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1 K.K. Slider

He's a dog that plays guitar and sings. How can anybody say no to this dog?

His music is actually really good

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2 Kapp'n

Kapp'n is amazing! He sings super cute and funny songs! Sometimes I go to the island just to here him sing! He's, like, too funny!

Kapp'n is a total sweetheart. He lives on the island with his little daughter, wife, and mom. It's too cute!
Kapp'n imparts wisdom to those who play animal crossing through his sea shanties. Sometimes they are really deep and other times just funny.

He's so cute! His voice is adorable :3

He has a good happy family

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3 Brewster

I really enjoy how you can eventually befriend Brewster (and work with him in New Leaf).It's amazing how you can get him to open up. You get to WORK ALONGSIDE him. I always remember to head on down to The Roost and have a cup of coffee whenever I play on Animal Crossing.

Drink Drink And Keep On Drinking That Coffee - Stevenpenguin

4 Blathers

I love this guy he tries his best to run the museum with a fear of bugs either way he is epic

5 Tom Nook

I love Tom Nook personally! He is my favorite Npc character in the franchise! He is so funny and I love his scheming mind to con money out of you. His jobs throughout the series have been very useful in the means of his Nook shopping centers and Nook Homes. I just love him, and I think he is the best character in the series!

1.Racoons or Tanookis are awesome

2. He waits for whenever your ready to pay. He doesn't rush

3. He is very passionate about his business

4. He's awesome because if you listen to the able sisters story, your know how great he is

6 Barold
7 Dr. Shrunk

Dr. Shrunk is my favorite Animal Crossing character! I mean, he's an axolotl (my favorite animal of all time) who is also an incredible dork. What's not to love? I personally think Shrunk's incredibly underrated, axolotls rock big time!

8 Mr. Resetti Mr. Resetti

Resetti the mole is here for a reason. Very few know, but I was surprised to learn that too much resetting can corrupt your game's save data. He's actually sort of a hero, when you ignore how ' scary he is. Plus, he's hilarious.

Despite the fact that I get a mini heart attack whenever he pops up, I find him really interesting and awesome lol

He's pretty much the hero of the series, making sure the universe doesn't collapse from reckless resetting.

If it weren't for this mole, lots of people's save data would've gotten corrupt.

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9 Alice
10 Nat

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11 Bella
12 Chrissy

She's so smol!

13 Pascal
14 Daisy
15 Rover

Come on people show love for rover! He's been there whenever you pick up that phone waiting for you to call! Also, he helps you at the start for you're new town! - TheBronzeSword

16 Isabelle

Isabelle is the cutest animal crossing character ever! She's the best secretary anyone could ask for!

Yet resetti higher he should switch places with isabelle or he should be last

She is so cute! Best.Secretary.Ever.
... And she pretty much does all the mayor's paperwork and the other boring stuff, lol.

17 Elvis
18 Marshal
19 Bob

Bob is the first ever animal crossing character ever made. Don't believe me? Look it up

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20 Dizzy
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