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81Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) - Silento

Guys! The Whip/Nae Nae is dead already! Stop worrying about it! (this is not a defense for this song. Also, it came out in 2015! ) - SelfDestruct

You know your song is bad when it's a contender in next year's worst list.

This song is horrible, but it came out in 2015. - Spark_Of_Life

I hate this song but it's from 2015.

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82I Hate U, I Love U - Gnash

The song is so boring. The incredibly simple and repetitive piano chords and Gnash's dull vocals make it sound more like a lullaby and less like a legitimate R&B song. I tried to analyze the lyrics while listening to it, but I fell asleep before it ended. He failed at making a sad song, because the only feeling I was getting was anger over the song not ending quick enough. 3/10, I'm not feeling it at all. - yaygiants16

This is really good. The lyrics are clever going through the aftermath of a breakup, better than say, Charlie Puth. Both artists have nice voices over a nice beat and it all flows so boringly that it is perfect - ProPanda

Say Something Part 2. In every way. 4.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

I actually like this song though. 4/5 cause gnash is kinda dull no offense - AlphaQ

This is a great song! 9/10

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83Rise - Katy Perry

Sorry guys, but this song is nowhere even near a three. It's a rehashed Dark Horse, but even if they are much better than the cluttered Dark Horse metaphors, it's basically Katy's same "be strong" anthem made over and over again like a broken tape. At least Taylor Swift differentiates between her songs. - Swellow

This song is totally like her other hit singles like Roar and Dark Horse which all the songs Max Martin produced. The composition is more darker and very deep compare to Dark Horse which more brighter and very close to Legendary Lover. While they lyrics is something like she never done before. While her voice is same like Dark Horse except when she sing the pre-chorus. By the way, I'll give it 4.1/5 for its mature sounds and she don't work with teribble producer, Dr. Luke. - BeaM456

This is actually one of her best songs, Rise is more mature and progressive. I would've gave it a 5/5, but its being overplayed like crazy, so sadly, it's a stiff 4/5. - Catacorn

How much a song is played on the radio should not contribute to a rating. - madoog

Worst song 8 out of 100

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84Friends with Benefits - KSI & MNDM

You guys think that Panda's lazy? At least it had a little bit of variety. The first and second halves of this song are literally the same. - SwagFlicks

Let me elaborate. The instrumental, while better than most party beats today, still sounds extremely tired and unoriginal. And it's painfully obvious at the watered-down drop. KSI and MNDM (sorry, &) sound extremely uninspired (especially at the second verse and chorus) and sound like they did their contributions in one take. And the emphasis on the B in the final two bars of the chorus gets really old really fast. Oh, and I mentioned this before, but both halves of the song are the same.

At the very least, Panda had energy. It had variety. This has none of that. - SwagFlicks

85Too Good - Drake

I don't hate the singing here, and I actually like the icy tropical beat, but these lyrics...first off, Drake's blaming RIHANNA for playing the victim, but Drake's been playing the victim throughout the whole album, and second, "I'm too good TO you", I SHOULD BE TREATING YOU WORSE RIGHT NOW. Ugh. 3/5 - WonkeyDude98

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86Kill Em with Kindness - Selena Gomez

I actually like this a bit. The icy clipped synth fits into the groove pretty well, Selena's deadpan vocals fit with the song's lyrical content and tone, and the whistling is so catchy it's almost infuriating. Not quite as good as the controlled, lowkey Hands to Myself (and cue the downvotes), but still solid. 4.5/5 - WonkeyDude98

Gave this a few more listens and found myself enjoying it after a while. My first comment was made after only one listen. Selena does have a good voice,and the synths are very complimentary to the song but I just can't get behind the whistling. I find it more annoying than catchy. The lyrics are a tad repetitive as well. 6/10. - Spark_Of_Life

Annoying. I hate Selena and I wish she would retire. Her voice is so flawed. This song makes Justin Bieber look like Michael Jackson. - Gamecubesarecool193

She made a good instrumental crap. The autotune makes her voice sound like she's 40 years older than she actually is.

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87This Town - Niall Horan

Boring song with boring lyrics, boring beat and no personality. The worst part about this song is that it will be all over top 40 radio soon.

Now this prick has a solo career! Crap, now all the 5SoS fangirls will be drooling over his quiffs and monotonous voice. - Swellow

Boring, annoying, and irritating. Soon this will be all over the radio. So sick of slow, boring songs.

Discount Ed Sheeran

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88Starving - Hailee Steinfeld & Grey

"I didn't know that I was starving till I tasted you". I don't know if this song about falling in love with someone or oral sex.

I'm STARVING for a DECENT SONG FROM ZEDD! I mean, compare this to "Stay The Night" and "Beautiful Now". They are dance songs. This is typical pop that can be compared to Fifth Harmony, Shawn Mendes and MORE

Okay and catchy song but the parts where it sounds like a SIX YEAR OLD GIRL SCREAMING GIBBERISH ruined the whole song.

Hailee sucks at this. Zedd sort of saved the song, I guess.

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89All We Know - The Chainsmokers

Phoebe Ryan sounds like an eight year old. That coupled with a mediocre drop and an overall air of boredom that hangs around this means bye. - Spark_Of_Life

I can't be the only one who likes this, can I? - ProPanda

90That's My Girl - Fifth Harmony

While this is better than Work From Home or Not That Kinda Girl, it's still torturous, purely musically. The instrumentation is a mess. The horns are farty and they randomly interject into these awkward squeals. And then there's the chorus, another beast entirely. They harmonize, I can say that, but you clearly hear Camila over the rest, and that's a bad thing because the chorus is so loud and stuffed that it feels like it's closing in. -1/5 - WonkeyDude98

This has one of the most annoying hooks and instrumentation of all time

91Kiss It Better - Rihanna

Kiss what better? What is it? This song sounds like an R&B song from a previous decade. It sounds old. Why are people keep making songs that sound old? Get Lucky - Daft Punk feat. Pharrell, Old School Love - Lupe Fiasco feat. Ed Sheeran, Sober - Childish Gambino, Hideaway - Kiesza, All About That Bass - Meghan Trainor, Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars, Can't Feel My Face - The Weeknd, Hotline Bling - Drake, Back To Sleep - Chris Brown, this, No - Meghan Trainor, and now Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande. Enough! Who is next? Happy by Pharrell is an exception. I like Happy. This song has an annoying whiny electric guitar. This song was overwhelming to listen to. So much nostalgia - madoog

Work was a hit, and this wasn't?! What a crime. - WonkeyDude98

"Needed Me" is better than this song.

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92Side to Side - Ariana Grande

People obviously don't have taste in music by putting this song on the list, this song is amazing

This song is horrible and so is Ariana Garbage.

Honestly, I kinda love this! I still feel like Ariana Grande has a ways to go before she has genuine sensuality, but honestly, the great reggae production not only does me so many favors, but the subject matter...

*laughs* Not even Nicki Minaj's verse could make this more gloriously dirty! 5/5, maybe even better than Into You! - WonkeyDude98

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93Fight Song - Rachel Platten

Yes, this song sucks, but it came out in 2015. Please fact check before adding anything to a list. - Spark_Of_Life

To be fair, Wildfire was released this January. - WonkeyDude98

It's so bad, that the song hopped onto this list and prayed that it won't get a plus vote...Sadly, I clicked on it.

If your song is awful in 2015 and is too in 2016, then you should stop playing it on radios.

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94Poisonous Shadows - Megadeth

What is this thrash epic doing here? It may be about a breakup, yet it has great orchestral backing, an awesome solo, an epic feel, and just those haunting, dying seconds leave you with chills.

95F**k Donald Trump - Nipsey Hussle

Anti-Donald Trump alone doesn't make a song any better. And that's coming from someone who despises Donald Trump! - SelfDestruct

So this is a diss track against Donald Trump? - Swellow

Makes me want to vote trump more.

He should get sued by trump

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96Obama - Anohni

Do I have to explain? No, I don't. Anohni's constant murmuring in a deep but hilariously bad voice trying too hard to bring back her male voice just makes the beat, which consists of fuzzy noises and nothing that spruces it up, horrific. Not only that, the way she brings out the lyrics makes me wonder what happened in her studio. - Swellow

I don't necessarily hate Obama, but there's actually a song about him? Especially one that's considered terrible? I don't know if the song is praising or criticizing Obama, but either way, it's just too cringe-worthy for me to even think about researching what it's about. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I hated Anohni's ironically titled album Hopelessness, and this just took the unbearableness to an unthought of level. Their vocals are this grating throaty warble that sounds awful, and the fuzz-saturated beat isn't helping. I shouldn't even have to explain the lyrics. 0/5 - WonkeyDude98

Is this some kind of Illuminati Ritual?

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97Cold Water - Major Lazer

At first, I actually really liked this. Then the overplay got unbelievably intense and I couldn't stand it. Now it's rebounded back, the slightest bit. 2/5 - WonkeyDude98

Why does the music industry continue to pump out garbage? - madoog

Horrible, but better than Closer.

Absolute garbage! No wonder it's a Purpose leftover. -6/5

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98Starboy - The Weeknd

This song is lyrically genius, in an Eminem sorta way. But the production is weird. I like the tight plucks of percussion, they have groove (this is a compliment in 2016), but it feels simultaneously too fast and too slow, and that stuttered travel vocal thing on the chorus isn't helping the awkward structure. Eh. 4/5 - WonkeyDude98

Why the hell is this on here? It's one of the best of the year! - Spark_Of_Life

With a lazily produced beat, terrible vocals, and Daft Punk messing up as usual, this is getting a 0/5. - SelfDestruct

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99I'm with Her - Le Tigre

Whether you are liberal or conservative, let's all agree that this song is terrible. - Swellow

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100Unforgettable - Sia

I just don't like her on this song. Some songs can only be sung by the original artists. Nat Cole owns this song. Natalie did okay with Nat but that's where it should stay is with the Coles singing it. Sorry Sia, I really dig her music just not her version of this song. Not at all

This song isn't even that bad, but it's pretty telling that I completely forgot about this song after watching Finding Dory. - WonkeyDude98

Why is this on the worst list. Sia is an emotional powerhouse and this is a great cover

Its From Finding Dory, I Don't Even Need To Tell You Why - VideoGamefan5

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