Top Ten The Amazing World of Gumball Characters Who Need Their Own Show


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1 Gumball Watterson Gumball Watterson Gumball Watterson is a twelve-year-old blue cat who is prone to causing mischief across the town due to not staying inside of the box. He is fairly egotistical and a veteran snarker; despite this, Gumball has a big heart and is surprisingly selfless. Although Gumball can be intelligent at times, he more.

The show is about him it is called the amazing world of gumball for a reason him and Darwin shouldn't be on the list.

The amazing world of gumball show is about gumball and Darwin not just gumball gumball can have his own show - Spongebob12

Why is this on this list let alone number 1? This show is all about him. His name is in the title. This is iphis own show!

He has his own show. It’s called The Amazing World of Gumball. - AliciaMae

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2 Penny Fitzgerald

HER shell to be taken of by gumball now I really want to see tis episode

Penny is cute and funny. She so needs a show!

Penny is so darn adorable.

Obviously sir, Penny is doing victory dance like herself huh? Who cares? She doing victory dance like fifth time like he saw her. Why?! Why would she do that? It’s not fair. But don’t worry, sir. I had no problem at all.

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3 Nicole Watterson Nicole Watterson

Nicole Watterson is awesome

Yuss! I would love to see Nicole's every day life, since she is not in every epiosde. Gumball and Darwin shouldn't be on this list though. :/ - gumballgal123

4 Carrie Krueger

A show about carrie would be called carrie's haunted house and she would be the main character of it

Wait, her last name is Krueger? *Cringes in the corner having nightmares* - Fandom_Lover

If Carrie were real, she'd be my best friend

I want to be her (is that weird)

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5 Darwin Watterson Darwin Watterson

Laugh out loud he's really cute dumb and nieve

The whole show is about him and Gumball they shouldn't be on the list.

1:gumball ready has a show 2:Darwin is brave and kind and awesome

Darwin is cool and the named youth mutated fish kid

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6 Richard Watterson Richard Watterson

Probably will just be him sleeping all day

7 Anais Watterson Anais Watterson

Yes her she's so cute

I like that idea since we would probably see the other class in elmore

Shows with characters could be "The Amazing World of ____________".

8 Mr. Small

He should have a show WITHIN The Amazing World of Gumball

He really needs show named Mr. Small's meditation show.

9 Tobias Wilson

This guy is really cool

10 Banana Joe

He is great. He needs his own show. But Gumball already has a show so he shouldn't be on this list. - istooduptoabully

This guy is funny and creepy


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11 Rob

I really am very opinionated about Rob and I think that after all he went through that he should have his own show. I know that he is first portrayed as one of the world's mistakes, but I always new that there had to be more to him once I saw him in the Void episode. He even says himself in the Disaster episode that he never even wanted to be the villain and that he originally wanted to be Gumball's sidekick with his own "plush toy and a spin-off show", but Gumball was a bit of a problem because he is the main character and the show is all about him. After all, he is also one of the few characters on the show who knows what the universe really is and that it's just a cartoon on television.
Overall, I really think that if people would just give him a chance to really stand out from the crowd, then he would have the perfect show for himself and would get to show people who he really is.

This guy please

His own show would be the only TAWOG's sequel that would make sense. It could have so much potential - Brachiozaur

Him and the bandage doctor and the 8 bit dog are the only charactwrs whl kmow they are in a show - Theawsomeyoutuber275

12 Sussie

Oh GOD no! Sussie is scary

When they make CN jr they can have SUSSIE wait Barney ripoff BUT BARNEY SUCKS so put it on CN jr

The Aussie show episode 1:Sussie Sings!

Sussie:Hi, I sing you a song

Song lyrics:Night, day, Night, day, Ooo ahhh oo ahh ooo ahh ah, Sussie is potato-lover! But I a chin. Night, day, night, day Ooo ahhh oo ahh oo ahh ah.

Sussies father:time to go.

Sussie:Ok daddy. Sussie like that too.


13 Larry Needlemeyer

It is already on the list.

Come on, like sure it might get boring considering he does the same thing everyday. Work. But he has every job in elmore. That would be interesting.

14 Juke

Juke is one of the characters, that I want to know anything more about them. He is my fat son and he needs more love, because he is somewhat underrated.

Juke is so adorable.

It should be called 'Juke's Musical Adventures' where he tries to kill evil music instruments to talk English.

15 Bobert

The adventures of a funny and serious robot

If he had his own show, he would be boss

Please this guy

HE NEEDS A SHOW. And if it becomes successful, he might even get his own merchandise! Sure, everyone deserves a show, and this cute robot already has merchandise (created by fans, of course)! HE NEEDS TO BE ON TOP. Oh, and his show could be about his life (and him doing random things along with short segments and stuff). There’s even more stuff this show might have. BEN, MAKE A SHOW FOR ALL CHARACTERS INCLUDING OUR ONE LOVABLE ROBOT! It probably won’t happen, but he deserves one.

16 Alan Keane

This character needs their own show

17 Mr. Robinson

He is such a idiot man

18 Idaho

Aberdeeen in the wind lolloollool - MorganChambz

19 Miss Simian Miss Simian

The Show should be called Miss Simian's stories of despair

20 Sarah G. Lato

I really do think Sara is quite a unique character who just wants to fit in at school and be best friends with Gumball and Darwin. I probably wouldn't mind if she had a show of her own, too.

21 Molly Collins
22 Doughnut Sheriff

This should be spin off called Elmore sirens where she solve crimes with Larry :O

23 Mayor of Elmore

Trump - Theawsomeyoutuber275

24 Ocho

He a nice person who can't control his her when getting angler but he has trust problematical - Theawsomeyoutuber275

Ocho's adventures in gaming. I want to see him try to beat the geometry dash game.

He is the best. Both huggably adorable AND powerful! >:D

25 Gary
26 Mrs. Robinson

It should be called, The Evil Diaries of Margeret Robinson

27 Principal Brown
28 Larry

It should be called: The many jobs of Larry

29 Chicken Bucket
30 Emperor Zurg

He is bad villain.
Nicole's villains name is Emperor Zurg FOREVER!

31 Leslie
32 Hot Dog Guy
33 Hamburger Cop
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