Worst Foreigners In Singapore

Same things I hated about those mentioned: Foreigners can get Singapore citizenship without doing 2-years National Service.

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This term refers to people from People's Republic of China.
Though majority Singaporeans are Chinese (75%), this figure includes PRC, Taiwanese & HongKongers. PRCs were well-known for its rude & bad behaviours. They robbed everything from Singaporean, including girls from Singapore!

They stirred troubles and ruined Singaporeans' lives:---
1) One PRC student refer Singaporeans as dogs.

2) One Permanent Resident, from PRC, complained about the smell of the curry (can be chicken, mutton, etc) cooked by an Indian (Singaporean) family.

3) Two drivers (bus driver & a rich man in a Ferrari) from PRC killed an elderly pedestrian & a taxi driver (both Chinese Singaporean) respectively.

They also treat the place as rubbish and just do whatever they can, speak louder at 200% volume as they like, thinking the government of Singapore will protect them!

PRC is the source of stressful environment in university - normal distribution mark - if you know what I mean

The worst! All back to PRC

Why you never share my comment ah? You arrogant ah, look down on Chinese what?

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Few are good to me. There are people who prefered American culture than to British culture. You can hear the American accent through any English channels & even radio.

Well, unfortunately, good Americans in Singapore are just minority.

Note your women are great as well, you don't look after them enough

Not true at all don't include non American, sounds like you had a bad experience


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All talk, theories and excuses but lacking in facts, essence, integrity, honesty and logic.

They have the entitlement mentality but are lacking in ability, sincerity, dedication and commitment bunch of liars and loser daydreamers.

Bloody irritating people especially their native language and excessive noise empty vessels make the most noise.

Substandard or low quality university graduates you only need to Google it to know that the best Philippine university is ranked 1,000 & above on the global scale.

Test their practical knowledge and they will give you a textbook answer.

Ask them to think and they become numbed and speechless.

Ask them to deliver and they will take forever, or nothing happens.

They are pretentious and extremely arrogant and think too highly of themselves but have nothing to show for except for their incessant gibberish talking.

They have the crowd or small town mentality and don't know the difference between right and wrong plain stupid!

They have very shallow ideals and are talented at taking advantage of others because their 3rd world country can't even take care of their own kind. After exhausting their host country's resources they will return home to waste it on luxuries or drunk relatives. When money runs out they will be on the road to sucker the next country willing to hire them to support their wasteful lifestyle.

I got 1 working with me, when tell to do something, he either do it wrong or just blur. Likes to apple polish the higher bosses

Personally, I think Filipino society has been suffering from psychological identity sickness, that they are ashamed to be themselves. As a result, they are trying to be someone or something else. For example, ethnically, Filipinos are trying to be non-Filipino or non-Asians, they claimed to be something else (Spanish-blood, negro, pacific islander, American). In genders, this society psychological sickness devour even worse, transgenders are everywhere. Male tries to be female, many of them are psychologically lost in their own mind thinking they are female trapped in a wrong body. This is the negative psychological result of a rotten society. There are more examples of this trying-to-be-someone-else that can be seen everywhere in Filipinos lifestyle.

Noisy, arrogant, proud, annoying, public nuisance, shameless, 3rd world mentality, sense of entitlement especially when it comes to securing a job in Singapore, lousy qualifications, bad English in terms of pronunciation and spelling, talk without thinking, ungrateful, disgusting, no logic when they talk, always try to smoke you, side with one another and cover up for their mistakes, like to gather among themselves and speak in Tagalog most of the time, hypocritical, backstabbers, do not integrate well and stick out like a sore thumb and the list goes on and on

They talk too much without valid reasons. It is their way of life to squander time talking rubbish stuffs, especially on a Sunday afternoon on Orchard Road.

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They're dirty perverts who ogle and touch everyone, guys and girls included.

Doing most of the construction sites, even the MRT tunnel. Flirt Filipina maid, make them pregnant.


You might herd the maids, there are a maid who came the first day of work an stole the jewels an valuable stuff.
I had a maid that is from burma the ran out of my house.
About most Burmese maid do that ran out of house or steal stuff from your house.
I have hired Burmese maid before and they all ran out for no reason.

Too many of them in workplaces, schools. All thanks to the military rules at that time. I believe that majority will return to their homeland as 3/4 of the government is ruled by civilians since 2011.

They are maids but they expect full citizen level treatment

They are burmese come here to work and study but they don't want themselves to be known as maid. So what they want to be known as?

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6Sri Lankan

They cut the queues when a bus or MRT is coming (In my own perception).

Now few are working in Singapore.


They are all stupid especially my Indonesian maid. She can't understand what I say in simple English😡😡😡

Wonder what the people in India or Russia will think of you when you can't speak their language, or be it in Indonesia or Malaysia

Ugh Indonesian maids nowadays... Just want to molest or have sex with their employers.

Like flirty maid yuk

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It should have been placed at number 6. The reason is due to the former Romanian diplomat involved in a hit-&-run accident in Bukit Panjang in 2009.

However, due to the unfamiliarity of the Romanians, I cannot conclude that Romanian are hated at a higher level.


Though a "cousin" in political & cultural case with Singapore, Malaysian (especially Chinese) tend to be proud and feel that they are the emperor here.

They love to bring their racism to our country

They expelled Singapore and now Singapore is more succesful than them however they still think that they are more succesful than us

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Too many old Singaporean men married a Vietnamese wives through bride agencies. Yet, some ended up at prostitution.

Still, their conducts of behaviour in Singapore are quite acceptable.

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NATO - No Action, Talk Only. In the workplace, they are the kind that give the most excuses while throwing away all their tasks to other people. I think integrity-wise, they are the worst.

If you work for an Indian boss, chances are high that s/he is a person who thinks that s/he owns your life just because s/he pays you salary.

They eat anywhere, whether at the void deck, or the open field. Too unhygienic!

Indians only good at stealing jobs and giving excuses. Horrible work and time ethics!

Indians talk big can't work!

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