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41 The Lazy Song - Bruno Mars

Harsh... I don't know why, I hate this boy though he's got good voice... Maybe the reasons are his stupid music videos? - Fan_of_Good_Music

The regular video is pretty sleazy, but the alternative one actually does do a lot more for the song. - WonkeyDude98

42 Dubi Dam Dam - Banaroo
43 Rude Boy - Rihanna

When watching this I was all like what the heck is this?

44 Dicke Anna - Kid Bob
45 From Zero to Hero - Sarah Connor
46 Oops!... I Did It Again - Britney Spears
47 The Robots - Kraftwerk
48 Teeny Weeny String Bikini - Gunther
49 Forced Gender Reassignment - Cattle Decapitation

The music video is too dark, gruesome, and full of sexual violence I actually risked curiosity just to watch it but when I saw it, I felt I wanna kill myself! - Neonco31

The music video was so bad that YouTube removed it

V 1 Comment
50 Dooo It! - Miley Cyrus V 1 Comment
51 Tennis Court - Lorde

The song is good but the video is Lorde just standing there - JaysTop10List

52 Wiggle - Jason Derulo Wiggle - Jason Derulo
53 All of the Lights - Kanye West All of the Lights - Kanye West

This song's video is one of the biggest reasons why I can't stand Kanye. The video has several flashing lights so there is an epilepsy warning at the beginning, so much that they made a less flashy video.

Kanye, you're a jerk. - WonkeyDude98

There was so many flashing lights, they had to put an epilepsy warning.

This movie is a hommage to the great French art movie "Enter the Void" and it perfectly copies its visuals and atmosphere. It is not at all bad, it is just one huge movie reference, much like "Stronger" is a hommage to "Akira". - Martin_Canine

54 Fancy - Iggy Azalea Fancy - Iggy Azalea

Just stupid and annoying

55 Stop That Train - Vanilla Ice
56 Bad Blood - Taylor Swift

I don't get why everyone loves the video. It's got nothing to do with the song. It's (the song) is about two people who were once happy and friends, but now are enemies. The video is just people acting tough, when there really just being stupid. The song isn't much better, the original is way better (it's on Taylor Swift's album 1989).

The lyrics have nothing to do with the video and it looks like Hunger Games and Tron

57 Happiness In Slavery - Nine Inch Nails

How is this only number 116? A guy gets dressed up for like a ceremony, a machine straps him down, strips him, and rips off his nipples and his blood fertilizes some garden. Then it peels his skin. Lastly (yes, you get a wang shot) then the machine rips off his wang and he enjoys it. This should be number one

58 Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo Talk Dirty - Jason Derulo
59 Tarzan & Jane - Toy-Box
60 Bigroom Blitz - Scooter
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