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21 Draw the Line

Coolest song Aerosmith ever rocked! Steven Tyler's screams is what sets him apart from other rock singers. This song is a prime example of that ability. It's got my vote for what should be #1 on the list.

I'm honestly surprised this song didn't rate higher. Everything from the guitar intro to the lyrics is just classic 70s rock. I wouldn't rate it number one, but it deserves higher than #19.

This is the distillation of their greatness, and the insane screaming of Steven reaches the level of an apotheosis of Rock music. Crazy and unique, it's the Demon of Screamin.

One of the very best in a long list of fantastic/rocking' songs in the Aerosmith catalog

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22 Same Old Song & Dance

I like it because I can play it on guitar easier than everything else. I love everything from Aerosmith, but this is what led me to get my wings. So... I guess that's it...

This is one of my favorites. It jut keeps m in a good mood and its got a nice sound to it. I like it a whole lot.

Not a very well known song, but one of Aerosmith's finest. Fun song on Guitar Hero I.

#22? I don't get it... this is such a catchy song and is one that can get you in a good mood...

My top 5:
1. Dream On
2. Same Old Song and Dance
3. Sweet Emotion
4. Walk This Way
5. Dude Looks Like a Lady - ice_us88

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23 The Other Side

VOTE UP VOTE UP VOTE UP! This is the best aerosmith song by a long shot cryin' right beneath it but not even close how is this so underrated VOTE UP VOTE UP VOTE UP VOTE UP!

Best aerosmith song ever! I love don't wanna miss a thing and walk this way and cryin' but this song tops all of them. How is it sitting back here and not in the top ten? It truly rocks

Awesome song! Please please please listen to it!

Very good song, vote this up!

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24 Pink

A brilliantly written song - it's in songs where Aerosmith has fun that they're the best!

Allusions to sex in what appears to be a straight ahead song about "my fav-or-ite col-or". Stimulating as hell. - mgenet

It's just brilliant. The starting organ then tyler's amazing vocals... It really deserves to be in top 5 list, certainly.


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25 Fly Away from Here

I absolutley love this song so much it makes me bawl like a baby every time I listen to it now do I think this is actually the best aerosmith song? No. That's impossible to choose one, but is this one of my personal favorites? HELL YES. I love you steven, joe, joey, tom, and brad!

Beautiful song, great lyrics... Yet again, from Aerosmith. Number 21 seems too low in my humble opinion.

Amazing song, amazing lyrics!... I love it so much!

This songs is cool

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26 Hole in My Soul

How is this not in the top 10? Right up there with Cryin' and Angel'! A fantastic emotional, power ballad!

Nice lyrics. In crescendo ballad. Couldn't believe it is so low in the ranking.

This must belong to the top 10. A very heartfelt song!

I just couldn't believe that this song is not in top 3. Only it gives me all the feelings that I run away. Mostly it makes me cry. Also steven is A M A Z I N G in this song.

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27 Train Kept A-Rollin'

This is the best song ever I can't believe this is 17 this shows how amazing Joe Perry can play there are like 6 solos in this song it is amazing. In my opinion this is the best Areosmith song ever made if not the best song ever made. - macrox16

Despite being a cover is a great song and deserve a higher place in the top 10.

Shocked that this is as low as 30! Definitely should be higher. Fantastic guitar work and solos!

Top 10, people are making me sick here,

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28 Falling in Love (Is Hard on the Knees)

Awesome song, nice guitar and drums
With good Tempo, Nicely sung by Taylor!

29 Seasons of Wither

This is absolutely one of Aerosmith's best songs-just like all the others it rocks! Whose calling lately...

Those of us who are from the first generation of Aerosmith fans think of this classic in the top 5 list..

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30 Girls of Summer

There are way better songs, eat the rich, movin out, nobody's fault

The song is so so I like it very much

31 Eat the Rich

With a unique intro, awesome riff, and a pump up verse and chorus, this song just defines the whole genre of rock, which is why it's my favorite song ever.

Why Is This 29 It Should At Least Be In The Top 5

How can this be so low?

32 Let the Music Do the Talking

This is a great song but it's not on a great album so not many people recognize it - Sabbath

33 Lord of the Thighs

My Favorite Aerosmith song. When Aerosmith was a Rock/Blues Band - Rauldeth

34 Adam's Apple

I can understand why its not in the top ten, but, seriously! It's my favorite track off of toys in the attic.

88 What a joke. This is one of the best riffs they ever did.

35 Hangman Jury

The last best aerosmith song!

Just came back to say how much I love this. Can't understand why it's so low. - Britgirl

This is by far the best of their more upbeat ones. Sounds so different to the others. It's SO good! - Britgirl

I hope I'll still love this song in 50 years. That's how long it'll take to reach #1. - Britgirl

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36 What Could Have Been Love

Sure it's Modern AeroSmith but I Actually Really enjoy this song! - Curti2594

Its really a nice song.. Should be in top 10

What the hell is wrong with you people? This song is the best from their new album and is cleary one of their best songs. Steven Tyler still at his best

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37 No More No More

If it's Steven Tyler's favorite song it sure should be a lot higher than this...

Lol top 15. In my top 10. Songs like this defied their legacy...not crazy and cryin, lol. Eat the rich is the worst song they ever did.

38 Movin' Out

First song aerosmith ever wrote, better than every song dating back too pump!

39 Heart's Done Time
40 Rock in a Hard Place

Amazing song! It's like Same old Song and Dance with a bit of Walk This Way in the opening. Then it turns into the kind of hard-rock song that only Aerosmith is capable of!

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