Albums That Haven't Aged Well


The Top Ten

1 Emotions - Mariah Carey

One of the weakest albums by M. Carey - Alexandr

2 Survivor - Destiny's Child

Destiny's Child's songs haven't aged well at all - they were all just generic song at the time of release and are even worse now.

"Emotions" was an amazing album, it's three singles are some of the best in Mariah's catalogue - it was heavily inspired by 70s and 80s music - stuff that is coming back into fashion now.

3 The College Dropout - Kanye West

Liked this album in 2004 but not now - Alexandr

It just sounds like little kids trying to make music now that I listen to it.

Used to like it, but not anymore. High pitched sampling just hurts my ears.

Liked it back then, but not anymore.

4 Off the Wall - Michael Jackson

MJ is the king, no doubt but the album isn't interesting anymore (at least for me) - Alexandr

5 A Girl Like Me - Rihanna
6 Mariah Carey - Mariah Carey
7 Justified - Justin Timberlake
8 My Way - Usher
9 Dizzy Heights - The Lightning Seeds
10 Armed Forces - Elvis Costello

The Contenders

11 Smells Like Children - Marilyn Manson
12 Portrait of an American Family - Marilyn Manson
13 Antichrist Superstar - Marilyn Manson

Don't get me wrong people, it's a really great album. But most of the studio vocals are pretty bad. In a few songs Manson sounds like he's whispering into the mic.

14 ... Baby One More Time - Britney Spears
15 Recovery - Eminem
16 Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - Avenged Sevenfold
17 A Night at the Opera - Queen
18 Kid A - Radiohead
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