Best 50 Cent Songs After His Debut Album

In 2003, 50 Cent from Jamaica, Queens, kicked off his rap thing on a large high with his red gangsta theme. Since then, how well has he stabilized his residence all the way up there?

The Top Ten

1 I'm Supposed to Die Tonight
2 My Gun Go Off

This song is a masterpiece, I love it. Best song on Curtis ''2007''

3 Outta Control
4 Gatman and Robbin
5 Get Up
6 No Romeo No Juliet
7 Animal Ambition
8 Still Think I'm Nothing
9 I Don't Need 'em
10 My Life

The Newcomers

? Psycho
? So Disrespectful

The Contenders

11 I'll Still Kill
12 My Toy Soldier
13 Window Shopper
14 Death to My Enemies
15 Ayo Technology
16 Gangsta's Delight
17 Hold Me Down
18 I Get Money
19 Best Friend
20 Candy Shop
21 Just a Lil Bit
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