Best 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) Members

I know people are going to be like "OMFGEE THERE IZNT A BEST MEMBER they'RE ALL the SAME! " but just shut up and vote thanks.
The Top Ten
1 Luke Hemmings Luke Hemmings (born July 16, 1996) is an Australian singer and guitarist. He is the lead vocalist for boy band 5 Seconds of Summer.

Luke is just an amazing, funny, fun, and cute guy and I love Luke so much and who wouldn't like Lucas?!? I want him So sos bad. Luke always puts a smile on my face and I never take it off and he inspires me to do what I want to do and I just LOVE him for that. I can't WAIT TO MEET HIM! I love you Luke. I really want to me you! If you want to meet me I live in IL. So I can't wait to see you!

Luke Robert Hemmings literally gives me life. He is hands down absolutly amazing,talented,funny and gorgeous. His personality is so amazing and adorable. I wake up every morning to a huge poster of him and coudlnt be more happy. I love him so much that all my friends get annoyed. I know it's weird and stupid to say this but I'm inlove with you. We may have not ever met but I can say this now that I love you like crazy and couldn't dream of a better boy than you

No duh luke is #1 on the list, he's got the looks, the voice, the personality and he's the lead in his band! He got the package he's my bae and I love him I don't care what other people say because it's not gunna change my mind although I do love the rest of the band too! Go 5sos!

Like who wouldn't pick him! He has the looks, especially the hot piercing. He has the voice which all of them have, but I just think the way he plays the bass is like so adorable.

2 Ashton Irwin

Ashton has a perfect personality, he's so funny and nice and also really talented with the drums and singing and all the people who think luke is the coolest/hottest that's not true ( sorry no hate against luke) but I think ashton is really good looking with his hair and smile and he has an amazing style and I think most people like luke because he is the lead but if you take a closer look you'll see that the other boys are really cool too! This is no hate against Luke Calum or Michael Ashton is just my favourite and I think without his talkactive personality the band would just be a few guys who can sing and play instruments but they all are perfect in different ways and they complete each other

Ashton is clearly the hottest based solely on looks. I've asked people who don't know about the band to share comparisons and the only one to appeal to the masses is Ashton. Everyone is just jumping on the Luke bandwagon since he's the lead singer, just like some people did with Haz in One Direction. The most popular isn't necessarily the hottest.

His accent is what makes me happy and he's so adorable and hot at the same time, but most of all he respects his fans and makes sure we all know he loves us and that the only reason he is where he is is because of us and it brightens every day for us. He's the light in our darkness.

I love ashton so much he's the happiest boy with the best attitude ever I could not look up to anyone else the way I look up to him. He's so cute and one of the nicest celebrities out there in my opinion.

3 Michael Clifford

This boy just makes me so happy everyday. I love everything about him. His little smile, the way he talks when he gets excited, how he scrunches up his face when he sings with all his heart, his laugh, his beautiful green eyes, the way he lights up on stage when he absolutely shreds on his guitar. I love him with all my heart, and he does so much for the fam along with luke, ashton and calum. He is just a genuine, pure hearted person.

I am In Love with Michael and he is just perfect in every way possible. I know most people are going to choose luke and I don't disagree that he is also perfect, so are Calum and Ashton! But I think that Michael is just a Good person on the inside and out and I love him for it. He's also SUPER adorable <3 (so are the rest of the band members! )

I absolutely love Michael everything about him he's just perfect! He's so cute and really hot. I think he's the most unique member his hair is absolutely amazing and he seems so sweet and funny I just adore mikey

He’s my favorite 5sos member. He is very sweet. He loves the fans a lot. He also very very funny. I like that he is a nerdy geeky gamer. All of his hair colors are awesome. He is so high of energy. He is very talented at guitar and songwriter. I like that he isn’t afraid to talk about his mental health. And to me, he is the most relatable.

4 Calum Hood

Calum is not only an amazing singer, but he can play:
- Bass Guitar
- Guitar
- Piano
- and Drums, I guess?
whilst also being the main songwriter of the band.

I'm not sure why Calum is last in this list.
No offense to the other members of 5SOS, but I like Calum the most. His voice isn't as powerful as Luke's I guess, but it's sweet and angelic. He's attractive too and amazing at bass.

I think Calum deserve number one in this list. I love all member of 5sos and my favorite is Michael but Calum deserve more to be number one. His writing skill, his voice, his smile, his everything. Fyi, bass and vocal isn't in the same note, vocal same as guitar, bass same as drum, so when he sing and play bass at the same time is so hard. You must appreciate his talent

Even my dad admits that Calum is one hell of a bass player. Talented, I truly hope he realizes that he's appreciated not only for being this gentle, nice, amazing and wonderful human being he is, but also for his ravishing music skills. I want Calum to know that no matter who says what about him, he's going places. This kid's going places. much love.