Top 10 "1,000 Ways to Die" Deaths

There are a lot of 1,000 Ways to Die deaths so I'm gonna put up my favorites, and fan favorites and lets see which one rests in peace at #1.

The Top Ten

1 Bitch Zapped

The best ever


trip bien

A woman was treating her husband bad and one day her husband was mowing the lawn and he was mowing wrong. So the wife didn't realize that there was a cord plugged up and hidden in the grass. So she mowed the cord and she was shocked to death for being a bitch to her husband. I bet the husband was really happy.

Cause of death... Electrocution

2 Premature Endings

A man dies peacefully in a hospital from old age

Cause of death... Old age

This should be number one. Because a mim is rarely never going to happen. !

3 Frequent Dier
4 Rape by Cats


5 Fat Man in a Little Swing

A man named Fred bets 100$ that he could fit in the swing. Hours later he feels the symptoms of a apyndex burst. He dies alone

A fat man named Fred who got stuck on a little swing to death

That is vere sad that fred die.

6 Mudder Sucked

The geologist was the best part!

A sorrority girl is hazing the new pledges. They have to build a mud pit (which is unknowing ontop of a sinkhole) the sorrority girl wrestles a pledge in the pit when they get in a fight. But she fall into the sinkhole & dies of drowning

Cause of death... Drowning

Its funyy yet sad y because some sorority girls deserve to die but sad eacuse there families

This is what happens : A military bitch woman beats up one of her mates in a mud pit, but soon, she's sucked into a sinkhole below the pit, causing her to suffocate from the tons of mud on her chest.

Also, suffocating is running out of air on land or air. Drowning is the same, except it's in the water.

7 Wedding Crasher

The Ex crashes the wedding and when the priest says "if anyone objects to this marriage say now or forever hold your peace. " he gets up flips out and strips naked asking how she could reject the sex. He offends the groom and priest and when the priest says to get him, he runs into a glass window and glass goes through his butt and kills him. And the end we see the priest saying "May Almighty God have mercy on your soul... "

8 A Chainus Runs Through It

Gory but inventive

It was cool

The best!

9 Dead Mime

An annoying mime starts to choke on a pickle, he has enough sense to try t get help but everyone thinks its an act, & sinse he can't talk, & has nobody to help, he dies

Cause of death... Choking

I thought this episode is funny but scary :) I like the show 1000 ways to die and I hope they will show different episodes every night. Never be a mime you can get killed by doing something like this mime did... He choked on a pickle... WHY!?!?!... I hope this episode wins cause this is the best one yet :)!

Saw that one. I was like, 'whoa, a mime choking on a pickle, would you look at that? That seriously isn't something you see everyday. '

It's the funniest. Great but also kind sad too. Hope it wins! By the way all of them are funny but this one rocks!

10 You've Got Dead Male

A teenage punk is smashing people's maiboxes with a baseball bat as his friend drives by them. But his bat shatters & a large peice gets embedded into his chest & he dies from the huge splinter lodged in his lung

Cause of death... Stabb-wound

It is unlikely to happen so that is why I voted for this

Upload it on YouTube please

The Contenders

11 Myth Busted

A man dresses as Bigfoot to scare people away from his property, & ends up getting shot with a tranquilizer from a person who happens to be a bigfoot enthusist. He dies of the chemicals in the dart

Cause of death... Hypotension

12 Jaw Boned
13 Rocky Roadkill

A story about a drug dealer, who is disguised as an ice cream man, he almost gets robbed & his refrigorator gets all screwed up & releases gas that knock him unconscious & he drives his ice cream truck into a tree

Cause of death... Car accident

14 Hi-Jacked Off

I was like this hits what I was saying
(Me) OK another Rogers death I mean one got run over and ones but exploded at his feet now what
(Me) OK what's happening oh what the hell what why he screening first a peper spray now a houws pump WHY DID HE EXPLOD then when I was asleep all I was see ing a blood bath 10/10

15 Vat's All Folks
16 Suck & Blown

My first choice of death

17 African't

The girl who was with him, was saved by a perfume with insect repellant - Yona_db

A man got eating a alive by ants what a idiot laugh out loud

18 Vike-O-Done

INFECTION! Laugh out loud He died because he got bit in the nuts by a head that was chopped of and got swung around in between his legs just stupid... STUPID. He should of thought about swinging that head in between his legs... WOW. Next time if your a viking and you chop a persons head off Do NOT SWING IT IN BETWEEN YOUR LEGS... INFECTION!

A viking cuts somebodies head off & swings the head around, he swings it into his leg & the teeth bite him & he dies weeks later from an infection

Cause of death... Infection

It I not funny por pople

19 Bird Brained

Drinking Vodka, Eating Birds.

A woman partying in a limosine. She puts her head through the moon roof & a pigeon flys into her mouth & she dies of a broken neck

Cause of death... Broken neck

Nice,where do I get one of those

20 Ex'ed Ex

An ex-boyfriend is stalking his ex & her new boyfriend on there date on a hay-ride. He proposes to her & she says yes. So the ex ( who was trying to scare them with a skimask & an ax) jumps out & onto the hay-ride with the ax in hand. He gets punched out by the boyfriend & falls from the trailer. & gets run over by the trailer, crushing his abdomen & splitting him in half

Cause of death... Bisection

21 Ass-Plosion

A strong man makes his anus explode by lifting a weight

A strongman named Angus used so much of his strength till his ass explode lmao

22 Back-Broke Mountain

Ah ah ah ass

An angry married couple are on a hike. The husband actualy plans on murdering her, making it look like an accident & spending the life insurance money with his mistress. But he ends up falling all the way down the mountain & breaking everything in his body & dies at the foot of the mountain

Cause of death... Injury

I saw that this summer. I was like, "what the hella? That's dumb" and it is.

23 Titty Titty Bang Bang

A woman's implants explode on a plane.

This is my favorite death... - Pony

Boobs grow huge, BOOMM

24 Greased Is The Word
25 Dead Meteorite

A random dude at a party gets a struck by a meteorite. Needless to say, he did not deserve it. - Pony

26 Butt Plugged
27 Pissed Off
28 Master E-Raced
29 I-Boned

Death by phone- I'm now scarred for life

30 Electro Cutie
31 Another One Up the Butt
32 Waste Dead
33 Udderly Ridiculous

A man masturbates with a cow heart connected to a battery that he plugs in. The electricity causes the heart to pulsate. He dies of electric shock.

34 Squirreled Away

A man walks in a store only to find the shop owner who was
Foaming from the mouth. Why? Days ago the shop owner had spotted a squirrel and shot it down for taxidermist purposes and eats it as a sandwich (literally). Little did he know that the squirrel had been infected with the rabies virus. Days later he foams a lot and dies of multiple organ failure and central nervous system shutdown

Do not eat animals if you do not know what has happened to them...

35 Boys 2 Dead

I want to watch it what site do I watch 1000 ways to die

A singer jumped of the stage and broke his bones and died what a idiot!

36 Ichiboned

Definitely one of the saddest

She screwed eachother to deaht.

37 Vuvu...Whatever, He's Dead

A man buys a horn but blows to hard on it causing brain hemoraging

This pun is hilarious and my favorite on the show because it looked like that the producers of the show couldn’t think of a pretty catchy pun for this segment. 🤣

38 Pain Saw

A man swings a chainsaw by it's cord, but strangles himself and the chainsaw cuts off his head

That one must have really hurt him, how is it not #1?

Cause of death... Decapitation

39 Extinguished
40 Par for the Corpse
41 Pop and Lox
42 Killdo

Woman puts carrot in her vagina cutting the vagina wall and a air bubble goes in her lungs and dies. Also she was thinking about a man she saw at a store spraying vegetables with water.

43 Killer Tan

Two friends were getting a tan in a tanning booth and they were trying to light a cigarette and the chemicals in the tan spray were exposed to the fire and the tanning booth exploded and both friends were dead

Cause of death: chemical explosion

44 Kill Bill (And Billie)
45 Chess Pain
46 Half Offed
47 Jelly Belly-ed
48 Work of Fart


49 That Popsicle

She was tranna be cute suckin on a Popsicle and she fell and it got shoved down her through

50 Bot-dily Harm

A kid named alex built a robot that contained lawn mower blades but when he picks up his screw driver the robot cut off his fingers then it slashes his foot and he falls to the ground lastly it slashes his stomach witch kills him

Talk about a death bot
Lol it's a bad jock

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