Top 10 Reasons Why Princess Peach Is Overrated

Princess Peach is the worst (yet most overrated) Mario character of all time. Man, I hate her so much. You cannot tell me Peach is underrated. Wikipedia caught mainly positive reviews to Princess Peach. Nintendo Wiki said that Peach received both praise & criticism. Seriously, what's so good about her?!

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1 Her voice

Seriously, what's so great about her voice? How is it better than Leslie Swan's voice on that chick?!

She Is Not Overrated because Almost Everyone Hates Her! - RockStarr

I'd rather listen to Baby Mario's crying than listen to her squeaky, nails-on-chalk dialogue. - KennyRulz244444

She's not overrated by fandom, but overrated in games - ParkerFang

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2 She gets kidnapped frequently

"If your a female that likes Mario Games, Read this: So whether your a life as a Mario Princess, just sitting on your throne for like 1 second, A big fat turtle named Bowser just showed up kidnapped you when you just sat down! You have to be patient for a red plumber named Mario to release you! If you are a life as a Mario Princess, Don't be annoying like Peach. I am a male and I like all Mario characters! "

I think I missed something. Do tell how to not be annoying like peach.

If your a female that likes Mario Games, Read this: So whether your a life as a Mario Princess, just sitting on your throne for like 1 second, A big fat turtle named Bowser just showed up kidnapped you when you just sat down! You have to be patient for a red plumber named Mario to release you! If you are a life as a Mario Princess, Don't be annoying like Peach. I am a male and I like all Mario characters! - bugger

So, you're going to say "don't be annoying like Peach," and then say that you "like all Mario characters? " That makes no sense to me. - QueenJazzy21064

She always gets kidnapped so easily, hell she got kidnapped by Bowser more than Pauline got kidnapped by Donkey Kong and any other princesses that gets kidnapped.

I am not the biggest fan of princess peach, but seriously, people hate her to the point where they think she is the worst video game character ever! And in my opinion, Peach is nowhere NEAR that!
At least that's what it seems like to me.

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3 She's blonde

When I put this on the list, I meant to say "Her hair is yellow". I love Rosalina for being blonde anyways. Why? Her beautiful, goddess-like voice, she's too underrated! Also, why is she top 1 on "Worst Nintendo Characters" list?! That should be the overrated Princess Peach's spot!

Peach is not that bad. And saying that Peach is blonde/has yellow hair has to be one of the absolute worst reasons to hate on not only Peach but also any character in general! - QueenJazzy21064

Are you saying girls aren't aloud to be blonde? Just because somebody likes peach doesn't mean that she hates tomboys! - HeavyDonkeyKong

You crazy Daisy fans are picking on a character who did nothing to you - ParkerFang

I think that everyone on this website who thinks that this is a good reason to hate Peach needs to go sit in a dark corner and rethink their life choices. - QueenJazzy21064

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4 She wears pink dresses

Green is a gross color expsailly LIGHT GREEN which a female would wear if we had a princess wear green. And yes, they thought of green TWICE (Luigi & Yoshi. Both way more overrated than Peach ever was).

There's nothing wrong with a color she likes to wear she isn't forcing people to like Peach so it's not a bad thing.

Princess Peach is a Rip Off of Aurora (At least Aurora looks better). Her first version was much better.

It's very simply more proof that she's meant to be a stereotypical girly girl.

Girls aren't wimps. - KennyRulz244444

Who cares? - QueenJazzy21064

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5 She is weak

So what? There's more to life than fighting fighting is actually pointless and stupid. No wonder the world is going to crap we can't be weak

I don't think this is what makes her overrated, but it is pretty true.

Lol. She never defends herself. Just waits for Mario. Also for one of the comments, who said anything about fighting?

She can't jump high, she has no skill, she is a big disgrace and she does not want to toughen! Coward!

She does has skill and you don't even know about whether or not Peach wants to toughen! She's not a coward. - QueenJazzy21064

Why on Earth is she in smash instead of Daisy?!

Well, for starters, Peach is a major Mario character and Daisy only appears in spinoffs nowadays. - QueenJazzy21064

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6 She's for little girls

I do agree how Peach is for little girls. Nintendo can create any gender games like Super Princess Peach, Metroid, and Yoshi. Yoshi can be for girls too. I do hear fans of Rosalina. To be honest, I don't like Rosalina, it's because of her streak of her appearance in the 2015 Mario games. It's okay if your hate a character but I do like Peach

So true...

I hate all little girls' stuff! So overrated!

Rosalina is much better than Peach!

Duh Mario is a game made for kids to play for the most part all the characters are for kids nothing bad with that =/

Then why are you on it queenjazzy

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7 Her affinity of pink

Dude, why would Nintendo get away with such an infantile woman who is Princess Peach?! She sucks! I'd bet that due to her huge, feminine thigh/rump, Princess Peach smells like poop & dead fish. Go look at her butt picture in SSX On Tour.

OK, here is the reason why I hate Princess Peach's affinity of pink. Because it it making her prissy.

Even if I find Princess Peach to be very cute, sexy, busty, beautiful, voluptous & hilarious, Peach sucks major ass & is such a cruel woman who just makes a big fuss when males forget her date.

Princess Daisy is actually a girly girl! She's so bossy and defenseless, her voice is too annoying and I just want Princess Daisy to die!

Who cares? Daisy is a tomboy. Niontendo has a tomboy. They're allowed to have a girly girl too! - HeavyDonkeyKong

Too stereotypically girly, that's the problem here.

All she does is give people the impression that those who wear/love pink are spotlight-stealing wimps that can't do crap but are rewarded in return. - KennyRulz244444

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8 Her cruel temperament

Can agree, she puts Mario through so much trouble because she cannot defend herself. She doesn't really care about any of the other characters and she treats the rest like crap. - KennyRulz244444

BS she is not cruel or temperamental she tries to see the good in people and calmly stopped a fight with tea befriended Mimi despite how mean Mimi was to her list.

Well, in some games such as SMRPG and SPM she was.

9 Her quotes

Yes they're adorable and awesome. except in resent platforms so?

10 She's bossy

Not really, she's just a lame crybaby. I've never seen her be BOSSY before! - HeavyDonkeyKong

She Is Forced You To Rescue Her Or Fight Her In Smash Bros - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Even Amy Rose does not get THAT bossy in Sonic X nor in general.

Amy literally goes in FLAMES AND ACTS LIKE THE DEVIL when no one does things HER way! That stupid annoying selfish brat will never be as good as peach! - MarioNinja101

Where's the proof? - QueenJazzy21064

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11 Her relationship with Princess Daisy

I can agree with this one! Daisy is an awful poser Peach shouldn't even be her friend let alone be partners with her in sports games!

Why is Daisy friends with that bitch again?

12 She appears in every Mario Game

Most of you should just admit it and just say THIS REASON ALONE is why you have a stick-up-your-@$$ about princess Peach because all your reasons for hating her are horsecrap.

Every Platforming Mario have to deal about Bowser kidnapping Peach. Yes, She appears in every Mario game - bugger

Did somebody forget Super Mario Land? cough, cough

And? - QueenJazzy21064

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13 She's top tier in melee
14 She never puts effort into anything

She is so weak in smash. She shouldn't even be in smash! I hate peach!

This isn't true at all. - QueenJazzy21064

Oh BS! She was eager to help Mario in RPG and save him in SPP and did everything she could to save Tippi and Mimi


15 She is way too polite

When I put that on the list, I mean to say "She is way too rude".

Yes You're Right She Is Polite But I Wouldn't Say She's Too Polite.

It was changed because she isn't rude idiot

No she isn't, she's just a brat. - KennyRulz244444

16 She is not independent

Uh yea it's hard to do that when you are, you know a PRINCESS! Meaning you always have to have (useless, moronic) guards around all times to guard not ONLY the princess, but all the royal family and the castle.

17 She is more famous than Daisy & Rosalina

Daisy And Rosalina Deserve Less Hate! Peach Is The Worst And A Coward - RockStarr

People had to start liking peach just because nintendo put her in more games. Daisy and Rosalina deserves more love.


She should be more famous than that childish poser aka Daisy

18 She's very annoying

I think people like the Mario games that involve her annoying voice because they like it! What?! Princess Peach's voice is very annoying, so therefore, they should HATE it!

Because you believe that Peach's voice is annoying doesn't mean everyone else has to believe you. And, being honest, hating her for her voice is plain old moronic. Well, to me and a few people on this website at least. - QueenJazzy21064

I think they like the games for the GAMEPLAY! - HeavyDonkeyKong


19 She ranked too high at Melee's Tier List!

Because she was actually a good character! She's more awkward in brawl though in my opinion! - HeavyDonkeyKong

IKR? She has this infamous Final Smash known as "Peach Blossom". Speaking of the word "blossom", Cheryl Blossom and Jason Blossom can just screw off.

20 Her modesty

What's wrong with that? - QueenJazzy21064

You aht eher because eshe is nice? Give me one scene where she was a grouch! - HeavyDonkeyKong

21 Mostly positive reviews from critics

Princess Peach is an ideal woman who is as sweet as can be. And I was being extremely sarcastic, because she sucks!

You do realize that she tries to see the good in people and help her friends, right? You don't judge her by her voice, but by her actress. Apparently, she was voiced by Leslie Swan in Super Paper Mario. Her voice was exactly the same as in paper Mario: The thousand Year door, but you say that you liked her voice better anyway because she was voiced by the same voice actress who voiced her in super Mario 64! - HeavyDonkeyKong

So annoying & untrue!

According to Wikipedia, Princess Peach recieved mostly positive reviews from critics.

According to the Nintendo Wiki, she has received both praise & criticism.

Princess Peach is the top 1 most overrated Mario character ever!

IGN gave Peach an 8/10, Daisy a 4/10, Pauline an 8/10 and Rosalina a 7/10! What?!

I hate Pauline. She is simply put on a stand next to Donkey kong and doesn't run away. Peach tried to escape count bleck's castle. - HeavyDonkeyKong

Ok, and? It's just their opinions. - QueenJazzy21064

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22 She cries a lot

Er... Super princess peach game. She cries enough to make an ocean.

Yeah, she cries when it comes to losing. Daisy and rosalina don't cry that much.They either get mad or upset when they lose. In mario strikers charged daisy gets mad instead of crying or pouting like peach did in mario strikers charged. In mario kart 8 I didn't see rosalina cry, she actually got a little upset but I did see peach cry.

Yes, peach cries. In Super Princess Peach, she has a crying ability to cleans something and grows flowers. Don't get me wrong if she can do whatever she wants

Crybaby loser.

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23 Her smile

It is a very fake smile. Let's pretend that chick never existed. I want to punch her pointed teeth. Princess Peach usually opens her mouth with a toothless mouth.

So, you want to punch Peach on her mouth because of her smile? What a pathetic excuse of a reason. - QueenJazzy21064

Her smile is one thing that I cringe at, I'd rather stare at Toad's face for twenty hours. - KennyRulz244444

She's just trying to trick Mario into saving her, pretty much. - KennyRulz244444

Fake? What you all really are just dumb and want to make bs reasons fail

24 She can't jump as high as the Mario Bros.

She can glide can the other two do that no

The Mario Bros are gifted! - HeavyDonkeyKong

25 Her forms
26 She has appeared in more games than any other female gaming character in gaming history

Yeah, and they say Rosalina appears in too much games... She appears in nearly all games! - MorganChambz

Well she's been around for a long time and that's Nintendo's/SM fault not hers.

27 She forces Mario to love her & handle her Frying Pan

She's not f-ing Amy Rose. Mario has a legit crush on her and it was obvious since SM64 when Peach kissed him ON THE NOSE. Also in TTYD she refers Mario as just a friend if she wanted Mario to love him than what would be the point if she's just going to see him as a friend? Dumb

28 She is very similar to Veruca Salt & Princess Morbucks

WAIT A MINUTE princess Morbucks from the PPG are you serious? We are not talking about Wendy O. Koopa are we no! When has she tried to force her way into being a 'Mario sister' or whatever? Never! If things didn't go her way with them she doesn't go against them ether. Nor do we see Peach scream to her daddy for something till he gives it to her.

29 She hates everything

Uh no she likes her friends, racing, sports, people, and even though you hate it. pink this list fails

30 Her temper


31 She was put in Archie Comics instead of Princess Daisy

Daisy still didn't replaced Peach. Like I don't care if Peach is replaced by Daisy. I think Nintendo said that Peach is for girls and Daisy is sometimes forgotten. What if there is a Wii U sequel of Super Princess Peach and has Daisy and Rosalina in it because People LOVES Rosalina and make Daisy and Rosalina jump higher than Peach. I am not really forcing that but I am wondering for it, Super Princess Peach is still girly - bugger

Well thank goodness I can go read them in Peach without that childish poser around

32 She is a teen stereotype

Uh what? Teens don't sacrifice themselves to someone who picked on them, go out save the world fail reason

33 She received positive reviews from critics
34 Her anime self

What's so bad about her Anime self? People makes her look hot but still girly because her pink dress - bugger

35 She gets much more praise than criticism

Lol. This is a dumb list, but trust me, there are good reasons.

Well her 'criticism' is ether bull or dumb anyways sense that's all you haters can come up with like this list for example.

36 "Help Me! Mario!"

Indeed, Mario always saves Peach. Peach will want Mario to remind that she needs to get saved. And yes she annoys Nintendo fans

Oh shut up! You would/SHOULD scream help if you where kidnapped too this is f-ing stupid

Naah, me rescue myself. Imagine if Mario and/or Luigi had to bust their ass off to rescue Princess Daisy a lot.

"Naah, me rescue myself."
Ok good luck with that. Expcailly when your kidnapper has plenty of unique, loyal minions who are capable of almost anything

37 Her disgraceful figure skating habit

W t f how is it 'disgraceful'?

38 Her relations with girls

This should be top 2 at least! I hate Princess Peach and this list is so underrated!

What about it? Really dumb list

Should we stick to Daisy and Rosalina instead? - bugger

39 People say she's better than Princess Daisy and Rosalina

She's way better than Daisy Peach isn't some poser like she is, sent 1ups and/or items when kidnapped when Daisy never did when she was kidnapped, goes out to help Mario save the day like in PM series, SMRPG, and 3DW, and went to save Mario.

I agree with everything you said except the "poser" part; Daisy is not a poser. - QueenJazzy21064

40 Her face

Jealous you have nasty pizza face? Not Peach's fault really

What? There's nothing wrong with her face. - QueenJazzy21064

41 She cheats in Mario Party

No she doesn't. Stop making up stuff. - QueenJazzy21064

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