Top 10 "1,000 Ways to Die" Deaths

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21 Ass-Plosion

A strongman named Angus used so much of his strength till his ass explode lmao

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22 Back-Broke Mountain

An angry married couple are on a hike. The husband actualy plans on murdering her, making it look like an accident & spending the life insurance money with his mistress. But he ends up falling all the way down the mountain & breaking everything in his body & dies at the foot of the mountain

Cause of death... Injury

I saw that this summer. I was like, "what the hella? That's dumb" and it is.

23 Greased Is The Word
24 Dead Meteorite

A random dude at a party gets a struck by a meteorite. Needless to say, he did not deserve it. - Pony

25 Master E-Raced
26 I-Boned

Death by phone- I'm now scarred for life

27 Butt Plugged
28 Pissed Off
29 Electro Cutie
30 Waste Dead
31 Udderly Ridiculous

A man masturbates with a cow heart connected to a battery that he plugs in. The electricity causes the heart to pulsate. He dies of electric shock.

Who the catfur masturbates with a cow heart? - Catacorn

32 Squirreled Away

A man walks in a store only to find the shop owner who was
Foaming from the mouth. Why? Days ago the shop owner had spotted a squirrel and shot it down for taxidermist purposes and eats it as a sandwich (literally). Little did he know that the squirrel had been infected with the rabies virus. Days later he foams a lot and dies of multiple organ failure and central nervous system shutdown

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33 Titty Titty Bang Bang

A woman's implants explode on a plane.

This is my favorite death... - Pony

Boobs grow huge, BOOMM

34 Pain Saw

A man swings a chainsaw by it's cord, but strangles himself and the chainsaw cuts off his head

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35 Another One Up the Butt
36 Extinguished
37 Pop and Lox
38 Kill Bill (And Billie)
39 Chess Pain
40 That Popsicle

She was tranna be cute suckin on a Popsicle and she fell and it got shoved down her through

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