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1 Lawon Exum - Big Brother 13

The fact that this guy is running first place for the dumbest player ever is a credit to the accuracy of this list. It was hard to top Marcellas for the dumbest move in BB history, but Lawon did it.

As described below, Kaysar is a completely overrated player both strategically and competitively, but Lawon made a mistake that no other contestant ever would or could make. Not only did he ask to be evicted due to delusions of a 'special power', but he consequently allowed Rachel, the eventual winner, to stay in the game. If he hadn't made that huge error, he himself wouldn't have won, but a fellow newbie may well have!

Kaysar is overrated, but Lawon's easily the worst player ever. Not only did he want to be evicted because he thought he would come back with a "special power"- when he got his chance to return, he lost the competition that would send him back into the House by a huge margin.

Oh my goodness. The idiocy and the ludicrous-news that came from him was appalling. He LITERALLY gave up a spot to be in the Jury for sure (Kalia; his partner was HOH) for some super power? He was already annoying before this bull, but this is EASILY the WORST move, and the ABSOLUTE worst player to ever surface the game.

2 Devin Shepherd - Big Brother 16

This guy was oddly really fun to watch because he was so stupid and such a terrible player, you could write a user manual for the show by citing all of the mistakes he made. Every time he got screen time he broke another cardinal rule of the game! "Don't create an alliance on day one...don't make an alliance of more than four people, don't expand the alliance without alerting the alliance members...don't do it again..."

Devin is one of those awful players but in such a unique type of awful you almost want him to stay. He formed two large alliances which would obviously have conflicts, was responsible for nominating Donny then telling on himself in a unnecessarily emotional speech, voted up Zach (an ALLIANCE member) and openly threw tantrums and got mad at Caleb, Paula, Zach and Amber. It wouldve been nice to see him stay to watch him piss people off but I really can't complain they gave him 14th.

What an idiot! He created an alliance on day 1, which would only work if you knew and trusted them, and then revealed the alliance just TWO WEEKS LATER! He tried to be "honest" and tried to have "integrity" but started to lie and scam everyone the minute he finished his awful speech. Finally, he tried to bring another member in the alliance when he should've known that zach had the votes to stay! WHAT AN IDIOT!

Why isn't his good buddy Zach on here. Sure Devin was paranoid, a bully and made a big alliance way too early, I think he played a good game and if he changed his attitude as well as his strategy he would have made it really far but he was still considered a big physical threat. This alliance that was made was basically the moving company again. Instead of getting moved out, it got blown up.

3 Kathy Hillis - Big Brother 12

Worst jury member in the history of Big Brother. Floated through the game, bombed every competition, her head was never in the game, and thought too highly of herself even though the whole house knew how awful she was. It makes me sick to know she got casted on the show and made it to jury. To the producers of CBS, what were you thinking when you casted her on the show?

Absolutely one of the worst players. She couldn't win a competition to save her life. I still laugh when I see clips of her falling off of the hot dog in the first competition and her being kicked in the head by Brit while she was stuck in the molasses.

She was so dumb it was no wonder this texan was not the first to go I was in shock when she lasted until 8th place.

For all of the people that says she was weak. You would be wrong! She won every challenge! That is very tough to do!

4 Kaysar Ridha - Big Brother 6 and 7 Kaysar Ridha was a houseguest on Big Brother 6 and then returned to the house in Big Brother All-Stars. In both seasons Kaysar placed tenth.

Yeah... He had a huge target from Week 1 of S6, and it only grew and grew, leading to him being evicted the week after his HOH reign ended. He returned a week later, and he was not after blood from being evicted and coming back... He should have realized that being a returned would make him an easy target, which is exactly what happened.

In All Stars, did he seriously think that ridding Nakomis was going to help him? She was at the bottom of the totem pole in the house. Like Nakomis herself said, he was so wishy washy and made a huge mistake. His alliance thought ridding of Season 5 was going to get them to the end, and they thought that they would win all of the HOHs.

Him not playing in the Veto caused him his game in this season, since he did not want to put his ass out there for Janelle and James (he said this when his partner Michael was on the block in S6), completely not thinking about it one of them came off, Danielle would put his ass up, so someone from their ...more

I agree, he is so overrated. CBS made him appear to be an amazing player, due to his "mysterious" nature. This was just because he was a by nature quite person, and they made him look as though he was an amazing person who conquered Eric in season 6... In season 7 against Will the doctor, they showed just how poorly he played the game, particularly by not going after the Doctor and Mike Boogie. Both seasons he was too trustworthy, which lost him the game very quickly in both.

Kaysar's downfall in both seasons was his trusting nature. In season 6 he trusted Jennifer that she wouldn't put him up if he gave the HOH to her, which he does but she goes back on her word leading to his eviction. In season 7 he trusted Chilltown that if they aren't nominated then they would go after floaters which was a lie. That would of been his perfect opportunity to get one of them out, yet he wasted his HOH reign. If you are put in the house 3 times and you can't make it to the jury once, then you are a bad player.

He made way too many strategic moves that hurt him. He was voted out fourth by making stupid moves, voted back in by America, then made another stupid deal, and was voted right back out next. In All-Stars, he made some more stupid moves, and went home fifth. He entered the house three times, and never even made it to the jury once.

5 Victoria Rafaeli - Big Brother 16

In my opinion, Victoria played a flawless game... for a floater/pawn. Victoria was a pawn nominee when Donny, Nicole, etc. were all evicted. Her only role was comic relief for the audience, with her "I'm gonna win the point of view! ", and then proceeding to fail miserably in the challenge. She didn't have any strategy, and her only "alliances" were friendships with outsiders wo had a foot out the door already thanks to Derrick and the rest of the Detonators (except Christine). If she wrote a book, it would be called "How To Be A Floater And Get $50,000 For It", which would be ironic because Cody (AKA Derrick's puppet) made the imbecile move to evict her over his master. The book would also be like, 5 pages long because she's an idiot. Well done, Victoria, I bet your family's proud...

To be completely honest It's not that Victoria was one of the worst big brother players, its that she didn't even play the game! She never had any clue what was going on as far as who was being evicted, who was potentially going on the block etc. She didn't have the worst social game but it was definitely bad crying all the time about everything and not really being super close to any one person in particular. Also, she never actually had an alliance with anybody despite what she thought and was never anyones number 1 or even 2 or 3. Over all Victoria was entertaining for me to watch for the sole reason of it was kinda funny how bad she was.

What's a criteria to finding out if a big brother player is good or not, Manipulative skills, Social skills, Likability/Personality, Comp skills, Self awareness skills. Game Tactics. No social skills, not likable, no comp skills, no strategy and no self awareness. I would say at least some people on the list above her as it stands had at least comp skills. This is why she should be first on this list, she is the epitome of floater and got there just by being so bad. She was never in control of her fate and tried to win the comps didn't deliberately throw them.

I agree with the fact that she had no strategy nod went into all competitions saying "I'm gonna fight for this as hard as I can, and I WILL dominate! An then she loses by a huge margin. I bet everybody else on the jury was thinking "How was I evicted before Victoria? " And maybe Cody should be on this list for NOT taking her to the final 2. Victoria: a floater and possibly the biggest pawn EVER in the history of BB with to strategic, competitive or social skills. She was only kept in because Derrick was smart and knew she wasn't a threat.

6 Willie Hantz - Big Brother 14

He was actually 14th place; not 10th place. Anyways, he as this season's example of "Guy playing too hard, too fast", as right as his HOH ended, it was clear that his ass was leaving in Week 2, but because he was a punk and did not want to leave with class, he got himself expelled. Ugh.

He was the H.O.H. in week one, and got himself evicted week 2. He didn't make any solid deals in his time as HOH. And instead of being allies with the best player in the game (frank) he puts him on the block without having the votes. He freaked out at frank before the eviction ceremony which basicaly turned the house against him. And he evicted himself before the point of view which he would have a pretty solid chance of winning... Just an allaround bad player

Awful player with an explosive temperament. Seems to be genetic, as Russell and Brandon are just as obnoxious and insane.

Everyone says that if you get expelled, you should be on this list, but Chima is nowhere near the top.

7 Justin Sebik - Big Brother 2

If a simple psychological evaluation was conducted, he should have NEVER been allowed to walk through the doors of Big Brother. He was a hothead with violent and murderous tendencies, which corresponds with his charges after the show.

He's crazy. He got himself kicked out of the house! If he played with the rules he would have done way better even though he's still creepy. Instead he wanted to threaten his way to the top, how is he not ranked the top most horrible player?

Psychopath! This guy is a total psychopath. How in the hell is he not on here yet? He was really creepy the entire time he was on the show. He constantly threatened houseguests with violence and held a knife up to Krista's throat.

Ok, he was a psychopath. But this whole category was to pick who played the game the worst. Justin didn't even get a chance to play the game to see if he was a bad player or not. Sure. He may be a bad PERSON, but is he a bad PLAYER?

8 Jase Wirey - Big Brother 5 and 7

Jase is a very interesting case in general, but he is the creator of "Cocky guy plays too hard, too fast, and booted fast". He was a target just from his physique, and allying with a bunch of other strong men like him did not help his case. His cockiness and boldness came out in the first 3 weeks, and while he could be a decent socialist, he really shut out a lot of people when he was the "King of the Castle". He thought that his entire alliance will win everything, and he drew lines in the sand between the houseguests. When he started to lose power, desperation just oozed out of him, and thanks to him, he was the first victim of the backdoor. Being humble goes a long way.

James was stupid enough to put him up when he could have guaranteed Chilltown going with Boogie going up in BB7. Jase should not have lost his cool, and should not have been so blunt with running between every side. While he is a very entertaining character, he falls in a similar boat to Kaysar when it comes ...more

Tried to win everything at the very start of Big Brother 5, which puts a huge target on your back. Acted cocky and annoying when he was in power, and had a creepy power bro-mance with Scott, making him an even bigger target. Loved his face when he realized Nakomis was getting rid of him. Somehow he was voted back into the All-Star house, and again won the first co-HoH. Jumped from side to side, and when Kaysar told his S6 was putting him up, he freaked out instead of trying to get votes to stay.

In S5 his strategy made no sense. He tried to win every competition which ultimately put a huge target on his back, plus he was such a bully so who would want to keep him in the house? This is why he was the first ever HG to get backdored. In S7 when he got put on the block after Chicken George had used the point of view to save himself, there was no way he was going to prevent himself from getting evicted since Dr.Will had manipulated everyone into keeping him.

Why can't we have a good player represent the US for BB Canada. Aries keeps calling Jase iconic but he never really was iconic.

9 Jozea Flores- Big Brother 18

He thought he was running the house without any evidence to support that belief. He is such an egomaniac that he just assumed everyone was on his side and accepted him as their "messiah." How can he say anyone "betrayed" him when he was in an imaginary alliance? Gathering everyone in a room and telling them who you want them to vote for is not an alliance. He was totally clueless about his position in the house, strategy, how to play the game, and his own likeability and capabilities.

Calling himself "The Messiah" while wearing a dog costume is both laughable and extremely cringeworthy. There was nothing notable or impressive of his appearance besides being an intense narcissist and incredibly delusional.

At least he's hot

10 Mike Dutz - Big Brother 8

When Mike began Big Brother 8, he seemed he would be a strong contender that season. An all american guy who was cute and athletic. However, he was also very loyal, maybe a little too loyal. So when his ally Kail ended up on the block week 3, Mike stuck by her to try and make HOH Dick lose the Veto. While Mike was distracting Dick, Dick told him if you don't stop you're going on the block. Sure enough, Mike didn't stop, Dick handed the Veto to nominee Jen, and told Mike he was going on the block. And Mike rejoiced because he showed the whole house he was loyal to a woman who had already signed her own eviction receipt.

Dumbest move ever. It gets forgotten about because it's been so many years and it was early in the season, but terrible move. He was strong and not Dick's target nor on Dick's radar. Dick announced to the house and the world his desire to evict Kail from the house, yet Mike poked the bear anyways. Why would you provoke the HOH during a veto competition when there's still a veto ceremony to come? Just dumb. Lawon thought he would come back as Superman, Marcelles was naive, Kaysar was aloof, Mike was just dumb!

One of the dumbest players in BB history. Basically asked Dick to put him on the block, which resulted in his eviction.

He was told if he tried to make Dick, the current HOH lose the veto challenge, he'd be on the block, but he did it anyway, and he was put on the block, and sent home.

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11 Adam Poch - Big Brother 13

If there was a book titled "How to win 500 thousand dollars on Big Brother" I'd expect the author to be Dan from BB10 or Will Kirby. If there was a book titled "How to win 25 thousand dollars on Big Brother" I'd expect the author to be Jeff from BB11. If there was a book titled "How to win 50 thousand dollars on Big Brother" I'd expect the author to be Adam Poch. He was the ultimate floater and butt-kisser. He seemed so sure he'd be asked back for all-stars on finale I felt embarrassed for the guy. I'm sure America can't wait to watch him float and butt-kiss and try to collect his 50k this time.

As one of the biggest floaters in Big Brother history, his gameplay was very similar to Zach from Big Brother 8. During season 13 former HG Matt Hoffman quipped "Can we just write Adam a check for 50 thousand dollars now!? " figuring that everyone wanted to take him to the final 2. Yet Adam botched his chances of getting to the final 2 when he told Rachel he'd vote for her if she evicted him! Laugh out loud. He didn't even do that!

Adam was always afraid to make a big move and didn't want to make enemies with America's golden couple Jeff and Jordan. It's no wonder he finished 3rd because he was carried most of the game by Jeff and Jordan. Least Shelly got it that if you want to win big brother cutting off certain relationships will get you the money.

! This guy was really annoying and on finale night he tells everyone that the reason why he isn't in the final 2 is because he would have beaten everyone. Yeah right! Plus he said that he would be coming back for all-stars 2 and win it. He is the biggest floater and butt kisser in the history of Big Brother.

12 Adam Jasinski - Big Brother 9 Adam Jasinski is the winner of the U.S. series Big Brother 9. Jasinski is a public relations manager from Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Awful, awful, AWFUL winner. Hell, even Ryan would have made a better winner! At least Ryan wouldn't use to money to fund a DRUG RING.

Awful winner to a bad season of Big Brother. The minute he won he took his earnings to invest in the drug trade.

By far the worst winner in BB History. He only won out of sheer luck.

13 Frankie Grande - Big Brother 16 Frank James Michael Grande Marchione (born January 24, 1983), usually credited as Frankie Grande or Frankie J. Grande, is an American dancer, musical theatre actor and singer, producer, TV host and YouTube personality. He is the older half-brother of singer and actress Ariana Grande.

Okay Frankie haters, you are only ranking him this high because of his personality. Despite that, he was the only person in that house playing to win the game, was aware of what went on, and actually took control of the game (other than Derrick, obviously). He was strong physically, mentally, and socially. Sure, he might be nasty and vile, but being nice and friendly rarely is not the point of Big Brother (at least not in the North American version).

Worst player ever... ! Yes he wins competitions, but if you are a competition beast your social game doesn't have to be super impeccable.. !, if I ever have to watch a season of big brother again with a guy in clothes that tight I'll die.. ! I am gay myself and I think we all have to be better as a minority and he's a horrible person.. ! Treats people very poorly cause he's Ariadne whatever her names brother.. ! Up there as the worst for me.. !

He has to be one of the most attention seeking game players to have played. Granted he was very good at comps but he was so full of himself on the Livefeeds and the episodes. He was just too much for me personally and one of the reasons I didn't like this season.

Except for Derrick, he played the beset game in BB16. He should be behind Victoria and Paola if nothing else. Again, another instance where fans cannot separate emotion from gameplay.

14 Chima Simone - Big Brother 11 Chima Simone is a TV personality and freelance journalist, best known as a former contestant on Big Brother 11. She is also notable for surviving an attack by the Bathtub Killer, Dale Devon Scheanette.

Chima should be high in this list because she was dumb enough to disobey the Big Brother rules and not wear her microphone. She had been throughout the game disobeying rules like not going to the diary room when asked and not wearing her microphone. The night before the veto comp, Big Brother set out a mini golf game to practice for the upcoming veto comp. Chima had put a big enough target on her back that at that point she was pretty much feeling defeated, so she took her microphone and tossed it in the pool. When they asked her to get a new mic and wear it, she refused and got herself expelled from the game.

I don't understand why did their alliance think they were the good and genuine side of the house. They were grateful for nobody but themselves, and they had the evildoers Natalie, Ronnie, Lydia, Jessie and mostly herself.

What a waste of space. Never obeyed the rules and had no gameplay whatsoever. Say what you want about Lawon, but he had some sort of strategy. Chima is the worst player in my eyes.

I can understand why she did that. The producers screwed her over with the coup d'etat. But I think she should've just worn her microphone so that way she would still be in the game and could have revenge on jeff.

15 James Huling - Big Brother 17

The dumbest player of Season 17 and I'm furious he won the money from America's Favorite Player because he SUCKED. He made one terrible move after another, it was painful to watch how dumb he and Meg were in this game. I don't get why he is popular. Because he put up Shelli and Clay? Wow, what an achievement. He didn't even get the person he wanted out.

And then he flips on Becky and keeps Vanessa, the biggest threat and manipulator in the house?! Then he sends Becky home?! WHAT?! He and Meg practically gave the money to the other side of the house. With Becky in the game and Vanessa out, one of them might have actually won.

James is doing great in bb18, staying below the radar. Everyone trusts him and no one has thrown out his name at all. Granted, everyone in BB18 are emotional and VERY DUMB.

Obnoxious player who played the floater game well but should not been America's Favorite Player in the slightest. He accomplished nothing impressive at all.

If he follows through with his plan to evict Shelli instead of Vanessa, he will be by FAR the dumbest player of this season.

16 Aaryn Gries - Big Brother 15 Aaryn Elizabeth Williams is an American reality television personality, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and former model from San Marcos, Texas. She is best known for her appearance as a contestant on the reality television show Big Brother 15.

I do think Aaryn had great potential to be a strong player as she performs well in challenges and is pretty smart, but unfortunately she made too many racist comments which hurts her likability and would give a poor social game.

All racism aside, she was nowhere near the worst player of BB15 like this list seems to suggest. She recognized she was playing on the wrong side of the house and switched over to Amanda/Helen. Plus, she was a competition beast.

Aaryn made some unforgettable comments on national T.V. having to do with race, but she was one of the best players on season 15. Yes, she was racist, but so was GinaMarie and I can't seem to find GM on this list anywhere. She's the one who should be listed as a bad player!

People are just saying this because she was racist. She played a very strong game, being nominated a lot in the early part, then letting people control her nominations. Very smart game played.

17 Jessie Kowalski - Big Brother 15

She is the best player to ever play the game and she would beat Dan in a unanimous vote. Actually, she wouldn't because the girls would be "jealous" and catty and vote her out because she is the prettiest.

I love Jessie. But she didn't even have a gameplay. And when she tried a big move she couldn't even execute it. She had potential but she threw it all away quick.

Objectively speaking, the only reason she even won that Veto was for the same reason Victoria from BB16 did - she was just given the win.

18 Lydia Tavera - Big Brother 11

She was obsessed with Jessie since Week 1, if it was different and she didn't go off the block week one chima would've most likely go home and she'd have Kevin, Jeff, Jordan, Michele, Braden, Laura, Casey, and maybe Ronnie as allies. But no she fell under control of Jessie and dragged Kevin with her. Ugh

She didn't have much game; she was blinded by Jessie the whole time and asked people to vote her out just to be with Jessie.

Was there for Jessie.

19 Amanda Zuckerman - Big Brother 15

She went more than half of the game having never won a competition and still manipulating everyone in the house. She used her loud mouth and ability to get in people's heads as strategy. Sometimes she took it a step too far, but ultimately she played a strong strategic game and they all feared her. I loved her, and if she made it to the final two she would've won hands down.

Amanda will go down as one of the most disgusting houseguests ever to have played Big Brother. She was a mental nut, a bully, envious, nasty and racist trash. She tried to pattern her game similar to Dick and Will and despite how scummy the other HGs were they wised up and got her evicted. Didn't like her nor her crazy antics that many found to be entertaining.

Are people only ranking her this high because of her behavior? All questionable comments aside, she was one of the few people that season actually playing the game. She basically ran the house for half of it. How exactly is she a bad player from a game standpoint?

Please move her up on the list. Why did no one care that she was producer Allison's good FRIEND?! Being a controlling personality can certainly work in a game, but the whining when things didn't go her way jsut made me sorry for everyone who knows her in real life.

20 David Girton - Big Brother 15

Hahaaaha! I didn't know people like him even existed! I seriously think he had a learning disability... Or he was on drugs. It seemed as if he didn't know where he was. Haha! He cracked me up though--because he was so dumb.

This guy should be in the top 10! He was so roped into his early showmance with Aaryn and he didn't see that the Moving Company was planning his demise. One big dope!

Why isn't this guy on the list (or in the top ten)? He was LITERALLY the dumbest player in his season

And stupidity takes human form in this man right here.

21 Jenn Arroyo - Big Brother 14

Won the point of view, stupidly used it on Dan, CLAIMED she made a "big move" (yet Dan was the one that really did it for her), then gets taken out by him two weeks later.

She was a good person, and I think if she wasn't so close with Frank and closer with Shane and Danielle, she could've won.

How is she not in the top ten? She's almost like the original Victoria.

Big Move Jenn City! She was mostly there for comic relief and was vacationing. Shes one of the biggest floaters in BB history!

22 Elissa Slater - Big Brother 15

Would've been booted pre-jury if not for the MVP twist. Speaking of which, I wonder what would've happened if she actually was booted pre-jury...

Elissa once I knew she was RACHEL'S SISTER I didn't care if she was nice or not borderline hate her the strongest word I could think of.

She was popular because of her sister, but her gameplay and social skills were horrible.

I wonder what Rachel thought of her game? Because I thought it was more than awful

23 Jacob Heald - Big Brother 9

Jacob only had ONE JOB. All he had to do was shut up. That's all he had to do.

So bad, you forgot he exists.

This guy exists!

24 Tiffany Rousso - Big Brother 18
25 GinaMarie Zimmerman - Big Brother 15

She is so crazy over Nick, who was evicted weeks ago, and has a shrine devoted to him. She is also very poor when it comes to strategy, just following Aaryn's commands.

Let's give her credit where it's due; she made the big move of the season by putting up McCranda and directly evicting Amanda (she broke the tie).

Disgusting, hateful, racist pig. Psychotic AND dumb as a bag of rocks to boot.

One of Big Brother's most annoying cast members of all time. She was insanely clueless and acted like a middle schooler.

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