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101 Walk on Water

Dude this song is an epic hard rock song! Needs to be in the top 20, at least!
When I heard this song I couldn't help it but get up and dance, VOTE VOTE VOTE till it hits the top, cause it deserves no lower!

Just a brilliant song that should be way higher! I can't think why this isn't in their greatest hit's category, cause it's certainly one of them in my mind

This is an awesome song! I wouldn't say it's their absolute best song! But it's in the top 10 for sure, shouldn't be at 37! Come on people vote for this song cause it should be a lot higher! "

One of my favorite song. Best Aerosmith chorus ever! You got the BOO YAH!
Very good hard rock - Pat5105

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102 Flesh
103 The Reason a Dog
104 Ain't that a Bitch

I can't believe this is not in the top ten or even in the top 20!, I love this song and I think is one of the best aerosmith's songs, even better than Draw the line

Come on, people! This is definitely a amazing song! Great lyrics, melody and feeling!

105 Nobody's Fault

The best track from their best album (Rocks). This song was so influential among then-budding rock musicians like Slash and James Hetfield that it's a crime to have this place at number 34.

One of my personal Aerosmiths best. The rocking style of Aerosmith is represented in this amazing song. Too bad we don't make songs like this anymore.

Ahhh, OK went to my first Aerosmith show in 1977. As Steve would say "do you like the old sh#t or the new sh#t," I like both however, partial to the rocking' sh#t! If you're a semi new fan dig deep, One Way Street, Crash, Rats in the Cellar, SOS, Street Jesus, Round and Round, Trip Hoppin', Milk Cow Blues, Line Up, Cheese Cake, Monkey on My Back, Hangman Jury, Baby Please Don't Go and Mother Popcorn. Aerosmith was not a pop band, they just made the first commercially successful power ballad and continued to try and duplicate that on each release after that. I don't blame them for that but their other sh#t is better...

This and dream on are their best.. listen to the riff on this song.. it will stick in your head for days!

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106 Legendary Child

Amazing New Song This One Should Be Number 10 Or 11 Aerosmith Show That They Have Still Got It Vote This One up Higher This Song Was Meant For One Of the Albums In The 90s But Now They Have Released It They Made It Better. Amazing Guitar Bass Drumming And Singing - mneilan

Imagine it in toys in the attic album sound! You will hear the best song of the 70s

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