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261 First Kiss - Kid Rock

Someone put Kid Rock on this list?

Ugh. I heard this song on a rock station, when it sounded like country. Annoying song. - RiverClanRocks

Who does he plagiarize on this one?

I love kid rock

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262 The Vengeful One - Disturbed

And I plan to do the same (keeping the metal alive this is war baby)

Disturbed, Iron Maiden, and Slayer's 2015 albums kept metal kicking!

Come on people this was amazing. - SeanW

Disturbed is back

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263 Amazing Day - Coldplay

This is by FAR my favorite song on the new Coldplay album, and makes it into my top ten favorite Coldplay songs, something very significant as I own almost all of their songs. This song is amazing. From the peaceful, atmospheric entrance, this song had me hooked. The instrumentals and create a very romantic setting. Chris Martin's voice is beautiful in the song, soft, powerful and touching. I love the feeling it's gotten over the years, something lacking today in mainstream music and even some of the other songs on the album. This song is so beautiful and romantic. The lyrics are simple but beautiful, and they flow perfectly. 11/10. - pandagirl

This song deserves a standing ovation because this is seriously one of the best songs I have heard in a long time. Yes. Better than See You Again and Hello, which are two of the most beloved songs of 2015. First of all Chris Martin's vocals in this song are FANTASTIC, especially near the ending of the song when he is singing the instrumental. Not only that, the instrumental (which is also the chorus) is so dang catchy that it's hard to get it out of your head. Why are songs such as Hit the Quan, Trap Queen, and Hotline Bling being played on the radio when masterpieces such as this can replace it? If you have the time, do me a favor and listen to this wonderful song. Yes, it's a slow song, but I would rather listen to that than "WATCH ME WHIP! WATCH ME NAE NAE! DO the STANKY LEG! HIT the QUAN! HIT the QUAN! I KNOW WHEN that HOTLINE BLING! NAAH NAH HONEY I'M GOOD! HEY WHAT'S UP HELLOOO! " Wow! We had a lot of bad songs this year!

I am seriously worried for 2016...

I just listened to this song a few minutes ago! Thank you for showing me this fantastic song, and I totally agree that this could replace some of the atrocious music playing on the radio right now. - Macy_Buehner

One of the best songs by Coldplay. This is actually the only song I liked in A Head Full of Dreams. Traditional Coldplay.

I don't like Adventure of a Lifetime much, but I gotta say, it did sound awesome in the Super Bowl Halftime show.

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264 King - Years & Years

This song actually seems too underrated, but it actually is quite good.

Great great great song! We need more stuff like this!

This song is amazing. Should be way up.

Why isn't this higher...

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265 Detroit vs Everybody - Eminem

Guess you forgot about the Rap God. - Fan_of_Good_Music

Eminem is the best

He has always been able to rap he is one of the best and his lyrics aren't stupid like other rapper his songs always had a meaning to share to the world love Eminem.

Worst thing ever.

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266 Fatal Illusion - Megadeth

One of the few songs from this time that deals with actual conflicts of the world

"Exterminate the problem, except it didn't work." I'm sorry, I love that line.

267 Budapest - George Ezra V 4 Comments
268 Glitterball - Sigma

Why is this song at 144? Its catchy and amazing! It deserved to be top 3 at least! - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

269 Death With Dignity - Sufjan Stevens
270 You Know We Can't Go Back - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds
271 Human Race - Three Days Grace

Come on! This is one of the ONLY good songs this year!

Song so fire my Christmas tree caught on fire!

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272 Feel the Light - Jennifer Lopez

My jenny! this song is awesome.
this song should be number 6!
love you Jennifer

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273 Adore - Cashmere Cat

I'm not a big fan of Ariana Grande but I do love Cashmere Cat. Together the duo forms a neat catchy tune tthat is fairly likeable.

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274 Jet Black Heart - 5 Seconds of Summer

It has such meaningful lyrics and it gives me chills every time I'm listening to it.

This is one of the fave songs ever

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275 512 - Lamb of God

Best album of the year.

276 My Everything - Owl City

Owl city just isn't what he used to be. His music is honestly boring and low quality now.

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277 Holding On - Disclosure

Deep House at its best. Disclosure should collab with Oliver Heldens. that's a match made in deephouse heaven

278 Everglow - Coldplay
279 Choctaw County Affair - Carrie Underwood
280 Rule the World - Walk Off the Earth

I saw them preform this in concert and it was amazing! Has to be one of my favourite songs.

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