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141 Don't Stop - 5 Seconds of Summer Don't Stop - 5 Seconds of Summer

Okay, I'm a huge fan of 5sos. I've heard all of their songs and I love them. But this song is complete and utter trash. Even that band hates the damn thing.

Like one direction, they suck at their best... Talentless gerbage

142 Can't Stop Dancin' - Becky G Can't Stop Dancin' - Becky G V 1 Comment
143 All I Got - Hendersin All I Got - Hendersin

You wanna hear a rap song worse than Anaconda? This is your ultimate destination. - SelfDestruct

144 I Don't F*** With You - Big Sean

I also don't give a care about this song, Big Sean

145 Style - Taylor Swift Style - Taylor Swift

They played this song on the bus today to school. Here's the thing Taylor, you ARE out of style. And never will go back in style. So be quiet! - Catacorn

Stop releasing terrible pop music and go back to country, PLEASE! Or I might as well continue to contrast you with Erasure!

Annoying stupid auto tuned and repetitive

I'm pretty sure that is not really Taylor swifts voice in the song.

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146 Burnin' Up - Jessie J. Burnin' Up - Jessie J.

Its trash that sounds like trash, to be honest. Jessie J. doesn't not suck but this track sure does.

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147 Can't Believe It - Flo Rida Can't Believe It - Flo Rida

Nowhere near 2014 but still the stupidest song in the history of stupidness.

He stole the beat from "infinity" by infinity ink and added awful lyrics that a 5 year old could write better. Pitbull's verse is so cringeworthy that I felt like driving off a cliff when I heard it. Go and listen to infinity instead of this garbage.

148 Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds - The Flaming Lips Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds - The Flaming Lips

A new low for The Flaming Lips. Even for Moby. Especially when they're singing this cover with Miley Cyrus!

Beatles original: GREATNESS (also recommended: the Elton John cover)
Flaming Lips/Moby/Miley Cyrus remake: Eh, I'd rather hear the William Shatner rendition.

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149 If Only - Maya Payne If Only - Maya Payne

Worst song ever in my opinion! I'm alec sanders! I'm an 11 year old boy who is also a moron

I did not expect to see this song on the list. This song is good. - madoog

150 Beautiful World - Blasterjaxx Beautiful World - Blasterjaxx
151 Till It Hurts - Yellow Claw Till It Hurts - Yellow Claw
152 Shotgun - Yellow Claw Shotgun - Yellow Claw
153 Another Man - Itch Another Man - Itch
154 The Heart Wants It Wants - Selena Gomez The Heart Wants It Wants - Selena Gomez

This song is boring. This song has that cliche snapping. - madoog

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155 Don't Tell Em - Jeremih Don't Tell Em - Jeremih

Honestly I hate this song with a passion, I don't understand why it isn't in the top 10

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156 Hideaway - Kiesza Hideaway - Kiesza

This song sounds old and annoying. Screw this song. - madoog

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157 Fight Night - Migos Fight Night - Migos
158 Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson Love Never Felt So Good - Michael Jackson

You do know he died five years before 2014, right?

159 My N***a - YG

This song gets on my nerves, its horrible

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160 La La La - Naughty Boy La La La - Naughty Boy
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