Best Amnesia: The Dark Descent Custom Stories

A good Custom Story has:
A scary Atmosphere that makes you feel insecure. Things such as poor light, ambient noises (this is very important), fog, etc. That build tension in the player and that feeling of "something will jump and scare me" even if it does not happen.
A good Level Design.
A good Plot.
Maybe Originality.
Doesn't have too hard or too easy Puzzles.
Doesn't have Bugs or not too many of them.
Doesn't overuse JumpScares.
And the most important thing a good Cutom Story has: The Fear Factor (unless the Custom Story isn't horror themed).

The Top Ten

1 The Great Work The Great Work
2 Obscurity Obscurity
3 Tenebris Lake
4 Followed by Death (Parts 1 and 2)
5 White Night
6 La Caza
7 The Attic
8 Abduction
9 A Late Night Drink
10 Final Revelations

This custom story is over 20 hours long I make a list why this is the best story there is.

Atmosphere- It has very creepy atmosphere a lot sometimes you are outside in the day but at times in the night most of the time though you are walking in the Mansions, Caves, Tunnels, etc...

Voice acting- It is not that great but it is still really fitting for this on my opinion.

Horror- This custom story starts in chapter 1 playing as a RPG like game you do missions during the day then sleep in the bed and do the night missions until the next 6 chapters which are exploring helping out others And finding out pieces of the story while being chased by People trying to stop you which are used as monster and fan created monster skins.

Story- The story is a very long and fun story which the story is. You are Lee Hawkins a man from Ciprus you arrive at gothfair to find the secret about the crusaders Because your father believed they still roamed and he searched for them but ...more

Amazing story

The Newcomers

? Amadeus

The Contenders

11 Poisonous
12 A Coward's Debt
13 Nepsis
14 Isle
15 Unsterblich
16 Emma's Story
17 Through the Portal
18 Emma's Story
19 Dark Room
20 Deterioration
21 Wake
22 Painful Shadows
23 Gary: Dark Secrets
24 Key to Freedom
25 The Things in The Night
26 Destiny Rebellion
27 Lost The Lights
28 Dark Seclusion
29 Feast of The Damned
30 Last Night
31 Amnesia Hill: Harold's Story
32 Emma Story
33 Amnesia Hill: Harold Story
34 Disponentia
35 Fekete Keres - Black Search
36 Emma Nightmare
37 The Subconscious Trials
38 In Lucy's Eyes
39 In Lucy Eyes
40 A Coward Debt
41 String
42 The Four Horsemen
43 The Agony of (in)Sanity
44 Bitterwood Peak
45 Lifeless_The Abandon
46 Endless Insomnia
47 Premonition
48 Sins of The Father: Eternium
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