Top Ten Airplanes In Microsoft Flight Simulator X

The Top Ten Airplanes In Microsoft Flight Simulator X

1 Boeing 747-400 World Travel Airlines

The next best, it's pretty good.

2 Airbus A321 World Travel Airlines

The best one yet. It's really fast.

3 Boeing 747-400 Boeing Livery

This plane can go pretty high.

4 Boeing F/A-18 Blue Angles One

This aircraft is big and fast.

5 Bombardier CRJ700 Orbit Airlines

This one is really colorful and can go high.

6 Mooney Bravo

This one IS Mooney.

7 Maule Orion On Skis

Which can go fast.

8 Robinson R22 Beta II
9 Piper J-3 Cub

It's orange and a little good at turning.

10 Aircreation Trike Ultralight

It's small and you can see outside.

The Contenders

11 Boeing 737-800
12 Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

Top three of U.S. Military Combat and peace time multi task cargo transports. Tops in U.S. Military means in a class above the rest in use in other nations-bar none.

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