Best African-American Metal Musicians

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1 Howard Jones (Killswitch Engage)

One of the best vocalists in metalcore history. He made Killswitch more popular than they were before Jesse left. His screams are powerful an his cleans are absolutely godlike. I'm glad that Jesse is back in Killswitch, but Howard brought them to fame.

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2 Derrick Green (Sepultura)

I'm sure a lot of people freaked out when Max left. He made Sepultura. But honestly, Derrick is an awesome frontman for the band with great vocals and guitar riffs.

I actually don't like Derrick Green. Sepultura hasn't put out anything worth listening to since Max left - ryanrimmel

3 Lajon Witherspoon (Sevendust)

Very underrated vocalist. He does some awesome clean vocals in many of Sevendust's songs.

Greatest Range, best feeling, awesome interpretation. Best! One Mic to rule them all!

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4 Adam Warren (Oceano)

One word... Amazing. Adam has some of the most brutal vocals in death metal/deathcore music right up there with Phil Bozeman. There's even YouTube videos where he sings normal clean vocals that sound amazing.

5 Mike Smith (Suffocation)

Flawless drummer. He does some of the cleanest blast beats and double bass in death metal. Very underrated death metal drummer.

6 Byron Davis (God Forbid)

He can do some of the bet metalcore-style screams out there. God Forbid is a very underrated metalcore band overall with very underrated musicians.

7 Terrance Hobbs (Suffocation)

He's done some really great work in Suffocation which for me is the greatest death metal band alive. I really like the guitar distortion and riffs that he plays.

8 Doc Coyle (God Forbid)

This dude plays some really awesome guitar solos.

9 Corey Pierce (God Forbid)b

And once again I forget to log in before uploading a list. Laugh out loud! - MetalFoREVer1228

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10 Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders) Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders)

Not only the best African-American metal musician, he is already one of the best guitar players of our time!

The man is the greatest modern metal guitarist out there. Black or White, Hispanic, Asian, etc.

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11 Dallas Coyle (God Forbid)

He plays some really melodic and awesome metalcore riffs.

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