Albums with a Undeserved Average Score on Encyclopaedia Metallum

I made this list because i find lots of EM reviews to be pretty bad.The ''Undeserved'' score can be more or less than it deserves to me.

The Top Ten

1 The Last Stand - Sabaton

Really just goes to show that no community is perfect at making reviews everyone likes different things and albums usually are marked down when an artists changes it musical style - germshep24

Next list idea: albums with undeserved amount of reviews on Encyclopedia Metallum. Potential candidates include:
Wintersun - Time I (38 reviews! )
Alcest's first album
Demolition Hammer - Epidemic of Violence
Vio-Lence - Eternal Nightmare - Alkadikce

2 Practice What You Preach - Testament

Metal-archives (also known as Encyclopaedia Metallum: Metal Archives) is a user-edited website, established in 2002, which purports to be a heavy metal-focused database. Although the site has garnered a reputation over the years for being "elitist" and "strict" on what can/cannot be included, many bands listed there are actually folk, ambient, industrial, gothic rock and other "headbang worthy" music their site "rules" forbade, otherwise. When you couple this with the secretive personalities of those who moderate/administer everything over there, Metal Archives has the same credibility (and "metal-bility") as Milli Vanilli by the end of the day. - MetalMan

One of the best albums of all time! I don't know how it get that low score on metallum - EzP2

3 Purgatory - Iron Maiden
4 Obsessed by Cruelty - Sodom

Sodom in general is pretty praised, even their worst album is ranked good on both Metal Kingdom and metal encyclopedia: 64% for Masquerade on encyclopedia and their pointless album The Final Sign of Evil is at a 68% and Metal Kingdom has all their albums in the 80% range outside of Final Signs of Evil which has the same ranking on both sites and there is nothing good about that album - germshep24

5 Seventh Son of a Seventh Son - Iron Maiden

I must admit I have not heard it but it is pretty high on the list of greatest metal albums so I would have thought that it was at least not surprising that it has a very high rating but still I am sure you have good reasons to say that it is not Iron Maidens greatest work.

6 Cold Lake - Celtic Frost
7 Grand Declaration of War - Mayhem
8 Spiritual Healing - Death

It's Death metal sites are always kinder to bands that are highly influential to a genre - germshep24

This album is dope to me, and is probably my favourite Death's album after Scream Bloody Gore. - Black_Abbath

Great album. - Black_Abbath

9 Enter Sandman - Metallica
10 Grave New World - Discharge

The Contenders

11 Shogun - Trivium
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