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United States
Well I don't think there should be any such list as Worst countries. I know every country has its own bad times. I'm from India and am really hurt to see it placed fourth. I know our country is going through a harsh time but I believe we will get over it. Finger crossed. Well I have no problem with United States it is a powerful nation. But the too much westernization it is bringing about in the world along with other European countries, I personally am not in favour with it. We Eastern countries are losing our feet and culture.
how the heck is india higher than china? china should be number 1 on this list! all those who voted for india are bloody racists! largest democracy! freedom of speech thought and everything! united states police are too strict! african countries civil war... pakistan terrorism... afghanistan almost anarchy... china government controls literally evrything and internet and information is tabood... north korea too... iraq iran total confusion! but whats 1 negative about india? and where is australia? >:/
They have the highest number of racist people. The government spends most of its money on army. Medicine is really expensive, as well as education.
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2North Korea
You guys do not know what the definition of "worst" is. America has contributed so much to history and yes, it made huge mistakes in the past but it is nothing compared to North Korea. I am an Asian and I acknowledge that North Korea is the worst Country ever. From the very start, this Country was doomed. It fell into the hands of a corrupted man called Kim Il-Sung and it just fell from there. North Korea is now simply a propaganda piece held together by a government that prides themselves in brainwashing people. There is not one positive point I can say about this Country. North Korea disgusts me and I will openly and proudly say that North Korea is the worst Country I have ever known.
People who voted for the United States over North Korea must be insane. In the United States you're free to practice your religious beliefs without worry of being murdered because the government decided to ignore human rights and outlaw the ability to follow it. In the United States you can preach about how your leader is terrible if that's your opinion without being thrown into jail, executed, or facing punishment. In the United States you don't have to avoid displaying any affection for your lover in public.

The fact of it is that in North Korea you do have to worry about the things listed above. North Korea oppresses, indoctrinates, and strips away the rights of its people. It's one of the worst places in the world and anybody who would speak about how places like India, America, or almost anywhere in the world are worse clearly need to reevaluate their history or their sense of morality.
The country is has one of the most oppressive governments in the entire nation and previously one of the cruelest dictators. The government has committed thousands of crimes (including murder). They also refuse to have relations with any other nations. Their country is armed with nuclear weapons and the threat of them using them is very real.
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Definitely the worst. Pakistan should manage to get a first place in this.
Terror terror all around filth on the roads! People mean what more are the requirements for the fist place winner?
Worst worst worst
It should be awarded first prize in this list... How can anyone like Pakistan? Impossible liking it
HA! I'm so rapt that this country is on third place but I really feel sorry that they are not on the first place.. Don't worry people, Pakistan would be on top within a few years.. I'm from Bangladesh, and honestly I hate Pakistan badly for what they did to us back in 1952 & 1971.. What a SHAMELESS NATION! And I'm feeling so damn happy that Bangladesh is out of this list..
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Watch out, ladies (local or foreign). India is now the rape capital of the world.
Sick people give importance to their culture, religion... Total sick incredible idiots
All of you smart asses
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1. Zimbawbe is a nice place. Although, with that ruler, I guess it isn't exactly paradise.

2. On this page people are being so racist. I come from Australia and no, they're is no racism on Australia here. Now, I do think Australia is the best country but that is for an obvious reason. I come from there, and everyone has a right to their opinion. But they DON'T have the right to write or speak racist comments. Especially, when you're not even giving us a reason why you're being a racist:

Stupid ascents, stupid places, stupid everything I have a american guy in my class (stupid)

"Americans think they are the best, but they are not.
I hope they will be nuked from North Korea.

"Hurricanes, Tornadoes and terrible crimes

Ok I'm fine with the last one but the first 2 ones? Let's start with the first one. Whoever wrote that you are a racist and a beep. Is it the kid's fault he's american. Is they're any problem with it? NO! Stupid accents? 1 I love they're accents and 2 let's here YOUR ACCENT HUH? I bet you sound like a freak of nature and I really hope so.

It's obvious why people are starting to say stupid places, accents and stupid everything. The second comment's writer is an idiot. They obviously don't know that Americans are proud and are very patriotic. USA is a paradise and just because people living in disadvantaged countries they're starting to take out America. By the way do YOU HAVE NYC SAN FRAN LA MIAMI YOSEMITE YELLOWSTONE CALIFORNIA FLORIDA OR INCREDIBLY CHEAP BREAKFAST? (I got four pancakes with ice cream at someplace for 50c. It's easy living and it's paradise.
I understand zimbabwe is pretty messed up but every country has it's problem but every foriegn country from the us always hate the us I mean what is wrong with people america is very confused but so is all these countries I reckon we should all just respect each other where on human race but we all hate each other it's just sad

You'd get slapped, bro.
The same as the UK

7United Kingdom
The country which destroyed the whole culture of India... Stole all concepts of science.. I must tell you that gravitation was first done by Bhaskaracharya not Newton... This is the country which destroyed the whole country.
I'm from the uk myself, and we've had a pretty messed up past.
This country is a real cancer to the whole world, they enslaved the Native people in their former colonies.
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There's nothing that makes Afghanistan a redeeming state. The country has been at war for decades. That any country other than Afghanistan, Somalia or Congo is on the top is unbelievable.


Disgusting, horrible, immoral, paedophiles. I'm sick of 'lack of education' being used as an excuse. I imagine most races wouldn't have to go to school to realize that raping children is immoral, disgusting and pathetic. But, they do it on thursdays, and god forgives them on fridays, therefore it's acceptable.
There is nothing it's just ridiculous...
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9South Korea
This country is evaluated by persons and countries having the common sense as follows,
Always making troubles at any time and anywhere,
Impossible to coexist in the mutual international Community, and
No use for the sustainable harmonization of the global environment.
The people have a low level of culture.
That's all!
As the same as north korea.
Both countries are the identical stocks.
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There is an Albanian town in Greece, and the Albanians there are treated with little to no respect, and have no civil rights just because they are Albanian.
Greeks are one of the most racist at country.
There police do not hunt criminals, but every morning Arrest ImmigrantS who are looking for jobs. there racism is behind logic

The Contenders

They went into Palestine and forced the original people there out of there homes completely because of there religion to create there own religious country. Religion has been the largest cause of war ever and this has already caused 2 wars and much terrorism.

Jews can't even marry gentiles. That's a similar thing hitler did. They need to create a Palestinian state And give them technology similar to their's to make up for what happened.
stole the land, bulldozing the natives houses, killing children, builds "Jewish only" settlement on the land of the native people, killing dozens of peace activist, etc. etc.
Most dangerous country with nukes. They try to create chaos


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In Russia to live cool, while others say in the media about Russia only bad things that other countries are often promoted Russophobia, in other countries, media for people always lie about the Russia
omg. I just saw a documentary about the environmental issues over there. Bursting of oil pipelines, air pollution and not to mention the areas of radiation. *shudder"
Russia is not so much problem today but has been for a long time in the past
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13Sri Lanka
The WORST country of All-time!


How come India is ahead of Sri Lanka!
Mahatma Gandhi is a Billion times better than Sarath Ponseka and Jawaharlal Nehru is a Million times better than Ranasinghe Premadasa!
The bad conditions of poor parts of India but with genocide

I really love Poland, I go there all the time, I speak Polish and I really don't think it should be on a list of 'Worst Countries', however, I noticed that I am treated some what differently compared to all the locals due to the fact that I don't look like a typical Polish person. Not both my parent are Polish which makes me half Polish and half Arab...
This automatically means that I get the whole street staring at me as if I've just jumped from the moon. Thankfully, its not everyone :)

I wouldn't really call it racism, just maybe ignorance about others.
Otherwise, Poland is great!

The best country in this part of Europe. But someone put bad words in media about Serbia. If they don't like Serbia and Serbs why they do visit most famous music festivals in Serbia? Most of people missjudged Serbia as a savage people which they aren't.
Serbs made the word "balkanisation" mean splitting up into separate states following a violent civil war.
Serbians are arrogant and racist.


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There is a civil war that is starving and killing everyone there

Sudan, It's what's for breakfast!

18Saudi Arabia
I lived in this horrible country, nothing to do there, Everything is "Haram"
A lot of Indians and Pakistanis, weather is so hot, streets are very very crowded, specially on Thursday, and those religious people! , it's just horrible country
worst country they think that there country is at utmost in this world
no religion freedom
they are lucky only because of petroleum
but besides this they have nothing, and also after some after 40 years this
resource also get depleted

I Respect the relegion there! But the heat is So Intense!

It's simply the worst and disgusting. I really hate it. Everything is stollen, everything is wrong and everyone is corrupted!
There is no freedom!

People just like 2 fight
They have bombs and nuclear weapons, they should be no. 1!


Worst country in earth.Too many violent people and too many mafia!


23Equatorial Guinea


Im Glad not being There
1. Everybody there is fighting with somebody.
2. It ties with DRC as the least developed country on Earth
3. Its too poor
4. Bad government but most people are nice - while the leader is doin nothin, people are starving and fighting
Let me tell you the reason why I hate Somalia
1. Somalia has no government since 1991
2. Somalia has Somali Pirates
3. Somalia has Somali Civil War
4. Somalia is dangerous to go

26South Africa


Worst country in my opinion! No human rights
Everbody there thinks his special
Very greedy people
And no respect to human relegion

Why would you post Canada on there, Canada is Best!

I lived in China for 5 years, My company sent me to work there, it's the most depressive place on the Universe, No doubt about it, I'll never go there again
A communist country with multiple human rights violations all while supporting other Autocratic nations around the World
Truly needs a revolution to bring rights to the country
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Really bad human rights.


Shortest living period, only 36 years! And many people have AIDS...


Too many people there have AIDS




Pretty name but I feel bad 4 people who live there

Philippines is not worst country, It's more fun in the Philippines, do not hate the Philippines because the filipino is kind and helpful too, we must love the Philippines vote for the Philippines!
Philippines is a simple country. Corruption and poverty was the most problem but this country was very friendly and nice to be with. So I can say that it is not country. I stayed here for 2 years.

What!? Japan is in 41TH place? Why, its awesome!


Clearly Indonesia was beautyfull country ever, and the friendly locals its looks very good, I've stayed there 2 years.
But the corrupted government maked bad opinion of the people.

Well I go on vacation with sone friends in Malaysia, the place is cool! Especially the Pulau Langkawi, the beach is so nice, good place to travel but.. In the city, there is a little bit of trash on the street.. well by the way PULAU LANGKAWI AND SEPANG!

Dokdo is clearly Korean territory
The first evidence is that according to international law, Dokdo is Korea territory.
Secondly, Dokdo, along with Ulleungdo, have been Korean territory continuously since the year 512.
Lastly, Korean residents and Korea's Dokdo defense Regiment is staying at Dokdo at this moment
Although it is clear Dokdo is ours, why does Japan insist it's their territory?
World need to know the truth and reality.
Think backward.
Think that you are kicked and killed with no reason.
Also be plundered by someone we helped each other long ago.
No, That is not important. They always do and act like slaves. In ancient age, They were slave of China like other countries. But in Senkoku age, They independent from China. And these days, they have 2nd big economic market in Asia. Your Bushido made your country stronger. But it can make your country to fall and fail too.
Well, they will sink. don't they?
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Turkey is simply the worst!





51El Salvador

Totally worst country to live with corrupted government and
women do not have freedom
low literacy
low standard of living
created civil war in FRANCE IN 1960S
Algeria is A very pro country at plants but the bad people likes to burn them


Spain is falling in pieces guys!






The country has a corrupt government and people don't have running water and toilets so people take dumps on the beach where it would be washed off into the Atlantic Ocean. Watch out Florida!

The Worst Healthcare, The Worst highways, The Worst Politicans

The Worst Country in the World!




In my opinion very good country visited it!
It's food such as couscous and tajine are simply delightful!





69Democratic Republic of Congo

Catholic church menage country

Chad has expierenced several fights a day if you want to travel there go to n'djemena avoid the north and east





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