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The Top Ten Best The All American Rejects Songs

1 Move Along

I love every AAR song... But really it all comes down to this upbeat yet powerful, relate-able song.

This song defines the word awesome! Best and favourite song of mine for ages! All-American Rejects = the best band ever! Should definitely be the top of the list.

Sure you can say gives you hell is the most successful song by AAR and Dirty Little Secret was even more successful than move along but those were fun songs Move Along is #1 ahead of both of those for me because this song had a deeper message, a deeper meaning than just a "dirty little secret" or the angst of a bad breakup or lost friendship "when you see my face hope is gives you hell" those songs are so fun and they are some of my favorite songs ever to hear live as hell as move along.. move along is very inspiring and I know it helped many many people. All in all the rejects are a great, fun band that has stayed true to themselves and I would like to thank Ty, Nick, Mike and Chris for blessing us with inspiration and amazing music you guys don't know how thankful myself and many many others are for your existence.

This band is great and even their worst songs deserve a spot on your playlist. This song goes far above and beyond all their other songs though, even above gives you hell. You can easily get tired of gives you hell after a few days, not this song.

2 Gives You Hell


This is obviously a great song... Their most well known and it was certified 4x Platinum in America... Phenomenal success. Having said that, if you listen to this too much it can get annoying and this ISN'T their best song, Move Along is and Night Drive too.

Awesome song! This one went to the top of the charts and this shows that this is the best one...

Even the video is great (although not the most watched among these songs on YouTube)...

This song never gets old! This is one of the very few songs I would listen to all the time and day long! My family don't really like this type of music but this is the only song all of them know!

3 Dirty Little Secret

This song is just plain awesomeness.

This should definitely be #1! It was this song that made me become a fan of All American Rejects! Everybody should vote on this song NOW... And if by some miraculous injustice you have never heard this song before, LISTEN TO IT NOW!

Are you kidding me this song is more fun to listen then move along please guys vote this song it's there best song of all time - ccr.koirala

Move Along (2005 Dirty Little Secret and the for a girl her name is Ella she is 12 years old and Duran Duran is 50 years old then my dad is 42.

4 It Ends Tonight

this song rocks my world man! love it! - eminems_718

Hey top ten, if you don't turn this song into number one in at least 3 hours, IT will END TONIGHT

Listening to this right now. I love this song and will request it at every dance I ever go to. Makes me smile and just lifts me up when I'm feeling down.

This is on of my favorite songs but the all American rejects have so many good songs it was hard to choose

5 I Wanna

Tyson Ritter, Let me just say Your voice is amazing. And listening to this song makes me wish I had a boyfriend. THE ALL American REJECTS SONGS ARE ALL SO MEANINGFUL and can describe exactly what you feel for any kind of day, LOVE YOU GUYS. YOUR MY FAVORITE BAND!

I only heard this once on youtube and now it's n my ipod and always on repeat. When my sister heard it playing from my ipod. He said "! I LOVE THAT SONG!

I reall like this song! It really expresses its feeling even though he's voice isn't so power.. well that's it.. I can really say this song is GOOD! I think this should beno 1

I wanna I wanna I wanna Touch You You Wanna Touch Me Too

6 Swing, Swing

I LOVE this song! All-American Rejects is the BEST band ever! This song should be number one! This is how the list should be.
1)Swing, Swing
2)move Along
3)Dirty Little Secret
4)It Ends Tonight
5)Gives you hell
6)I Wanna
7)Night Drive
8)Back To Me
9)Change Your Mind
10)Top of the World

All their songs are great but I think the list should be like this and this gong should definitely be number one! BEST SONG EVER! Listen to it! I Love All-American Rejects!

Swing swing swing from the tangles of, my heart is crushed by a former love, can you help me find a way to carry on again. Wish cast into the sky I'm dreaming of her... BEST SONG EVER. I listened to it over na dover and it never gets old.

This song deserves the number 1 spot, Probably the BEST song from All American Rejects. Come on Everyone just listen it once you will gonna love this song...

In my opinion this is the best, this is the first one I ever heard by this band, and it helped me through most things. Should be #1

7 The Last Song

Classic, could be the # 1. The violoncello at the middle and then the guitars and drum, awesome!

This is honestly my favorite song, period

8 My Paper Heart

This is s great and amazing song. I listen to it almost everywhere. I wouldn't say its #1, but it should definitely be #5

The HEQ! This song is really good it should be on top 10... If you don't like this song then you must be an alien or worst a nerd

My paper heart will bleed if you don't think this is a great song..

Everyone Listen to this song someone who voted other songs still ddnt hear this awesome song

9 Can't Take It

This is the best song ever by the American Rejects. The lyrics are stunning and mind blowing. It's explains determination and also the folly of doing things alone. Truly the best!

This song is not only the best All American rejects song, but it's the best song ever.. It's beautiful, my best friend and I used to listen to it all the time before she moved away...

This song would be even better if it was just 2 acoustic guitars and Tyson ritter's vocals, but the original is still good.

10 Top of the World

This and Night Drive are the most underrated songs on this list and the song Move Along should be top of the list.

This is easily my favorite All American Rejects song ever! Awesome beat, awesome lyrics, an all around awesome song! Should definitely be number one!

This song sure does deserve its spot! It's a really good song! Just as good as Move Along, in my opinion.

This song was on burnout revenge, it got me into The All American Rejects and it remains my personal favourite song (gives you hell a close second)

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11 Heartbeat Slowing Down

My most listened to song when it comes to the all American rejects and that says a lot coming from me the all American rejects are my favorite band

Tyson Ritter called it the most powerful song they've ever written - Ilikefishsticks

Awesome song... Should definitely be in top 5

Was going to vote Walk Over Me or Somedays gone but I just one song from my favourite album of there's to make it in the top ten + the flatline version of this song is amazing

12 Stab My Back

This song sounds like it came from another world! Amazing!

God Yes! This was one of the first songs I have heard of theirs,I LOVE IT. It's so meaningful and just puts what you wnat to say in a song.

I consider this song as one of the best song prepared by them and acc to my point of view it should have been ranked among the top 5.

13 Dance Inside

You don't have to move You don't have to speak Lips for biting
You're staring me down A glance makes me weak Eyes for striking
Now I'm twisted up When I'm twisted with you Brush so lightly
And time trickles down And I'm breathing for two Squeeze so tightly
I'll be fine, you'll be fine This moment seems so long Don't waste now, precious time We'll dance inside the song
What makes the one to shake you down? Each touch belongs to each new sound Say now you want to shake me too Move down to me, slip into you
She sinks in my mind As she sheds through her skin Touch sight taste like fire
Hands do now What eyes no longer defend Hands to fuel desire
I'll be fine, you'll be fine This moment seems so long Don't waste now, precious time We'll dance inside the song
What makes the one to shake you down? Each touch belongs to each new sound Say now you want to shake me too Move down to me, slip into you
And I'll be fine, you'll be fine Is this fine? I'm not fine Give ...more

THIS song is awesome! And it isn't one of the best 10... You guys don't know this song or what is wrong here?!
Guys do one thing.. And listen to this great track! And after this you wont ever stop doing this!

When I hear this song I dance on the inside ( pun definitely intended )

You don't have to move You don't have to speak Lips for biting

14 The Wind Blows

This song could be at top 10

One of my favorite songs of all :-)

Why is this not in the top 10?

15 Kids In the Street

Please, please, please listen to this song before voting on others! I think it will really change your mind... The lyrics are just absolutely wonderful. Should be number 1 on this list

Iin One Word- AmaZinG..! Deserves to be on the Top. The Lyrics are Intense, the Guitar Riff is Amazing. The Song is so Beautiful, I can Never get Bored of it.

Most amazing song Jedward live this song

This deserve in top ten

16 Night Drive

As soon as I heard the first 3 seconds I instantly remembered all those times wrecking my brother in Piston Cup races! - Astral

I heard this song on a game several years ago and loved it, but as technology moved on, the game was left behind. When I bought this album a few months back to finish my collection, I found it and rediscovered my love for it. Should definitely take number one.

This is easily the best song The All American Rejects have ever written, the beat is so awesome, and the chorus and vocals are epic. Should be number one.

Deserves #1 what a song, playing Cars with this blasting was my childhood

17 Real World

This song, other than being amazing, also has a really powerful message about the current state of the world and how heavily influenced and consumed it is by the media. Of course that said I spend hours upon hours on a computer so laugh out loud.

Tied for my number 1, I hope it gets higher. - Yoshinaruto

18 Time Stands Still

This is the best compare to their top 3 songs Swing, Swing It ends Tonight and Dirty Little Secret

This song is the only reason I started listening to AAR. Love it. Should be top 10

I love this song

19 One More Sad Song

It's my favorite by The All American Rejects just because it is catchy and straight to the point.

20 Someday's Gone

Why the frig is this song all the way down here? The song has great progression that leads up to a great ending, it's emotional, and it really shows how AAR have matured since their debut.

21 Back to Me

Love this song, really heartbreaking, and I feel exactly what he's feeling when he's singing that song... I really feel this should be in the top 3 songs because it's just amazing

Once the drum rolls into the main riff, feelings rush into me, intensified by the heartfelt lyrics and singing. Easily one of if not the best song of The All-American Rejects if you listen to all their songs.

The whole song itself, but especially that nostalgic riff makes it a truly amazing song.

I really love this kind of rock song with proper meaning and great music! Should be in the top 3 at least.

I got lost somewhere between dimensions. Awesome song!

22 Another Heart Calls

I really love this song, it has so much emotion in it! There's a good contrast between Tyson's voice and the girls voice (sorry don't know your name! )

I've listened to every song on here, this is the best, power past the mainstream gives you he'll and listen to this

You people are nuts. This in the #1 song hands down. Listen to the trade off vocals at the 2:40 mark to the end. Greatness

Their most experimental and Well produced song. By far the best song this great band has s made!

23 Change Your Mind

Addicting as fuark man I loved this song so much because the guitar and the lyrics were really addicting in itself and the song just made so much sense and was very easy to relate to <3 xoxoxox

24 Straitjacket Feeling

Great emotion song about pain of loveing someone who never loved you back. Lyrics, music and vocal is great

25 11:11 pm
26 Breakin'

This song is so unbelievably catchy it's one of my favourite songs by The All-American Rejects from the album When the World Comes Down. To be honest the band is just utterly amazing, I could honestly listen to them forever and never get tired of them! Beautiful song.

What the smoked fish is this song doing in the 22nd spot?! This deserves to be in the top 10! Now I get the feeling that this is one of the most underrated songs of AAR. Well, I can't argue 'cause all of their songs are arguably awesome.

One of AAR's greatest! This song really deserves a higher rank because Breakin' is what the heart is for!

One of the catchiest of AAR songs with such relatable lyrics, it's always a song there to keep you up through the post-relationship lows. Greatest AAR song out there for me!

27 Beekeeper's Daughter

I really like that song because its so awesome, especially the chorus and the bridge, but on top of that I really like the guitar solo. The story behind is known by a lot of people, so they can appropriate very well with his feelings

Very relatable especially the lyrics

I really love it since I first listened it!

THe beat, lyrics, rhythm obviously the best^_^

28 Fallin' Apart

Why 26? Damnit this should be top 5

29 Mona Lisa (When the World Comes Down)

This is really an epic song. It's a more mellow ballad, but the lyrics and the music itself speak louder than any hard rock song. Mona Lisa has the all-too-uncommon quality of being listenable even after dozens of plays. I can listen to this song on a two hour loop and will never tire of its deep meaning and swinging music.

I love this song so much, and it means so much. The lyrics are so sweet and make me fall in love all over again every time I hear it.
"'Cause all I need is next to me"

This song needs to be up in the top.
Why? Because it is simply amazing, really soothing tune as well as awesome lyrics, everything you need in a song

This song is AWESOME!
The lyrics is somehow inspirational and the tune makes me dance when I hear it.
This should be at least on Top 15!

30 Bite Back
31 The Poison

Where's the love for this awesome song?! Treat yourself to this absolute audio delight. You may not have heard it because it's not on any of their albums. Its on the alice and wonderland soundtrack

Fell in love with this song immediately

32 There's a Place

It's a great song deserves to be in there top 25 at least love the guitar in this song and tysons vocals thr lyrics are solid very relateable

33 Believe

If you have ever loved somebody and lost them, this is the song for you

34 Sierra's Song

This song is beautiful. It's a great love song, this band surely has captured a girls heart with this, "I'll be the man you complete tonight"--what else is better than that!

Makes you feel like you're the only girl that matters...

I truly love this song so much... =)))

35 Happy Endings

Why isn't this song even on the list?

36 Out the Door

This song is constantly on repeat on my ipod 2 years after it's release. The rythym, and Tyson's vocals are amazing. Please listen to it before you vote. In fact listen the the album it is on before voting, the kids in the street.

37 Walk Over Me

Firstly all there songs are great but in my opinion kids in there street is there best album, I like the different tone to this album and walk over me is the best song in an incredible album, if you like it you should also check out heartbeat slowing down flatline version, adds a better pace and do me right the demo bonus track

This song is easily the best in the album, it should be in the top 20.

Love this song! Why so far down?

This one is easily the best

38 Sunshine

Why is this song so far down?! The lyrics are so amazing and it has such a catchy tune! EVERYONE, GO LISTEN TO THIS SONG!

One of their top 5 songs

39 The Cigarette Song

This song is so underrated! Every single word is perfect, great ballad!

Great song. Completely underrated.

40 Too Far Gone

Really puts you in the feels. Love it!

That lyrics ;(

41 I for You!

This is one of my fave A.R songs. Makes me teary eyed every time!

42 I'm Waiting
43 Gonzo

Definitely one of my favorites, beautiful is the best word to describe it.

I have been obsessed with this song ever since I've heard it for the first time. It builds slower than most songs by the All American Rejects, yet it has a driving pulse the entire time.
By the time it escalates to maximum intensity, I feel like I'm in the middle of an amazing adventure that's only possible through music like this. The guitar solo in the middle contains one of the most unique sounding guitar riffs I've heard from the band, and I love how the song alternates between two different choruses, the latter of which is more intense and epic.
Overall, it's perhaps the most underrated song the All American Rejects have ever produced, and deserves to be listened to, very loudly.

The most sensitive, yet huge song ever written by AAR. Builds brilliantly and has the best guitar tone I have ever heard in a solo.

44 Fast & Slow
45 Affection

How is this the bottom song it literally is the most beautiful song in the ' world it should be No. 1 no doubt. In fact the entire Kids of the street album should be NO. 1

This song should be on top guys..

46 Eyelash Wishes
47 Fembot
48 I'm On the Football Team

Such an amazing demo! - XEROEARTH

49 Drive Away
50 Her Name Rhymes With Mindy
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