Top 10 Album Covers with Triangles

Have you seen an album cover with a triangle on it? Put it down. Make sure it's perfect enough to look like it's a big triangle. Big triangles are what I want for this list. Big triangles. Ok, now it's like watching a stupid kids show because we are going to talk about triangles a lot. But lets do it.

The Top Ten

1 Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd

Very iconic for the history of music. When people think of pink floyd, they got this in mind. - LightningStrike

2 Hysteria - Def Leppard

Very brilliant artwork they have done there. Insides and outsides are very different and they are right between a triangle as big as I want it. - LightningStrike

3 Out of Ashes - Dead by Sunrise

Great creativity. A circle right around a triangle right in front of a certain randomised shape. Awesome - LightningStrike

4 Universal Pulse - 311

In the outside there are a lot of certain things that look and define things that describes the world today, and the inside is some kind of environment with a space sky. Just awesome and creative. - LightningStrike

5 Powerslave - Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden has something for you. A pyramid. Not the most accurate to be a triangle but it works perfect for this list. - LightningStrike

6 We Are The 21st Century Ambassadors Of Peace & Magic - Foxygen

Upside down red triangle so big it contains almost half of the mass of this album cover! And can you guess what's below it? - LightningStrike

7 Ire Works - Dillinger Escape Plan

A silver triangle with very unique and basic idea of certain shapes on it's sides. Very nicely done there. - LightningStrike

8 Silence the World - Adept

The world. What in front of it? A triangle, a triangle with a big letter A for adept. Another nicely done artwork there. - LightningStrike

9 Oops! Wrong Planet - Utopia

Oops, wrong planet is right you guys, aliens should never enter are beloved planet. But wow, look at this. - LightningStrike

10 Badmotorfinger - Soundgarden

Soundgarden has something for you. Right in the center is a small triangle with a circle behind it with a unique style of shapes. Again, very nice. - LightningStrike

The Contenders

11 Paradise Lost - Delta Heavy

Strictly speaking, it's a capital delta. With which Delta Heavy are somewhat obsessed. - PositronWildhawk

12 Pentagram - Gui Boratto
13 Where's the Drop? - Deadmau5
14 Vital - Dr. Ozi
15 Play - Moby

If the play icon in the bottom right counts as a triangle (which it does) then this is one of the best albums out there with a triangle on the cover. - PositronWildhawk

16 Evolve - Imagine Dragons

It may not show the image, but search up the album by them and you’ll see. - IceFoxPlayz

17 Clockwork Angels - Rush
18 New Eyes - Clean Bandit
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Top Remixes

1. Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd
2. Hysteria - Def Leppard
3. Out of Ashes - Dead by Sunrise


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