Best Songs from Alessia Cara's Know-It-All

Alessia Cara's new album is stunningly beautiful with lots of flow, in my opinion. Here are some of her most amazing songs from her debut album just released.

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1 Scars to Your Beautiful

I Love this song - Righteous

Alessia cara release a video

Amazing song!


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2 Here

This is a good song. Honestly, it's like a slightly worse version of Lorde's Royals/much worse version of OneRepublic's Counting Stars. It's a song about breaking away from the usual PARTY PARTY PARTY, DRINK DRINK DRINK. It works. My issues lie in the swampy synth melody, Cara's mediocre voice, and the fact that Cara kinda drones on during the verses. A lot.

I give this a 3.6 out of 5. - WonkeyDude98

Everyone know that song. Some people hates it,but alessia hates parties and she's went to a party once when she's was 16. Sherman feel uncomfortable, standing in the corner. Alessia is a beautiful singer, and she's not going to the party again

It looks very amazing, though. I will give this out a 5/10. - DynastiSugarPop

She's beautiful!

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3 Wild Things

10/10 alessia cara release a video starring her friends

Needs to be higher. - DynastiSugarPop

4 I'm Yours

Her brother is on the video. I don't like the video were her brother is stalking alessia

THE BEST! - mood333

5 River of Tears

This song has a really deep meaning

6 Seventeen

This song is beautiful

Best song on the album

7 Four Pink Walls

Her room has blue walls

8 Outlaws

Song is amazing, the vocals and the feel to the song just everything.

9 My Song
10 Stars

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11 Overdose
12 How Far I'll Go
13 Stone
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