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21 Let It Be

How dare he sing this song! I love The Beatles, but that idiot is trying to ruin this song!

JB ruined one of the best Beatles songs ever! He should not be allowed to touch another Beatles song EVER! And Baby sucks!

Oh, is that your made up Justin Bieber song? Nice! Reminds me that Justin Bieber is the worst singer ever and we don't even prove he exists. Oh yeah, I don't even trust Justin Bieber exists. If he ruins anymore good songs like Don't stop belivin' or We built this city, we will destroy him! Haha!

Beatles Let it be is a classic but Justin Bieber's let it be is like picking up the boogers.

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22 Bigger Bigger V 1 Comment
23 Die In Your Arms Die In Your Arms

Die in her arms right now so you can stop making music, you idiot.

Die in Steroid Mario's arms, Bieber.

Forgettable, messy chorus, voice not even in sync with the music

Just die already

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24 Dr. Bieber

He barley raps in this song, most of it is just music and what his fans say about him... It sounds pretty shallow actually.

What the hell?! A song called Dr. Bieber?! Wow Justin, that's just awful, a sad excuse for a song name... - Number18

I cracked up when I saw this ha ha ha help me I can't stop laughing. Dr Bieber? That is hilarious.

Woah woah woah woah... THIS WAS WRITTEN BY A BOY?!?!? that's weird... - NoOreoForU

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25 No Pressure No Pressure V 1 Comment
26 Nothing Like Us Nothing Like Us

The most touching song ever I have listen... Just love this song... So cute song... Love you JB

27 Up Up

What, you idiots like Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber is a joke!

I like songs

I love Justin Bieber songs

Love love this song very much. This is such a
Ossom song. I love you jb. This song make
You fell special.

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28 All I Want for Christmas Is You All I Want for Christmas Is You V 2 Comments
29 Drummer Boy Drummer Boy
30 Fa La La Fa La La

This song is my favourite because it's different than all others. I love him.

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31 Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Justin Bieber Version)

He killed the song that I loved so much as a little kid

He ruined a classic. Hopefully he won't ruin Rudolph the red nosed reindeer. - NoOreoForU

Santa Claus is not even real, I don't care about this song, what I care about is he shuts off

The arthur christmas version is that one it - VideoGamefan5

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32 Next to You Next to You

Chris Brown and Justin Bieber? Sounds terrible. - WonkeyDude98

Chris Brown made Next to You a masterpiece.

Justin Bieber made Next to You a nightmare.

Imagine if Pac-Man & Amy Rose performed this song being voiced by chris Brown & Miley Cyrus.

33 Favorite Girl Favorite Girl

Gosh, why isn't this higher on the list? It's SO ANNOYING! When you hear the intro, you KNOW that it's gonna suck.

34 All that Matters All that Matters

Hey guys! Just got done listening to Justin Bieber now I can no longer hear.

35 Hotel California Hotel California

Are you seriously insulting Hotel California?! And this is not a Justin Bieber song! This is such a heartfelt, catchy, witty, sharp, underrated song by Eagles.

Worst Bieber song in my opinion

36 Purpose Purpose

This is the stupidest song ever I seen. - windowsuser9999

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37 Yellow Raincoast Yellow Raincoast
38 Born to Be Somebody Born to Be Somebody

So not in love with this so craping

And I could've sworn that this song would be called "Born to Be a Nobody"!

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39 Get Used to It Get Used to It V 2 Comments
40 No Sense No Sense

This song doesn't make any sense (You get the joke) - TheTop10Man

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