Best Albums Between Eminem and Kanye West


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1 My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Okay look, I now this might be controversial, but MBDTF is actually better than any other Eminem album, the production is superior, there's more variety in this album, the beats are amazing and Kanye's delivery might be not as great as Eminem but he gives a great flow in it, Eminem in MMLP is great too but there are a few songs there that aren't neccesary, in MBDTF, every song is just on point, literally a flawless album - Pato_cargo

2 The Marshall Mathers LP

This and MBDTF should switch.

Eminem's best album by far, maybe is not as good as MBDTF but is still a great album, the only reasons why personally don't think this album is not as great as MBDTF is because the production isn't as great as MBDTF and the edgy lyrics can be repetitive,besides songs like "Remember Me" and "Under the Influence" aren't as good as the rest, but besides that, is Em's most energetic and agressive album, and almost everything about it feel great - Pato_cargo

3 Late Registration

Kanye's most personal album to this date, is also the one with his best lyrics and flow, he gives a great inspiration from jazz and shows his greatest and most underrated songs in this album, really deserves a chance - Pato_cargo

4 The College Dropout

Kanye's first record, it may not aged as well as Late Registration or MBDTF but is still a pretty great record for the genre - Pato_cargo

5 The Eminem Show

Personally I think Eminem's shows his best lyrics in this record, and even the production still holds up after all these years - Pato_cargo

6 The Slim Shady LP

The most classic and greatest '90s rap album.

Em's first studio album - Pato_cargo

7 Graduation

Although doesn't aged pretty well, Graduation still holds up for show that Kanye can hold up mixing the old school style with some pop vibes in this album - Pato_cargo

8 The Marshall Mathers LP2

Eminem's sequel to the MMLP - Pato_cargo

9 Yeezus

Kanye's most experimental album to this date, it might not be as great as the dropout trilogy and MBDTF, but it the shows the range that Kanye can show through his career - Pato_cargo

10 Relapse

This is probably being controversial but I think Relapse doesn't get enough credit
Sure it might be not the comeback we waited for but it shows the slow transition between the Slim Shady character and Marshall's real persona, we know Eminem's accent in some of the songs are really annoying, but the rest of this album feels absolutely great, between the production to Em's flow, and personally it feels better and more original than Recovery - Pato_cargo

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11 Recovery
12 The Life of Pablo The Life of Pablo
13 Kids See Ghost
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