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1 British

I am British and our accents are the best

The original English is amazing.

I hate it

Can't get any better

2 American

American's have a very wide range of regional accents forged from many different accents around the world, we are a nation of immigrants after all.

I'm an American and I want to know what our accent sounds like to non-Americans.


I’m fine with American English. Only the southern accents

3 Irish

British Accents are annoying and American Accents are too generic. Irish Accents are unique and entertaining. And their slang helps to entertain

I am irish love it

Can't get enough of Dublin accent mesmerising

I'm part Irish and I can not stop loving Irish accents, I really wish I was full Irish because they have great pubs and the place looks great. It's a bummer I wasn't born there.

4 Australian

Australian is not a language. Australians speak English and there's nothing complex about it plus there's nothing American about the Australian accent. Chris Hemsworth has a beautiful speaking voice and when he's in an American film, of course he speaks with an American accent! I'm Australian and no one from another country has ever said that they can't understand me.

Australia is simple, but not annoying to listen to.

I'm Australian and I hear so much that it's a hard language to learn but it's one easygoing language not that Hard just relax and let flow simple

I think the Australian accent is crikey amazing

5 Indian

Why are bots taking about anti-viruses - Limeyy

Indian bots strike again - ElSherlock

Indian accents are the worst!

I like quick heal, best for me.

6 Polish

My grandparents are polish, I don't understand this language at all. I understand American and a tad bit of Italian and Spanish - Therandom

Impossible language, hard to everyone, except Polish :P

I'm pleased to see that Polish is on here. And though the Robersons don't think so it is a wonderful accent. - Epekov

7 Italian

It's musical

Say Ravioli with an Italian accent.

It's me a me a Mario

Mamma Mia I Love a the Pizza!
Viva Italia!

8 French

The language is beautiful and so is the accent

Southern French is a mix of Italian and French accent... Who can pretend beat them?

I love this accent.

So amazing accent, also a really nice language.

9 Scottish

A right gid Scottie has the greatest accent

Aye mate

I am Scottish that's why I am voting people

Scotland is the best best.

10 Southern (American)

As someone living in the 'heart of the South', I never realized how unique Southern drawls and dialects were until I spent time in Colorado. Be proud, Southerners!

I'm in Northern America so I don't have that accent. But yeah, it sounds... very different. - funnyuser

I love my southern accent. But when you leave the south people stare mostly when you say y'all

I love in Alabama and it's is the best accent

The Contenders

11 New York

Specifically thé Bronx

12 German

It makes you sound tough and sexy

Ugh the Getman accent is actually amazing and sometimes I wish I had it like I love it so much

I'm German so that is offensive - Warwolf18

Sounds boss

13 Spanish

It just sounds so good when the roll the Rrrr like CARRO ROJO DE CARRERA (sum Puerto Rican’s can’t say that) 🤣🤣

14 Japanese

Yay! I'm Japanese, so this makes me proud lol

15 Swedish

Swedish always sounds like a song

It sounds awesome, it just sounds cool

16 Patois

The Trini Patwa tung go ham on all these bloodcla accents! Lol... - TheMainReason

17 Russian

Russian accents make me laugh, every time I hear someone with a Russian accent I start getting the giggles and laughing.

USSR all hail Stalin soviet Russia screw you America

I admit, this is my favorite accent. - PandaMan

The Russian accent is so interesting to listen to - all of the Slavic ones are quite good, but Russian takes the cake.
I know how everyone loves the British accent - I do too, but the Russian one is more amazing. - wrests

18 South African

Most people voting on here are voting as if it's about "best nation", otherwise "British" and "American" wouldn't be the two top choices. I'm sorry, but whenever I hear someone with a British accent, I get the same vibes as when I listen to the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka. - UndaDaSea

Best accent to imitate, too. Respectfully, of course. - truckturner

It doesn't get better

It's not number 1 because most people voting haven't heard it before

19 Chinese

Apparently not the accent of the future.

20 New Zealand

Yo our accent is good as bro

Because they are very much like Britain's accents but they sound more relaxed and sexy.

We should be on the top


21 Canadian

I am Canadian and would love to know how a canadian accent sounds like to a non-canadian.

As a cannadian,this accent's really amazing and I think this should come in the top 5 list(frankly speaking )

22 Trinidadian

Masters of broken dialect.

Triune is d ting

23 Californian
24 Jamaican


25 Greek

Although I am a HUGE fan of anyone with any accent, Greek accents, in my opinion, are da best. I know a lot of Greek people who have moved to America and when I hear them speaking English it’s so funny yet heart warming!

26 Welsh

Dude we sexy

I'm welsh, bloody brilliant mush

I really love Welsh accents - pjo

Welsh is the best accent. no beating it.

27 Arabic
28 Swiss

Nice and smot and cool...

29 Persian
30 Texan

#cowboy accent

31 Minnesota
32 Korean

Its really funny and cute

Its nice to hear

33 New Jersey
34 Brummie

Alright bab you wanna pukka pie

35 Boston
36 Ugandan

How is this not higher? It's hilarious. - Votebotingsucks

37 Orcadian (Type of Scottish)
38 Costa Rican
39 Jordi
40 Midwestern America
41 Gaelic

I thought this said garlic, and wondered what a garlic accent was.

So soft...

42 South London
43 Mexican
44 Samoan


45 Norwegian

Sounds like smoked wood

46 Danish
47 Bronxs (American)

You talking' to me? You beddah be.

48 Zambian
49 Democratic Republic of the Congo
50 Moroccan
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