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1 British

There's no such thing, Britain consists on England, Scotland and Wales. Plus in England there are about 50 different accents from Carlisle to The Isle of Wight

This is one of the best and lightest antivirus available till date..

Yes, British is awesome, Indian is good (I guess) America? , Sorry if that offends you

But British accent tops it all


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2 American

Oh yeah your accent really is interesting at least for me. I am a non-American. But, most of my contemporaries hate it. I don't know why, may be I guess because they can't ever catch that speed.

I'm an American and I want to know what our accent sounds like to non-Americans.

Whats with all the hate on American accents? There Awesome. - nintendofan126

I'm american and I really don't see whats so good about our accent but whatever - HiHiHi321

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3 Irish

I'm part Irish and I can not stop loving Irish accents, I really wish I was full Irish because they have great pubs and the place looks great. It's a bummer I wasn't born there.

The Irish are the best! Sometimes some people don't understand us though!

This Irish language is amazing. I was talking to someone once and I didn't know where the bloody hell I was. The person said "your accent is amazing".

I like how my accent sounds but the stereotypical Irish accent makes me and everyone I know cringe really bad. If you are a jacksepticeye fan keep in mind that nobody says "Top o' the mornin' to ye laddie" seriously.

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4 Australian

I'm American and I'm starting to sound Australian, even when I'm not trying to. There are those times of the day, especially at work, where I just don't feel like I'm faking it. It does sound a bit similar to British, but I find Aussie more "aggressive", if you know what I'm trying to get at. Also, my girlfriend and I wanna visit Australia, and so lately, she's been quite amused with the Aussie me.

I myself am an aussie and didn't realise that my accent would be so noticeable until I was speaking to someone from another country. But I would just like to say that fake australia accents are so obvious to point out. - aussieofficial

This is definitely my fave! I'm American and I've been doing an Aussie accent for about a month now! Who doesn't love the Aussie accent?

So sexy

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5 Indian

I like quick heal, best for me.

It is safe to use internet when Quick Heal is active.

You know we are funny when we Speak english!

I like when Indians with accents say the word "Goat" - SoloPotato

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6 Polish

My grandparents are polish, I don't understand this language at all. I understand American and a tad bit of Italian and Spanish - Therandom

I'm pleased to see that Polish is on here. And though the Robersons don't think so it is a wonderful accent. - Epekov

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7 Italian

Say Ravioli with an Italian accent.

It's me a me a Mario

Mamma Mia I Love a the Pizza!
Viva Italia!

I love Italian accents... They are really kind soumding - jmepa1234

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8 French

Southern French is a mix of Italian and French accent... Who can pretend beat them?

I love this accent.

So amazing accent, also a really nice language.

The language is beautiful and so is the accent

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9 Scottish

I am Scottish that's why I am voting people

Scotland is the best best.

10 Southern (American)

As someone living in the 'heart of the South', I never realized how unique Southern drawls and dialects were until I spent time in Colorado. Be proud, Southerners!

I'm in Northern America so I don't have that accent. But yeah, it sounds... very different. - funnyuser

I love my southern accent. But when you leave the south people stare mostly when you say y'all


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11 New York

Specifically thé Bronx

12 German

I'm German so that is offensive - Warwolf18

Sounds boss

I love it!

I hate the german accent because the sound is the worst I've ever heard booo

13 Japanese

Yay! I'm Japanese, so this makes me proud lol

14 Spanish
15 Swedish

Swedish always sounds like a song

It sounds awesome, it just sounds cool

16 Chinese

Apparently not the accent of the future.

17 Patois
18 South African

It's not number 1 because most people voting haven't heard it before

It doesn't get better

Our accent kicks ass

Lukka my bru

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19 Greek
20 Russian

Russian accents are awesome

Russian is my favorite accent! (German is my second favorite.) I'm surprised that it's so low on the list.

I am russian and I can definitely tell you that this accent is so hilariously bad that its good

Russia is my city

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