Best Hate Songs

Hate is a Polish blackened-death metal band they are highly influenced by the legends "Behemoth".

The Top Ten

1 Lux Aeterna

One of the most powerful death metal songs I have ever heard... - nooreldeen

2 Timeless Kingdom
3 Alchemy Ov Blood
4 Threnody

What a song! Words aren't enough to describe this great masterpiece! - nooreldeen

5 Intransigence of Evil
6 Mesmerized
7 Leviathan
8 Eternal Might
9 Watchful Eye Ov Doom
10 Sadness Will Last Forever

Kick-ass song... Same style of Nergal's Vocals and guitar playing... Pure awesomeness! - nooreldeen

The Contenders

11 Valley of Darkness
12 Erebos
13 Hate is the Law
14 Solarflesh
15 Trinity Moons
16 Erased
17 Catharsis
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Top Remixes

1. Timeless Kingdom
2. Trinity Moons
3. Alchemy Ov Blood
1. Intransigence of Evil
2. Leviathan
3. Lux Aeterna


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