and making my breakfast. I was going to just watch the news or something however, the T.V. was on the station Cartoon Network. I decided to watch the show just since it was new. Not even 1 minute into their first episode I wanted to smash my turn off my cable and unplug the T.V. so I wouldn't have to witness this stupidity. As the show went on, it got worse and worse as if the writers wanted to lower your IQ about 30 points. The reason so many kids are becoming so illiterate now a days is because of shows like this. They also lack the moral teachings some other shows have even if it is deeply embedded into them. I feel this show should get pulled asap. Almost out of every show here I think this is almost one of the worst. I believe its so low rated due to the fact its brand new.
This show seems just by the commercials to be the worst show in the history of the channel. The character looks like a poorly drawn creep and the concept of the show is just revolting and retarded. I can't believe that is what appeals to children now a days. I'd never let my children view that in my home. I wouldn't be able to take it without vomiting.
[Newest]This show is weird.
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3The Problem Solverz
Ha Ha Ha, very funny, NOT! That was the most terrible show in cartoon history! 'I destroy this factory' 'Now that's problem! ' Well duh! How stupid can they get these days?
I watched two episodes. I gave it a chance. I laughed zero times and was quite offended by the lazy animation and voice acting.


One Word abou' thi' show fail! The humor is not good at all, The charator's ar' very boring and not funny at all. The animation is very lazy and nothing about this show is good. 0/5 don't EVER WATCH THIS SHOW!
[Newest]Robotomy Was A Lot Better Than This And That Show Got Cancelled Faster Than This Sometimes Life Can Be So So Cruel With Their Shows.
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4Johnny Test
This show needs to die NOW NOW NOW seriously kill it with fire "The Amazing World of Gumball" "Adventure Time" and "Regular Show" are awesome this crappy Jimmy Neutron knock off needs to be number one
Actually, no. It's not good. This is a horrible Cartoon Network show. The only good thing about this "crap" is this show is not as bad as Secret Mountain Fort Awesome. That show was even worse. By the way, JOHNNY TEST IS DEAD? REALLY?


Johnny Test should be the number 1 awful show. Robot Chicken belongs to Adult Swim. I can't believe that TeleToon (Canada) had to transfer Johnny Test to Cartoon Network (USA) and Nickelodeon (Germany). That's their worst mistake Canadians have ever made. They have started a worldwide disaster known as, "The Cartoon Conspiracy". I don't see why The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, or Regular Show should be on the list. No offense. The other shows are Canadian/Old/Boring. I like European animation like Robotboy and Gumball. There are 4 shows I like that are on the list. That's all.
This is a show that rips off 4 shows that are way better than it - dexter's lab, fairly odd parents, jimmy neutron and johnny quest. I have no idea why this show is renewed for another season when everybody HATES it. They show this show almost all the time (even more than adventure time and regular show, their most popular shows right now). What really irritates me is the fact that cartoon network airs a new episode of this show EVERY week while the amazing world of gumball (my favorite CN show right now) gets a new episode ONCE every 3 or 4 months! I'll admit, the show is not as bad as everyone says it is but it is still a weak show. To the excecutives of cartoon network, PLEASE cancel this show and make a reboot of dexter's lab (which is a far better show like I said before) or at least show it once a day only (probably at 5 or 6 AM)
[Newest]Don't like it it's horrible
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5Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
I think this show should be number 1 worst show. Why? Well as an young animator, I find the animation gross and unrealistic. It shouldn't even be a kids show and shouldn't be on Cartoon Network. What were they thinking? Also the jokes weren't funny, when I watched this show I was like "What the heck? " The show wasn't just gross but the characters also show there BUTTS, that's right kids... Butts. And talking mountains? Who made this show anyways? I don't know if they cancelled this show, if they do... I will be glad this nasty not-kid-friendly show is taken off the air. Oh well, at least it's worster than boring Level Up...

P. S Why My Little Pony FIM is on there? That show is from the Hub, not from CN. Besides My Little Pony FIM is better than the newer shows on CN, it's also better than Nasty Mountain Fort Stupid.
This show is so awful, that not only should it be at the top of the list, but it NEVER should have come on Cartoon Network. I love watching Cartoon Network, but when this show mcomes on, even if my favorite show comes on next, I turn off the T.V. and do something else.
This is probably one of the worst cartoons I have ever seen throughout my entire life. The Character designs are freaky and the characters are annoying, stupid, ugly, and unlikable. I'm serious one of the monsters is a big butt named fart. There are butts all around him, butts on his chest, butt hands, butt mouth, butt head, butt feet. He's the main reason why this show is always fart jokes and other gross humor. I swear whenever somebody touches him, he actually farts. That's probably why he's called Fart. Plus the other characters look ugly. I feel like I'm too lazy to write anything else so overall this isn't as bad as the Problem Solverz, but still abysmal. Luckily it just got canceled, but it lasted 2 seasons. Should have never aired. Please avoid all this show costs. Don't look, think about, or even glance at this show at all. Anyways I'm out.
[Newest]The Only Thing I Liked About This Show Is The Animation And That's Pretty Much It. But I Still Hate This Show.
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6Teen Titans Go!
I grew up with the original Teen Titans cartoon. I grew up before the series ended. I heard they were bringing back the old voice cast to create a new show called "Teen Titans Go! " I saw it, and I am utterly disgusted.

What happened to the days when animation was an Art-Form, the original TT show was beautifully drawn, this is more of that grotesque lazy crap that I've seen with most modern cartoons on CN.

I swear soon they will just make stick drawings and market that to kids.
Where to start...

Well this is just horrible. I grew up watching the original Teen Titans cartoon, which I know was also an adaptation and some people were annoyed about it, but SERIOUSLY! That was definitely like the best kids show I've ever watched, it actually MEANT something! Now they air this crap, threw all character development out the window, made everything super cheesy/exaggerated/out-of-character and call it Teen Titans? NO!

Don't get me wrong, I watched it for a little while and I can see how it would be funny if you've never seen the original. But when you compare it to the original it is an abomination. I cry.

Even worse, I was so excited when I heard BBxRae was actually finally happening on the show... And then I watched it and was like "what the heck is this crap, this is not the BB and Raven that I know". So I'm going to pretend it never happened.

Actually I'm gonna pretend this whole show never happened, it is an insult to the original Teen Titans and all of the hard work that was put into it. At least there's Fanfiction...
It's so horrible! I literally want to throw things at the T.V. when this comes on. What happened to the days when the Titans were cool and well drawn and heroes?! CN has turned the into idiots who look like they were drawn my children. I get that it's a children's channel but you don't recruit five year olds as your artists! I miss the Cartoon Network from my childhood, and from this moment on, I am never EVER watching this stupid channel. There isn't a single show left that's good. Today's poor kids will never know what they missed.
[Newest]The guys who made this crap is retarded
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7Adventure Time
I absolutely hate this show! I've tried forcing myself to watch it before and give a chance but I just can't stand it! This show literally gives me migraines and nausea, trust me!
I hate this show because it's a Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda series rip off.
Finn= Mario & Link
Jake= Luigi (Jake power not included)
Ice King= Bowser
Princess Bubblegum=Princess Zelda and Princess Peach
Candy Kingdom=Mushroom Kingdom
Candy people= Toad
Enemies= Bowser Army
In case you haven't noticed, people have been telling stories that follow that formula for at least a thousand years, and probably like two thousand. That's actually why I like adventure time; it constantly throws wrenches into the old formula and changes it up a bit.
This show suck. I hope the creator must cancel this show.
[Newest]Adventure time is the best show ever. Dislike it if you want.
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A Retardedly Boring Show That Needs To Die Off Quickly, Seriously Though Who Would Wanna Watch This Piece Of Garbage Anyway? Um... Yeah People Are Pretty Much Better Off Watching Other Cartoons Like Adventure Time Or Regular Show Or Even The Amazing World Of Gumball Which Is A Little Bit Below Amazing For My Taste But This? This Is Bullcrap. REALLY Not Worth Watching Believe Me! But However I'm Still Not Gonna Say This Should Be Number #1 I'm Saying It Should Be At The Top 5! Yeah This Show Is Pretty Darn Bad Not Only That But Also Retarded And Blend, And It's Boring Too Seriously I Can't Even Find A Single Episode I Actually Liked Which Is Like One Of The Biggest Downfalls They Could Ever Do In A Cartoon God I Don't Know Whether If I Should Let Anyone Watch This Piece Of Crap Or Not! I Think This Is Even Worse Than Teen Titans GO! Seriously There's No Reason Why Teen Titans Go! Should Be Worse Than This! I'm Sorry Ok I Don't See A Single Thing Good About The Show Or A Single Character I Might Even Like, THIS SHOW HAS TO DIE! Seriously! And It Teaches Kids To Do Bad Stuff Too. And Overall This Show Is Completely Pointless And Annoying To Watch Whatsoever, And The Episodes Never Seemed To Get Any Better Either, I Mean Even The First Episode Sucked! Seriously They Really Have To Stop Making New Episodes Of This It Doesn't Even Deserve Any Spotlight, At Least Barely Any Spotlight, However There Are Still Cartoons Out There That Can Be Worse Than This Crap That Should Deserve Even Less Spotlight And Perhaps More Death Wishes Too Just Like This One But Not As Much But Still, There's May Not Really Be That Much Shows That Can Top This Piece Of Crap, Seriously How Could This Be Anyone's Favorite Show? , Cause It's Definitely One Of My Least Favorites I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life Too. And Then Again, I'm Really Sorry Okay, It's Just Really Hard For Me To Get Enjoyment Out Of This Show Cause On How Boring And Unintresting The Show Is, You Know There Is Better Shows Out There A Lot Of Better Shows Indeed. Yeah Should Be A Little Higher Than This Kind Of Ranking For Sure, Man! I Don't Even Know If The Animation For This Could Be Good For This Either, I'm Guessing It's Not, Okay Let's Just Leave It At That. Anyone Who Actually Likes This Kid Could Also Be A Little Retarded Themselves Too. I Actually Wouldn't Mind If Adventure Time Is On This List As Long If This Show Is Ranked Higher Than That, It Really Deserves That Kind Of Respect Really Fits This Show Pretty Well At My Opinion, A Type Of Respect That Lacks Any Good Respect. You Get The Point People The Show Really Sucks That Bad, It's No More Than A Waste Of Time That Really Should Of Been Thrown Into A Trash Bin, May Not Be Any Worse Than The Problem Solverz Of Course, But That's Not Really Going To Make The Show Any Better Than It Already Isn't, Since When Was This Considered A Masterpeice, Or A Special Piece Of Work, Well It's Not, Okay, Yeah More Like A Special Piece Of Yeah Really Good At Being Bad, Which Really Turns It Around, So Yeah I'm Not Going To Be Giving It Any More Than A 2/10, Really Hope They Cancell This Show Soon, Cause It Really Deserves To Be Thrown In A Trash Can, And For It To Be Burned In Fire, So It Can Just Faint Away From Existence Permentently So It Can Never Ever Come Back, And If It Did Come Back They Might Even End Up Making The Reboot Even Worse Than The Original I Hope This Show Doesn't Come Back After It Dies Off, The Start Of The Show Is Already Bad Enough As It Is There's Not Need To Make It Worse, Cause That Might Also Cause Things To Get Worse Too, So I Guess You Could Say It's Like Ed, Edd, Eddy But Way Worse Than That Show, At Least That Show Had Better Storylines And Pilots But This Abomination Needs To Kill Itself I'm Not Even Lying Man Seriously! Some People Even Hate This Show Even More Than I Do, It's Not Even Funny. Ugh... I Swear Man They Better Make A Better Show Then This Show Too, Cause If They Don't Then All The Fans Who Used To Love And Care About This Channel Are Probably Going To End Up Boycotting The Entire Channel. It Might Even Be Possible For The Entire Channel To Be Cancelled Too, Which Would Be Really Sad, Cause This Actually Used To Be A Good Channel From What We've Seen Now Is Just Came Down To This Era For Is To Be A Pretty Channel Seriously! How Often Does This Happen To One Channel To Another It's Pretty Ridiculous And The Commercials They Play For Clarence And Uncle Grandpa Is Obnoxious As Hell, And For Those Who Don't Believe Me Probably Haven't Watch The Show Yet, And For Those Who Don't Believe Me That The Entire Channel Is Getting Worse And Worse As Time Is Flying By, Probably Don't Watch Or Know About The Channel Enough To Know That It Sucks, More And More Each Year Ugh... It Is Becoming More And More Likely That People Are Gonna End Up Changing The Channels And Watch A Different Channel Over Cartoon Network, Honestly Man I Can't Even Blame Them For Those Who Would Betray Cartoon Network Like That Plus Cartoon Network Has Basically Already Betrayed Us With These Lame-Ass Shows So Why Shouldn't We Do The Same? Nowadays Cartoons On This Whole Channel Haven't Been Getting Any Better In This Decade So Far With The Shows Or Cartoons So Far, In Fact It Just Seems To Me It Has Only Been Getting Worse And Worse As The Schedule Are Getting Less Creative With The Annoying Shows Their Playing Like Teen Titans GO! Too Ugh... Listen I Know I Said That Show Was Better Than Clarence But That Still Doesn't Mean They Gotta Show So Many Reruns Of This Show Over And Over And Over And Over They Actually Are Treating Teen Titans GO! Like They Used To With Johnny Test Yeah I Remember The Era With Them Showing So Many Reruns Of Johnny Test Nowadays There Trying To Do The Same Thing With Teen Titans Go! And The Amazing World Of Gumball And It Really Get Me Boogled Or Confused To Hear About A Person Who Actually Thinks Clarence Is A Great Show Seriously? There Really No Reason To Give A Show Like That, That Kind Of Treatment, And Furthermore The Show With The Whole Storylines Or Plots Suck Cartoon Network Really Needs To Come Up With Better Shows Or At Least Better Personalities In Characters It Would Really Help The Channel A Bunch, I Actually Have A Good Feeling About This Channel To Be Quite Honest That Eventually A Channel Might Become So Terrible This Year That It Might Even Become Better The Next Year After This One, Sometimes Things Like That Actually Could Happen, It Could Be Possible If It's Not That then It Would Make It Seem Like Cartoon Network Wants To Make There Own Channel Worse As Each Year Goes On, I Really Hope That's Not True I Hope This Channel Becomes Better Soon, I'm Telling You There Really Needs To Be Some Improvements With This Whole Channel, And You Think I Would Ever Wanna Become Friends With Clarence HECK NO! OF COURSE NOT! He Would Only Get You In Trouble And Teach You How To Do Bad Things, Ugh... MY GOD! Even Just By Thinking About It Makes It Seem Like It Should Be #1 On The List But No That's Just My Brain Talking, I'm Not A Fool Y'Know I Know For A Fact That There Can Be Worse Cartoons Than That, Still A Pretty Bad Show. The Only Time Clarence Is Ever Good Like At All Is When He Got Murdered, I Really Hope Someone Comes In And Does That To Him. Those Newer Shows Better Not Be Any Worse Than This Though, This Channel Is Already Bad Enough As It Is Even Two Or Three Years Ago It Was Already Bad, Now It's Way Worse, Then That Time, You Think Few Years Later, Is Gonna Be Even Worse Than This Very Day, I Hope Not, This Is Pretty Bad, But You Know They Could Always Make It Worse I Hope The Same Thing Doesn't Happen Again, It Already Happened Enough, And It's Been Happening Long Enough Too, I Really Hope This Channel Gets Back To Normal Soon... But Other Than That This Pretty Much One Of The Worst Cartoon Network Shows They Ever Put In The History Of Cartoon Network Shows, And I Really Hope The Popularity Of Cartoon Network Doesn't Go Down Even More. Well Hopefully It Wouldn't Do The Same Thing Like They Always Used To Do In The Past Two To Three Years.
Why the hell did you capitalize the beginning of each word? That seems like a huge amount of work.


Worst show ever, I hate saying anything bad about mental challenged people or those with disorders, or those that have been dealt a bad hand, but this show is way to "realistic" and has all the kids with as least one of those problems wrong with them, I don't know if this was to make it seem like kids with those are normal or bringing awareness to it but like some others said, this is supposed to be a cartoon, there is no cartoon aspects, other then it being drawn there's nothing, its all everyday stuff, and how those problems effect each kid during there life, as someone that is now an adult and grew up on the 90s cartoons that were about making kids laugh or learning to be friends, this is a show

Clearance: Down syndrome, ADD,
Also Skyler Page has said Clarence is supposed to be a cartoon version of himself when he was a child, so read into that as you want

Jeff: OCD, Germaphobe {after liveing one my whole life, I can fully say that Jeff is one}

Sumo: Trailer trash {sorry for a lack of a better term} and desperate for attention

Belson: anger problems

His Father {stepfather? }: I'm sorry but he looks like a huge monkey, no one sees that he looks like an ape! But ahem, he's deadbeat, unemployed, childish, not responsible, and he seems to have a bit of down syndrome too

His mother: Ignores everything bad he does, even praising him on it, looks the other way for most of the things he does, like ruining the house, running off, even destroying ANOTHER PERSONS HOUSE! All she did was laugh at it

Yeah this is all the stuff we want to watch, all the stuff we want kids to learn and watch, oh and they will watch it, why? Cause its bright and colorful and it has younger kids on it, if this was adults in the same show they would not watch it, they would hate it, yet it would be the same
This show is the worst show I've ever seen. Clarence is a retarded, fat, ugly little prick and I want him to kill himself. The animation is even worse than teen titans go, which says a lot. His friends are messed up both in their body and their mind. Clarence is way too realistic and immature and disgusting. I mean, cartoons aren't supposed to be real, they're supposed to have action, adventure, comedy, and a tiny bit off romance. This show should be ranked #1


[Newest]This show = stupidity at its worst
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9Out of Jimmy's Head
Thanks for cancelling this annoying, stupid cartoon shows that has been showing week after weeks! It's more like Out of Jimmy's Ass!
This has got to be the worst show in history! I've never seen any show this abysmal before! Why make a live action show when THIS IS A CHANNEL FOR CARTOONS ONLY! I know other channels are going towards live action shows but its a "Cartoon Network". Jimmy is actually a robot. The animals that come out of Jimmy's head look ugly and are just plain boring Mickey Mouse/Disney Rip-offs. Really, a laugh track? Why is there a laugh track when THERE IS NOTHING FUNNY AT ALL IN THIS STUPID SHOW! R.I. P Cartoon Network 1992-2007 ;( even though it was also My Gym Partner's a Monkey in 2006 that just started the downfall, not death of CN. And let's not thank the murdurer of CN, Stuart Snyder -__-
Wow, Apparently This show thought it was the 1st reality/ Animated show. Wow, Space ghost coast to coast was 1st. By the way If it were, it would have been the worst.
[Newest]Should be number one on the list as worst show ever to air on Cartoon Network
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10Incredible Crew
Incredible Crew has got to be the worst show in Cartoon Network history NO! Television history! I like Regular Show and I guess gumball and Adventure Time are O. K but dude bring back the golden ages of cartoon network like Samurai Jack, Dexter's Laboratary, Kids Next Door, Justice League, Ed, Edd, n Eddy, and Batman:Beyond. Seriously Cartoon Network is geting their asses handed to them by Nickolodeon, Disney, and even Disnry Channel has a better show Example: Gravity Falls, Disney : Avengers, Tron, and Spider-man. Please! Please! Please! Bring the glory back to Cartoon Network don't have our youth generation suffer by watching crappy live shows and cartoons. CN Studios I know you can do way better than this I know you can. Please make better cartoons for us all Cartoon Network fans. If you don't change one day your network is doom to fail because you put crappy shows for who knows what reason. My name is L. J and that is my opinion on Modern Cartoon Network's terrible shows (except maybe Regular Show). I hope you all can read this and share your opinions like I have Thank You and Good-Day everyone.
This new show will surely be part of the top 10.
1) It's another crappy live action show!
2)CN, you are supposed to air cartoons like The Amazing World of Gumball!
3)If I were you, just miss the episodes.
[Newest]Unless If This Is " Live-Action " Network. This Show Should Not Be On " Cartoon " Network.
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The Contenders

11Almost Naked Animals
This is truely the worst show that ever aired on Cartoon Network! It should have never been renewed for a 2nd season! Cartoon Network will totally be killed if this gets a 3rd season and more bad shows on this channel! It makes no sense! It has no plot, The Characters are really annoying (Especially that stupid Dog Howie), The Animation is 2 big thumbs down! No Storyline! Its worse than Chop Socky Chooks! Plus our friends from Canada made this! Why Canada? This does not mean war, just stop bringing your stupid cartoons to our country! This is the worst show ever!
Almost Naked Animals is so gross! They show naked animals it's so sick! They should get rid of this show right now!
This show is a perfect example of just how lazy Cartoon Network writers have gotten over the past few years. Are they seriously targeting an audience that is so immature that just the very idea of nudity will send them into a fit of giggles? Or is that just what CN believes kids are like these days?

Each episode is so unoriginal that it feels like I'm watching the love child of every infamous Disney Channel sitcom cliché, except without all the funny.

It seems that the problem with this show is that rather than thinking, "What would I think make a great show? " CN executives are most likely thinking, "What do kids think make a great show? " They probably don't even think what they've produced is entertaining, they just believe that kids think it's entertaining.
[Newest]I hope the banana cabana gets burned to the ground and its inhabitants burn in hell!

12The Amazing World of Gumball
WHO THE HECK PUT THIS SHOW ON THE LIST! They must have no taste in cartoons.
This show is amazing! It says it in the title, thank you very much. I'm a giant Gumball fan. I really love it! You made me very sad when you said it.
I just read the entire list and I can't believe this is all the way up here! Regular show is understandable but not adventure time or the amazing world of gumball! I'm a kid but that doesn't mean I can't distinguish good and crappy humor.
[Newest]This show should either be lower on this list, or not on here at all.
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13Chop Socky Chooks
I never understood this show. A bunch of poorly created charaters fighting for retarded reasons.
Hate it so stupid and ugly!
When I see it I think what the hell is this crap and the title makes no sense its so stupid
[Newest]Haha I actually remember this pitiful show.

14Regular Show
Really? This show isn't bad! Right now its probably one of the better shows on cartoon network.
The animation isn't that bad and their story has a significance and a purpose, unlike other animations that focuses everything on pure stupidity, childish humors and putting too much color in their artwork as if I'm watching a cartoon while on drugs, While regular show portrays less coloring and focuses hand drawn techniques to make it look clean. at least this one has a great sense of storyline especially when it comes to romance.
I don't know why this show its on the worth top ten this show insn't bad it all I mean yes it has strange stuff and strange characters, but it could be anything, but its NOT from the worst shows the J.G. quintel just make drawings that their not exist in real life that's why it makes it fun so Regular Show, The Amazing World Of Gumball and Adventure Time are possibly my favorite shows on CN
What the hell is wrong with you! This is awesome. This is funny and can be very mature sometimes. This is good, but some of the stuff is disturbing. In one episode Muscle Man starts crying because he got dumped by his girlfriend Starla. He starts crying in the shower, so Mordecai and Rigby won't see him and you can see everything when he is in the shower. That's just gross! I'm 11 and my brother is 4 and he should not be seeing this this, but he loves it. One episode involves Mordecai and Margaret breaking up. Mordecai grows a beard and lies in bed. His friends help him out and he loses the beard. Him and Rigby find a jumper which is Margaret's and tries to bring it to her. Rigby tells him not to, but he pushes him out of a car. When he gets to a university where Margaret is. He throws the jumper in a bin and goes home with Rigby. This is a strong episode and can be sad. The third Halloween one is freaky and my brother hid behind a chair. I still love this.
[Newest]I Like This Show, But I Can See How Someone Might Hate This Show.
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15Level Up
I say its dumb and the other dimension plot is over used. My little sister says it is stupid. I'm in 5 grade, I can't believe it I mean they can just pull a switch, and turn it off. But no their to dumb, so they decide to just to let it run wild, and fight it. Worst show ever. ( My little sister typed most of this, and she is in 5th grade for evidence.
I like video games, but this show is stupid. It's just another crappy CN live action show. Those teens were stupid enough to open up a portal letting in video game antagonists for some reason, maybe it was their stupidity. THIS IS A CARTOON NETWORK, NOT A LIVE ACTION NETWORK!
Not a cartoon -_- jokes are super cheesy, special effects are horrible and the acting is bad. Episodes seem to drag on forever because of how boring and predictable the plots are.
[Newest]Cartoon Network Could've Done A Lot Better With This Show. But They Failed. This Show Didn't Succeed Why Else Would You Think It Only Lasted 2 Seasons?

It's so darn ridiculous! It makes no sense!


That's... That's the point dude. What part of a show entitled "Mad" you didn't get?
Mad shouldn't be allowed anymore! First of all it makes fun of other people, other shows, other show characters, and other holidays, other things etc. The only things good about Mad is SPY vs SPY
You never read Mad did you? That's what make them popular, make fun of everything and everyone.
It so stupid! I hate it so much I want to knock the crap out of it
[Newest]I prefer robot chicken then this unfunny
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17Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
Creepy characters, very disgusting and most of all its CORNY!
dumb show about an old blue sailor and a little boy who live in a oveerpertective whale. I liked it for about the first 5 seconds and than I realized how boring it was. it definitely deserves to be on this list
Dear god this show is only number 8?! Chop socky choks was definitely worse, but this show is still a pathetic excuse at entertainment.
[Newest]This show is rated 5/10 in my opinion. Creepy, yes but is way better than some of the shows Cartoon Network has nowadays.
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18Dude, What Would Happen
Not only was it not a cartoon and therefore didn't belong anywhere near Cartoon Network, but the show itself was just horrible. It was trying to be Mythbusters but without everything that made Mythbusters great. The "Dudes" were annoying, nothing they did made any sense, there was really no point whatsoever in that show and I'm surprised it didn't get cancelled any sooner.
This show was awesome, it just needed to go on a different channel.
This is like a retarded kid version of jackass
[Newest]This Show Has One Of The Lowest Ratings I Have Ever Seen In My Lifetime So Uh... No It Can't Be That Good, Not Even Decent.

You people are absolute idiots. Pokemon is awesome. It should not be on this list at all.
I like pokemon but not unova season hate it lame...
[Newest]Get rid of this already
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20Ben 10: Alien Force
The original was good, but this show is a disappointment.


It's us again from level up the one that left a comment on that show with the 5th grader in it. Were here today to talk about Ben 10. The plot is the same every time. Here is the 5th grader! WHAT KIND OF SHOW IS This! ITS THE SAME SHOW EVERY TIME! LOOK I FOUND AN ALIEN WATCH! I'M GOING TO PROTECT THE GALAXY. JUST CHOOSE AN ALIEN BEN!, and one more question: WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO GROW UP, LIKE ARE YOU GOING TO BE 12 OR 16 FOREVER!
[Newest]It went this show back

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