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1 Total Drama, Caillou, The Amazing Race, and Jessie Get Cancelled

Jessie's getting cancelled, PRAISE THE LORD! - RickyReeves

Total Drama and The Amazing Race are both great shows. But Caillou and Jessie need to end. - Turkeyasylum

Total Drama & The Amazing Race is good but Caillou & Jessie suck. - EpicJake

Jessie is cancelled your wish is my command. Wait, there is a spin - off. - topbesttopworst

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2 SpongeBob Gets Good Again

Exactly! These new episodes are terrible! SpongeBob and Patrick are flat out annoying idiots, poor Squidward gets tortured by them in every single episode, Sandy is such a stupid boring science geek, and Mr. Krabs is a stupid, greedy jerk who's worse than Plankton half the time! Make it better or cancel it!

Of course SpongeBob needs more logic, if you guys would focus more on THE BAD EPISODES IN SEASON 1, 2, AND 3. sorry

SpongeBob should not be cancelled, as millions love the show. It should be fixed, with better content. - ethanmeinster

And it looks like it's STARTING to happen.

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3 WWE Gets Cancelled

WWE won't get cancelled, so this won't be happening anytime soon - RickyReeves

I never saw what was good about WWE. - ruJILLous

I wish they cancel this right now - BigBrotherSucks

I always hated WWE. - Turkeyasylum

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4 Breadwinners Gets Cancelled

It will be heaven again when this hellish cartoon ends. - MeaganSaysHI

Breadwinners suck I hope this show ends

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5 Disney Gets Real Talent

I honestly thought they had it with Liv and Maddie, why am I different? I don't even like Gravity Falls. I keep asking people including my own family how can you tell if the acting is good and all they can say is "if it feels right to you". I want a REAL answer! I can't find ONE SHOW (at least not live-action) where they haven't criticized the acting. I keep thinking Liv and Maddie should make more songs. I loved "What a Girl Is" and have it at 8 on my version of Top 10 Most Beautiful Disney Songs of All Time. Also for more about what I feel about this, please see my bio.

I think that Dove Cameron does have real talent and I've said so repeatedly on why I have disliked (and even hated at some points and/or shows) a lot of the newer shows from Disney is because of the plot and jokes and character development and why I have nothing against majority of the actors. Well Dove Cameron is one of the actors on Disney who I believe actually has talent and I really wish that she does well in her acting career. Though I don't like Liv and Maddie that much. - Anonymousxcxc

Make more shows like Gravity Falls! That show is the only good one you have Disney! - Minecraftcrazy530

The only real talent on Disney Channel is Laura Marano. She can sing and act. Dance I don't know about that.

Guys, bad news... they're making a spinoff of Jessie. - SwagFlicks

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6 More Invader ZiM and Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends

Yeah. Please. I don't want these 2 great shows to end. - cosmo

Invader ZIM got canceled to quickly

Madame foster needs to re open her adoption center! - nickdoritosyum

Bring back Zim but never Foster! - TemmieHoi

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7 More 90's Shows Get Aired

I think Nickelodeon is gonna have a channel with past shows called The Splat.

That's not ever gonna happen. - nelsonerico6

8 Big Brother Gets Cancelled

This is a things that SHOULD happen, without a not. This would be a nightmare! - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

WHAT?!?! Big Brother is the best show ever made. - DethronedInFlorida

Yes please. Cancel this. - EpicJake

9 More Appropriate Kids' Shows are Made

Liv and Maddie was appropriate at first, but like all kids' shows, it's getting gross. I'm serious people. I would literally give up my life just to make it the best show it can be (at least for a kids' show).

Total Drama is the best show ever but I wish it was more appropriate

You got to admit, Dora and Cailliou are child friendly at the very least... - Serperior77

10 Sanjay and Craig Gets Cancelled

If sanjay and Craig gets cancelled I will be happy no offense for sanjay and craig fans

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11 Debby Ryan Doesn't Act Anymore

Well Denby ryan wasn't that bad on the suite life on deck

12 Total Drama Gets Better

Yes maybe have all 3 generations in one huge fusion of all sessions! - samanime

Yes. I want a season similar to TDI again. - Turkeyasylum

13 People Finally Realize WWE Is Fake

It is kinda fake but it is scripted, but you can still get injured. Just watch WWE tough enough season 5 and you will find out - Cyclone97

The minute you see the cage you know it's rigged. The WWE Scooby-Doo movie sucked. It ruined Scooby-Doo even more than the 2013 series Mystery Inc. did. - Anonymousxcxc

Um where the hell have you been... - RickyReeves

14 Wizards Of Waverly Place, Fringe and The Tomorrow People come back

That will be amazing I love wizards of Waverly place

15 Robot Chicken Gets Cancelled

Cancel This Show!

It Borrow Nintendo Characters Without Asking! - CuteGirlJigglypuff

16 SpongeBob Gets Cancelled

No, it just needs the original writers to come back, then it will be restored.

I never saw anything good about SpongeBob in my opinion. Should be #1 - RickyReeves

Actually, Stephen Hillenburg is coming back to work on the show - PatrickStar

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17 Ed, Edd & Eddy Remake

Let's keep it the same as the original, but only reveal the kid's parents, their last names, the teacher, where Rolf came from, and not have The Ed Touchables as the first episode.

18 Eye Candy Gets More Fame

Yes mtg has such stupid shows and this was actually really good

19 The Bachelor Gets Cancelled
20 Big Brother Gets More Fame
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1. Big Brother Gets Cancelled
2. SpongeBob Gets Cancelled
3. WWE Gets Cancelled
1. Total Drama, Caillou, The Amazing Race, and Jessie Get Cancelled
2. Disney Gets Real Talent
3. SpongeBob Gets Good Again

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