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41Ring of Destruction
42Rank-Up Magic: The Seventh One

What the heck original series not zexal! Can't you read catrds pretty lame anyway

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43Armityle the Chaos Phantom

Armityle the chaos phantom is insane. It may be hard to summon and also it may start off with 0 attatck and defense but after just one turn it will have 10,000 attack points and gains 10,000 each turn. By far the best card in the whole of yugioh. Ikum

It can't be destroyed by battle it has 10,000 attack during your turn and is the highlight of my collection
(I got it in a small pack of cards I was really depressed that day and it made my day much better sorry to put a story in here but I thought I should)

It is by far the best card I have because in all the duels I've used it I have one. Once I had it up to 50,000 atk points

Armityle is the best... Assuming you can summon it.

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44Number 39: Utopia

This monster is so helpful in defending yourself and and using great spell cards like double or nothing for great attack power

One of the best cards ever created!

The only way to destroy a number is by another number

OP (Over-powered) card. Love Utopia!

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45Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory

This card can negate effects and gain attacks points on the monster it will attack I won 5 duels in a row with this and beat 3 people

Destroy your opponent's monsters, and inflict their attack to your opponent. Plus, it's a better Utopia!

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46Man Eater Bug

One of the best original Legend of Blue-Eyes cards, and it can destroy just about anything.

This is a very good effect monster, can destroy any oponent monster with height attack and deffence.

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47Exchange of the Spirit

Cannot be normal summond or set by sending 1 face up light dragon type monster and 1 face up light fairy type monster you control to grevyard, and can't be special summond by other ways. Once per turn you can declare 3 card of your deck add any of them that you named to your hand, also send the remaining cards to grevyard. This cards atk and definitely are equal to the number of cards added to your hand by this effect x1000


ATK? Definitely?

Level 10

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49Machina Force
51Summoned Skull

It only needs 1 sacrifice, has the same ATK as Dark Magician, he saved my butt a lot of times plus he is my key to winning so many of my duels! The only time he fails me, is when I switch him to DEF mode. But no worrys! I bring him back with Call Of The Haunted! - dmagicatk24

2500 attack for only 1 tribute is quite good. And it fuses into Black Skull Dragon.

Only one summon I don't get y everyone liked dark magician so much it needs to summon for the same amount atk points and definitely points

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52Cyber Dragon

This is the best card ever... It can special summon itself if your opponent has monsters and you don't plus a normal summon... Easy tuning for synchro

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53Heavy Storm
54Tyrant Dragon

2900 attack, it's unaffected by Trap Cards, and it's sometimes able to attack twice, one of the best of the old Dragon cards.

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56Magical Explosion
57Number C101: Silent Honor DARK

This card is awesome! When it has overlay units and is destroyed it can not only come back but also give equal life point to it's attack. You will at least attack over 5800 points of damage to take some damage and can easily get more overlay units

58Theinen the Great Sphinx

Awesome card pay 500 life points to make this card gain 3000 atk points best card ever

Absolutely amazing if you have the right situation 6500 atk plus a big bang atk n megamophe since you would b short 1500 if not more anyway then uve owned plain n simple

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59Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon

This card has 4500 attack, the exact same as blue eyes ultimate dragon and has an amazing effect that allows it to control the duel. how is this not above Blue eyes Ultimate Dragon? It is so much better!

Negates pretty much anything, and can attack three times. 4500 attack! Hard to summon.

Sure Black Luster Solider can atk twice but this card can atk 3 times how is it not number 1 at least

60Lightning Vortex

Completely destroys all your opponent's monsters for only one discard!?

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