Top Steven Spielberg Movies

TV Movies included. 'Coz I said so.
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The Top Ten

1 Jaws

Perfectly orchestrated thriller/creature feature, great performances too. - truckturner

2 Raider of the Lost Ark

That should read "Raiders".

Simply one of the greatest adventure movies/thrill rides of all-time. - truckturner

3 ET: The Extra Terrestrial

Beautiful family film. If you aren't moved by this, check your pulse. - truckturner

Aw, this was the very first film I watched at the cinema. It was my favourite film for many years afterwards. Really Beautiful and wonderful for the whole family. - Britgirl

4 War of the Worlds

Post-9/11 alien invasion film was a really bold and interesting idea I think. It's also one of my favourite alien invasion films, and possibly the scariest film Spielberg has ever made. No musical aliens in this one. Underrated. - truckturner

5 Saving Private Ryan

The bookends are unnecessary and the film peaks in the D-Day landing segment which is outstanding filmmaking. But a rock-solid war film nonetheless. - truckturner

6 Minority Report

If it weren't for a transparent whodunit, this futuristic sci-fi film would be even better. As is, it's still cool and interesting. - truckturner

7 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

A massive improvement over "Temple of Doom", this is pure escapist fun like "Raiders". - truckturner

8 Schindler's List

My favorite spielberg film and also my 3rd favorite film of all time. It‘s extremely powerful and disturbing. One of the greatest films i‘ve ever seen - Okk

9 Duel

It counts, OK? - truckturner

It counts! It counts! Thrice times it counts! This is such a (for its time) tremendously clever psychological thriller. Who was that strange truck driver and why was he relentlessly pursuing an innocent family man? I love that the film ended and we're still left guessing. Lost count of how many times I've watched it. Excellent stuff. - Britgirl

10 Lincoln