Top Ten Ideas for New Team Fortress 2 Classes

What if there was a new class for Team Fortress 2 and which one would you love to see?
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1 Hacker
2 Bomberman
3 Ninja

Yes, if Valve ever introduces a tenth class, I would like it to be an assassin, dressed similarly to a ninja, but with a team-colored headband. This character would have the speed of a scout, with primary energy weapons and secondary gas grenades. For melee, pretty much all the existing melee weapons currently used are sufficient. I don't want him to just run around, but rather stand his ground and fight. He would also be able to remove sappers. Thanks.

This could be possible, but there could be weapons for the spy that make him resemble a ninja.

I think if you leave it somewhere in the middle of Scout and Spy, it might work. Like a regular pistol for the main weapon, a smoke grenade for the secondary, and a fast-swinging knife that can't backstab.

4 Scavenger
5 Hydro

He would be a Welshman armed with a jet wash, mid-range rifle, and an umbrella. As a support class, his water would slow down enemies and extinguish teammates. Over time, he would build up a charge by soaking people. Upon this charge, he would project a shield of water which blocks fire and makes incoming damage 50% less.

6 Scientist

I had an idea for one of his weapons:

It would be a beaker filled with a substance that, when thrown at a teammate, gives them an effect. It would have two effects that can be swapped by using the Right Mouse button, but it has the same kind of effect as the Heavy's food items, requiring a small animation that leaves you vulnerable.

The first effect would last for around 5-10 seconds (whichever is more balanced) and would provide players with temporary regeneration (at a speed similar to a Level 1 dispenser), at the cost of taking more damage. The second effect would give them a bit more mobility and defense, but would temporarily reverse the effect.

I also had ideas for other effects that could be used as unlocks:

- Swapping the health and ammo packs (which would also affect the Heavy's food items).
- Increasing the Medic's uber rate.
- Making someone completely immune to fire (perhaps also buffing the Pyro in some way since that doesn't affect them).

7 Samurai

A melee-focused defense class armed with a bow, a shotgun, and a katana.

8 Guard Dog
9 Pilot

Pilot seems to be one of the more popular ideas. I really like this one!

10 Commando
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11 Unicorn
12 The Hitman

This is kind of the same as the Sniper and Spy.

13 Magician
14 Cryro

A Pyro that froze to death at pl_frontier. He is now back for revenge. His airblast will launch icicles, his ax will freeze your enemies, and his snowgun will be shot up your brain.

Interesting idea, but I think it being a Pyro subclass is a better idea.

15 Civilian
16 Cyborg

I like the idea that the Engineer is the only thing that could heal him. Maybe high DPS with cyborg stuff going on. Not a bad idea.

17 Hunter

A big heavy guy with a brutal beard, armed with a powerful shotgun and some traps like those used for big animals.

18 Painis Cupcake
19 Heavy Birdy Guy
20 Tryhard
21 Officer
22 Enforcer
23 Jumpman

You know he would be in the air, descending with a parachute. That will be one of his items.

24 Squeaker

Scout's evil twin, more annoying than the Scout.

25 Revolutionary
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