Top 10 Worst Survivor Players

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1 Colton Cumbie

The reason I vote for Colton is because he simply has no respect for the game. Say what you want about Francesca or Erik making blatantly stupid moves, but Colton QUIT. TWICE.

He begged to come back only to leave on equally shameful terms. I don't know what's worse: faking an illness and lying to quit Survivor (and taking the Hidden Immunity Idol with you as a souvenir) or being honest about how terrible you are and then quitting Survivor AGAIN.

Both are equally pathetic, and he doesn't deserve a place in the venerated history of this show.

2 Francesca Hogi

Robbed goddess, voted out purely for racism. Deserved to have a chance at the game. Unbelievable she is right behind this racist on the top ten worst players, that is just a violation. How is she above a girl who bullied an amputee? And a guy who literally GAVE UP immunity? And a guy who calls others ghetto trash? Francesca deserves justice. She is innocent compared to these evil people.

How? I mean, come on. On the first season, you said Redemption Island was useless to you because you didn't "put yourself in the position of being voted out." You piss off a swing vote in your alliance, which sends you home. You blow a 2-0 lead in a challenge to 3, and then unlocking and stepping through a door. You form an alliance of 4 against an alliance of 6 and get voted out first. TWICE.

3 NaOnka Mixon

She was all over the place. She had issues with Fabio at the beginning of the season, she targeted a contestant with only one leg and talked about how she would be aggressive with her, she stole food from the merge feast, she was just too much. NaOnka had the chance to get a tarp for everyone when she was already going to quit, but she chose not to do it. NaOnka openly discussed how she didn't like people and she swore in tribals pretty frequently.

Nasty and loud! She tackled a handicapped tribe mate, stole food, supplies, and personal items, never took blame, quit, wouldn't skip a movie and popcorn to give tribe food - when she knew she was quitting, yelled at everyone, had vile confessionals, was full of herself without reason, and thought she could win.

If she made it to the end, there would be NO votes for her. She denied Sash's African roots, because he wasn't black enough for her (most African Americans have less than 80% African DNA and that comes from multiple countries, a little less than 20% European {mostly UK}, and around 2% Asian/Native American). I don't think quitters should get a jury vote or any money! Her mother stood up for her actions at the reunion: The apple landed right by that treeā€¦

4 J'Tia Taylor

Discovering that this woman is apparently a nuclear engineer was absolutely terrifying. She showed herself to be ignorant and utterly repugnant. I wouldn't trust her with a box of crayons, much less anything associated with the word "nuclear". She was, among other things, useless, lazy, cruel, malignant, vindictive, stupid, and completely pathetic.

Yes, she dumped the rice like a small child who has to ruin things for others when she doesn't get her way. Yes, she should have been the first to go. Yes, she was, of course, lazy and good for nothing. However, the worst aspect of all was that she wasn't even a decent human being. She wasn't strategic, intelligent, capable, or worth anything, and in the process, she behaved like a spoiled toddler sired by Voldemort. It wouldn't be sad to find out she decided to retire from civilization and live out her next 30 years in the jungle before being eaten in her sleep by jaguars.

5 Shamar Thomas

Just because you were in the military, doesn't mean that you have to be so mean around camp! He was so mean and horrible that he wasn't asked back.

He was mean and aggressive to his tribe mates. He lied straight to Jeff's face. He tried to act like he was a super nice, loving guy around Jeff, but at camp, he was a hornet.

He got a grain of sand in his eye because he poked it. He was lazy, and while this makes sense in some situations, if you want to stay around, you need to give your team a reason to keep you. Honestly, the only reason he wasn't out first was that Reynold's group wouldn't know how to play well if they got a lesson from every winner.

6 Erik Reichenbach

He started out making all the wrong deals and trusting all the wrong people. He's been a possibility to be sent home every time he was at tribal council at one point, and towards the end, he made a final two with every single girl in the top five. When he won immunity at five, it seemed like a terrible, undeserving player would outlast a strategic, deserving player, and that thought was repulsive. Then, Cirie decided to try to get him to give up his immunity in exchange for Cirie and Natalie to agree to take him to the final three. He fell for that plan, gave up immunity, and was voted out unanimously.

7 Natalie Tenerelli

Biggest goat of all time. Just plain sucks. Couldn't even get a single jury vote against Phillip and Rob, two of the most hated people ever on Survivor. People like Grant and Ashley, who are mediocre players and not even that likable, would have almost swept the votes over Rob and Phillip just due to how disliked they were, and Natalie couldn't even get one. Terrible in all of the social, physical, and strategic areas.

Rob took her to the end only because she would be super easy to beat. Phillip gets a lot of flak, but Natalie is Phillip with a vagina and white skin, except she isn't at least entertaining like Phillip is.

8 Phillip Sheppard Phillip Sheppard is a United States Army veteran and the chief executive officer of a software company, who is best known for his appearances on the U.S.

If Phillip's malignant, delusional self walked off a cliff, I would carefully set up a chair and a small table of victuals, take out my camera in advance, and gleefully watch him fall to his death. I didn't know hate until I watched this completely deranged idiot ruin something I really enjoyed. If the scenario was real, and there were no votes and nonsense, his fellow castaways would have collectively hit him over the head, gutted him, and used his flesh as bait for capturing food. This would happen on the second day, before anyone was even hungry, simply to achieve silence and justice for mankind. He would never win at Survivor or anything else, because he needs to be in a padded room, drooling on a coloring book somewhere. He's not a character or a villain. He's sad, pathetic, crazy, and stupid, and he made a joke out of the game.

9 Brandon Hantz

He was a terrible Survivor contestant. He was banned from the show because of his actions against his tribe and especially Phillip. He didn't have to go so crazy over a little argument. Although he is a Hantz, his behavior crossed the line. He thought playing the game like Shamar (Shamar played poorly) would help his game. Well, sorry, but it got you booted from the game.

I didn't like his behavior. He went mad against Dawn and Philip. He threatened to urinate on the food supply and burn the shelter. If this happened early on, this would result in disqualification.

When he argued with Philip about getting voted out, he started to go crazy. He dumped all of the rice and beans. His whole team went against him. As a result, his team decided to forfeit the challenge and eliminate Brandon.

Brandon threatened to have a fistfight against Philip. He scared Andrea and Brenda as a result. This incident reminds me of Joseph trying to fight against Gordon Ramsay back in Hell's Kitchen. Once he's eliminated at an unscripted tribal council, the game continues with the flow.

10 Abi-Maria Gomes

Just a horrible person. Passive aggressive and manifests her own issues so she can be mean. I believe she doesn't possess the brain power to just be happy, she reveals in drama.

She's insane. She blows up at the drop of a hat, making it impossible for anyone to work with her. Her unpredictability and insecurity make being in an alliance with her an impossible task.

In a second chance season, I like to see people who can actually win the game. I think Carolyn is the 3rd best non-winner we have ever seen, and you have T-Bird coming all the way back from Africa to do this again. She was a really good player, and Cesternino said himself she should've been on All-Stars. But NO! The public chooses Abi, someone who is an irrational strategist, socially uncompromising, and probably the most lippy person ever to come on the show. She gets by in the game simply by the fact that she has no chance with a jury.

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11 Matt Elrod

Before Micronesia, it was Lex (and the rest of his tribe) for keeping Amber in All-Stars. After Micronesia, it was Erick, and his ill-advised immunity giveaway. After HvV, it was JT (and the rest of his tribe) for giving the hidden idol to another tribe without any knowledge of what was going on there.

However, those are isolated foolish moves, foolish enough to make someone "the worst ever", but isolated nonetheless. Then comes this guy, and he gets voted out not once, but twice for trusting the same people who blindsided him the first time. It's stupidity at its finest.

In a season where almost all new players were nothing but a bunch of sheep, or simply had no idea how to play the game, this guy is the king of dumb players.

12 Sean Kenniff

He never made any deals or alliances with anyone. He just voted randomly at first. Then he decided to vote based on what letter the contestants' parents decided to start their kids' names with. He actually told everyone about his alphabetical strategy, which opened up the door for a three-person alliance to vote for who they knew Sean would vote for, because of the order, and that sent the person home. Shortly after, Sean was out.

The dumb look on his face and the fact that he has a nipple ring are just the beginning of his stupidity. He was used like a pawn. Voting for no reason for anything, no matter what it is, shows a lack of character and a lack of backbone.

13 Chet Welch

Chet Welch was one of the weakest players to be on the show. At the beginning, he was incompetent in challenges. He was being dragged around too much. During tribal councils, he dodged the bullet at least a couple of times. After Jonathan withdrew, he told everyone to vote for himself to be eliminated. Everything was too stressful for him. He suffered an injury that was too unbearable for him. All I hear are complaints from him. He's even worse than Courtney, another participant from China's season. If anyone can't handle the stress, then they should not be part of this show. Every reality competition show works this way. There's no avoiding stress.

14 Ben Browning

This guy was so obnoxious. Constantly insulting everyone, and he wasn't even playing the game. I'm shocked that nobody wanted to take him to the end. Russell should have kept him and used him as a shield. In my opinion, Ben would have been more hated than Russell if he lasted longer.

When someone like Russell Hantz has to vote you out so early just because your social game is so weak that he finds you insufferable so quickly, that says a lot about how weak of a player you are.

Natalie White and Mick Trimming were not able to deal with Ben for 8 days. And when you know that these people were able to deal with Russell Hantz for 39 days, that's really an impressive fact.

15 Lex van den Berghe

He shouldn't have saved Amber. He would have gotten way further in the game if he hadn't. Last time he played a decent game. If he voted Amber out, he wouldn't be on this list right now, and Amber wouldn't have won the million dollars. He was a little baby when he got voted out, but it was his own fault. If he had done the same thing that he did in Africa (his strategies), he would have been in the final two.

He played a good game the first time, but then the second time, he voted out some of the strong people. He had an opportunity to vote out Amber and completely change the game by giving himself the upper hand, going to the merge 5 against 4, with one of the 5 being Lex's friend Tom, an easy person to flip. Instead, he votes out an ally, keeps Rob's ally, and Rob betrays him at the very next tribal council.

16 Osten Taylor

No offense to him, but he kind of rubbed me the wrong way. Firstly, he couldn't swim. Secondly, he freaked out about every little bug and animal - and if you think I'm wrong, then I hope you don't forget the moment with the pelican. Thirdly, the way he quit wasn't really quitting, so if they had just voted, he probably would have gone either way.

So once again, if you read this Osten, I think every Survivor has his or her perks and falls. But who's to say you can't come back to Survivor to finish what you've started? Who knows, maybe you can do better!

17 Christina Cha

She had so many chances to switch it up but wanted so badly to be friends with the mean girls! At the swap, she should have told Troy and Leaf that she and Monica were stronger than the Latina and that the Latina was in the main 5-person all-girl alliance. That Monica and she would stay loyal to Troy and Leaf. Let them bring in Tarzan and vote against the lazy, mean, and rude Colton and Latina special Ed teacher. They could then chop away at both 5 girls and alpha males until they were left - plus, so many other times she let them walk over her and didn't try to win. Like she knew she couldn't and just was happy making 4th.

18 Russell Hantz Russell Hantz is an oil company owner and former contestant of the reality show Survivor. He played 3 seasons, and never finished higher than 2nd.

I already banned all human beings whose last names are Hantz. They have done disgusting things on television. I'm done with both Russell and Brandon. I don't care what they're doing right now. On a side note, I'll also avoid other Hantzes who are not related to Russell and Brandon.

Being the "worst" player must mean that you fail to "Outwit, Outlast, and Outplay." All of this is true in one simple perspective: he's a pawn. The only reason he made it to the end twice and eventually lost (Outlasted) is that other folks were able to read into his position (having idols, being awful at jury management) and using him as a pawn to win.

Furthermore, he's ignorant to seeing the reality of people using him (Outplayed) to win in the final three, despite the fact that jury members and other contestants tell him directly. Finally, players who he describes as weaker have consistently represented themselves in the final council, where he lost (Outwitted).

19 Dreamz Herd

I was pulling for Dreamz in the beginning. I was all, "Wouldn't it be cool if this pathetic kid won?" Then he turned out to be a greedy, incredibly stupid, loathsome ghetto nugget by thinking for an instant that he had a chance in hell after he deceived one of the game's most beloved players. You pity him, then immediately see him for the opportunistic, greedy little turd he is. He should have given the truck back at the very least. He didn't even get to keep it anyway - so incredibly pathetic. Zero strategy, and then he tried to act in Tribal Council as if he never intended to give up immunity and it was all his plan - absolute tosh. It was like watching a kid who stole something from a retail store swear to the cops he didn't - even after they show him a security tape of him doing it. Those big doe eyes and adamant denial. Ignorant jackass.

20 Jenna Lewis

Did Jenna think that treating her tribemates like crap would help her in the game? She barely survived every tribal council in Outback, only because of her allies, and only needed to attend two in season 8. Flirting was another idiotic downfall of hers.

Look her up on Google. She did something very stupid.

I seriously wonder if she can go a minute without her mouth opening.

21 Kelly Shinn

She is pathetic, and she had the nerve to call Chase a goat when she was the biggest goat in the game by a huge margin.

Probably the worst Survivor player. She was a pawn, spineless, and not interesting at all. She is also a quitter.

Useless, lazy, and quit despite sucking and having no chance to win. Why was she even on the show?

22 Tina Wesson

I don't think she played a terrible game, but she is overrated. She overrates herself. She thinks she is the greatest Survivor contestant to ever live. Ha! You thought wrong. Boston Rob, Parvati, Sandra, and Tony are the best.

People fail to realize when someone sucks. On this long list, we see the most overrated survivor winner, Tina, sitting next to Parvati and Jordan from Big Brother.

This is the worst survivor player. How the hell is a winner and someone who got 4th place in the top/bottom 20?

23 Dave Cruser

He goes right along the same lines as Hunter. He bossed everyone around, had an ally go home instead of who he wanted, and still tried to call the shots rather than try to save himself.

He was a bad player but not a bad person. He was the only one to stand up to Ashley and Sherea's selfish, snobby, pretentious attitudes, and that's admirable.

Just annoying, I'd hate to have him as a supervisor.

24 Shirin Oskooi

Shirin was OK in the first episode, and then she did so many things wrong, committed nudity, talked about monkey reproduction, called birds, isolated herself along with Max, and of course, sang at sunrise. I started to like her in the end because of Will's comments, but she took that way too seriously and has yet to forgive him. Yes, his comments were wrong, but not accepting his apology is just plain classless.

She was the most annoying player of all time. Who talks about monkey sex at camp? Sure, Will said some harsh things to her, but he got defensive because you accused him of smuggling food and questioned his integrity! Had no physical or social game, with limited strategy.

25 Jeff Varner

What were the producers thinking about bringing him back? He never made it to the merge and become a jury member. He made a lot of dumb moves. I heard he made an offensive remark to a person who's actually born female.

No matter the circumstances, I don't want to see him again on television. Reality television always has bad contestants. I think he was brought back because of ratings.

What I don't like about reality television is that some bad contestants return for the wrong reasons. For Jeff, I don't even want to see him participating in a cooking competition show called Masterchef. Gordon Ramsay would call him a total disgrace.

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